Kids Pick Flicks.com interviewed Leven Rambin and Alexandra Daddario for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters about their roles as Clarisse La Rue and Annabeth Chase.

Leven Rambin with the Golden Fleece in New Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters StillFans of the popular Percy Jackson book series by author Rick Riordan will not be disappointed by the on-screen sequel. For starters, Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters incorporates Percy’s aggravating, but indispensable rival Clarisse, whose absence in the first movie riled many fans. In the movie, Percy’s frenemies, Clarisse and Annabeth are far from girly-girls. Even though the cast turned out to be a bit mismatched (blondie Leven Rambin plays brunette Clarisse, and brunette Alexandra Daddario plays blondie Annabeth), the two characters are tough fighters who kick-butt – and ever so often, one-up Percy.

“I put on that wig and changed my physicality a lot,” says Leven Rambin, who did not have to dye her hair, unlike co-star Daddario. “I felt a lot less inhibited and I felt down enough to be brash, powerful, strong. I kind of hid behind all this brown hair. It gave me the power and confidence to verbally rip [Percy].”

On the other hand, Daddario’s character shows her gentler, more sensitive facet in this movie. Daddario missed the aggressive nature of Annabeth. “In the first movie, Annabeth is very tough. I really loved doing that in the first movie and I’ve never done anything like that,” Daddario notes. “I think people are a combination of strength and weakness, but I loved that warrior side of her.”

Rambin discovered that even the daughter of war god Ares has her own vulnerable moments. “There were certain parts of the movie that Clarisse had soft spots for certain characters. In the end, she finally found the good in them and she saw their value as human beings – or half-bloods,” says Rambin. “I really enjoyed playing Clarisse. She’s kind of the reluctant team player here. There’s comedy in that she’s trying so hard to convince herself and everyone else that she knows what she’s doing when she doesn’t. I think that I would like to see Clarisse have a friend, or a love interest, or someone who finds her attractive, sweet and girly.”

Annabeth ChaseBut for now, Clarisse is still the feisty and gutsy competition that fans embraced from the book. In fact, Rambin read the book to understand her character on a deeper level. “I picked up the second book in which Clarisse is described as pigfaced, size XXL, and disgusting,” laughed Rambin. “So I tried to incorporate that. I wasn’t concerned about vanity and I wasn’t super body-conscious. I let myself fall into that because I didn’t want to feel like a pretty girl. I shut my eyes at certain parts, but reading did help me understand what the diehard fans are looking for.”

And fans won’t be disheartened. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters splashes into theaters August 7.