A Look at Supporting Characters  (Part 3 of Analysis Series)

A Look at Supporting Characters (Part 3 of Analysis Series)

I’m sitting here all by my lonesome, at 1 in the morning, writing this because it suddenly occurred to me that April will be coming to a close, and we haven’t started even working on this post, which we simply refer to as “April.” (We lovingly referred to the first post in this saga as February, until it was the 27th and we remembered February was an extremely obnoxious month that only consisted of 28 days.)

So in this post – which the majority undoubtedly will be completed tomorrow (today?) – will discuss an extremely cut down list of supporting characters. So sit back, relax, and completely zone out as we(?) chatter about feelings and I refer to far to many people as “My Baby.”  *Bows* *Faints* *Snores*

[13 days later; transcript of Skype conversation]

Kit: Bub, guess what day it is.
Bub: umm..The 28th of…April?
Kit: Yep. And you know what that means?
Bub: Great Poetry Reading day?
Kit: Yes, but that’s besides the point