A Look at the Main Characters (Part 4 of Analysis Series)

A Look at the Main Characters (Part 4 of Analysis Series)

And once again we find ourselves rushing at the end of the month to bring you a post. (The title is literally “In the Merry Month of May: Panic because it’s the 29th. Panic even more it’s the 30th. Fake your own death it’s the 31st”) This month, we’re taking a slightly different approach to formatting. (Bub won’t have to use italics anymore. Eek) We’ll be talking about the seven main characters today, so hang tight! (It’s gonna be a really dull ride)

(We are so distracted by shiny things. And anime. This is gonna be soo late.) (By like eleven days whoops) (Shh don’t tell them) (Don’t shh me!)

Jason Grace:

Bub: Freakin’ thunderbolts and flying! That’s all I observed (Kidding).

Kit: Much insight. Very Queen. (Hums Bohemian Rhapsody.)

Bub: I have Gummy bears.

Kit: We need help.

Bub: Yes professional help.

*A wild Rebecca appears*

Rebecca: I’m here to save the day! I think that is something Jason would say since he’s all Supermanish with his flying and good hair. At least in my mind he has good hair. And every guy with great hair lives right?

Kit: If only. I can name way too many characters with great hair that died. Like Sherlock. Oh wait. Spoilers.

Bub: I really like that Jason even as a one of the big three gods sons he isn’t given much special treatment on the quest along with Percy, Hazel and Nico.

Piper Mclean:

Bub: Now it’s time for some SRS BISNS. Ok so since the squirrel doesn’t have anything I guess I’ll say something. I think It’s really cool that they have a daughter of aphrodite as a main character to show that just because you’re a daughter of Aphrodite doesn’t mean you have to be a complete and total jerk and priss. You can be awesome and polite and try not to be a control freak and charmspeak all your friends to do your bidding.

Rebecca: Please make Piper cooler! Please! I think she has potential, but…

Kit: I actually really like Piper, and will advocate her importance till my death. First of all, you give a girl this power of – most plainly put – mind control. I think it takes a lot of willpower to be a good person when you have so much power over the people around you. She’s a bit obsessive over Jason, yeah, but anyone that calls her a Mary-Sue just isn’t paying attention. She’s not as epic as some of our other characters, but she’s a constant. Which is in a way fitting. She’s not always front and center, but she comes through when needed most

Leo Valdez:

Kit: And now we have the lovely Leo Valdez. Leo is an extremely relatable character to me. He’s got low self-esteem, but at the same time he has this false confidence that is just dripping in sarcasm. He also seems to have bad luck with the ladies. But you can tell, the moment he first speaks to Calypso, it’s just different. I’m a bit worried about him honestly, she’s not a good girl to fall in love with. STOP MAKING OATHS YOU IDIOTS.

Rebecca: I think he’ll either die or be banished (in order to save him) to Calypso’s Island.

Bub: I am kinda creeped out by the Leo and Hazel’s relationship because she is kinda like his grandma, but it warms my heart at the same time.(I’m not very good at character stuff like this)Don’t forget Festus

Percy Jackson:

Bub: I’ll go ahead and share my theory about what will happen to Percy (him dying or not). I think they will win the battle against the titans but while they are celebrating Percy and Annabeth are hugging.Then one of the “fallen” enemies gets up and stabs them both through their necks.(jeez that was cheesy but that’s what I think will happen.)

Kit: I don’t even know what to say to that you psychopath.

Rebecca: I have my chipmunk spray so stay back crazy! Anyways, regarding our man Percy. I just can’t imagine Rick would break us that badly with his death. I previously predicted Leo’s death (or being saved-ish by the gods), but someone mentioned Nico dying and I could see that happening, but anyways Percy is living! He’ll move to New Rome, love Annabeth, and try to stay out of trouble.

Kit: Technically, didn’t the fates show him living to an old age? Not necessarily Annabeth either, and it could change. But anyways, Percy has grown a lot in these last few books. He still does stupid, sudden things on occasion, but I think he’s starting to take into regard how his actions – and what happens to him – affects the people around him. My babies are growing up. *Distant sobbing*

Hazel Levesque:

Kit: This was the only name I had to Google. I always forget how you spell it. Looking at it now, is it french for something? It’s got a ‘que’.

Rebecca: I think it is French since she’s from New Orleans. I was a Hazel-hater until House of Hades which she totally went all cool-sorcerous on us.

Kit: Rebecca, do you just have a long list of literary characters that you have hidden under your pillow? I actually happen to agree with you on this one, Hazel was my least favorite of all the new characters. Mostly because we really didn’t get to see a lot of her in her natural state. In The Son of Neptune, she spends most of the time passed out or worrying about passing out, or lying about herself. In The Mark of Athena she takes a back seat for other things, mostly, aside from her slightly creepy relationship with Leo. The House of Hades is the first time we really get to see her stretch and become real, she gets put into some seriously stressful situations, and handles it like a boss. (And also realistically.) Jason is now my least favorite.

Bub: No hablo francés. Hay que eso es todo lo que tengo.

Frank Zhang:

Rebecca: Again, I was a Frank-hater but when he was all Mars superfied, he totally rose to being one of my favorites. Less whiny = me more liking him. I think he’ll play an important role in the battle against Gaea.

Kit: I completely agree with Rebecca. (Although I always loved Frank.) He got some major character development in The House of Hades that he’d been heading towards since day one. (He and Hazel both) When The Mark of Athena came out, I was kinda disappointed by it. Not to say it wasn’t a good book, it was, but it lacked the character development I was expecting/wanted. I’ve seen a surprisingly large amount of people complain about The House of Hades for various reasons, but I personally love it because it’s the book I wanted MoA to be. There is just so much great character development, which I am starting to think is a trait common in the penultimate book of a series. (I feel the same way about The Battle of the Labyrinth.)

Bub: How did you guys leave out his shape shifting thing! It was badass! he was basically the Hulk and beat up a freaking army of fury rinoseri!

Kit: See this is why we need you, we get caught up in literary analysis and forget about the little things. (Or in this case the big?)

Annabeth Chase:

Rebecca: We saw a lot of her in Mark of Athena and House of Hades, so in my opinion I think she’ll take a seat back from who we will see as a POV. Nevertheless, I’m hoping for something dramatic to happen with her!

Kit: The Mark of Athena really changed the way I think about Annabeth. I found her chapters to kinda drag. They lost the kind of urgency and life that the other POV’s did. We really got to see into the inner workings of Annabeth’s brain, and it’s a very cold and calculating place, and the writing really reflects that. It was a hard adjustment for me because I was so used to seeing her through Percy’s eyes. Never the less, I admire her greatly. So much willpower. And now that I think about it, the reason she seems so different is not just the change of POV, but also, Annabeth has grown up a lot I think. She’s a bit more war hardened, like Reyna.

Bub: I honestly think Annabeth is probably one of the strongest characters In the series personality wise and general strength. I mean she pushed through Tartarus and drank fire.(Percy did that to but she had the idea in the first place). She has this kinda aura of self worth and independence. All in all she is one if not my favorite character.

In Closing:

Bub: Well we finally got this out on THE ELEVENTH OF JUNE. That’s good news for you because you’re going to get 2 this month :D Hopefully

Kit: YES AND SPEAKING OF THAT. In our Juneish post we’ll be looking at the fandom and the many aspects of it (Art/music/fanfiction/tweets/review of previous books. EVERYTHING.) So if there is anything you feel needs to be mentioned, SEND IT OVER IN THE COMMENTS. (CAUSE THAT WENT OVER SO WELL IN THE PAST. SORRY)

Bub: And on a final note, algo inteligente.

Kit: Tu viens de dire «quelque chose d’intelligent» en espagnol? *Le sigh*


(WordPress is attempting to dampen our vocabularies. I WILL NEVER LET YOU WIN, BLUE LINE)


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  1. RELYT - June 12, 2014

    Just a thought. Grover could help the seven as a surprise guest. “CALL OF THE WILD” if he can defeat a Titan with a tree lets see if Pans power has the power of a god

  2. Vilma Santos - June 11, 2014

    I think none of them are going to die, maybe it`s going to be Renna and
    the coach when they are done bringing the statue of Athena back.Percy/Annabeth, Jason/Piper won`t die because all of them will work together to fight Gaia and all her monsters. Also Annabeth, Percy, Nico, Jason and Piper are my favorite character and Thalia. If Thalia comes in the last book hopefully she won`t die. If Jason dies I would feel bad for Thalia because he is the only family member she has and if Annabeth dies Thalia would feel really upset too because she met Annabeth when she was 12 and Annabeth was 7, they`ve been together a lot and to Thalia, Annabeth is her best friend and consider her as a sister. And if Annabeth dies her brothers and sisters would want revenge because they would blame the Romans for her death and Athena would feel guilty. Gaia will loose and I love all of the characters P.O.V, I would really love it if RIck Riordan would do Nico point of view. And if Hazel dies then Nico will be alone again with no sister or brother.

    It would be really sad if Rick Riordan had Annabeth, Percy, Jason, Piper, Leo and Frank 2 out of the 7dead because I love them all and if Rick RIordan put Thalia in it hopefully she will live too. Rick Riordan is an amazing author and I love Percy Jackson series and Heros of Olympus Series.
    I wonder if all 7 of the prophecy live I wonder if Nico will tell Percy how he felt or feels for Percy still. Again hopefully all of them live because all of them have family members and they would feel so sad that their kids died. And the gods and goddess get their normal personality back either if it`s Roman era or Greek.

  3. Rebecca King - June 11, 2014

    You fulfilled my laugh quota of the day. :D

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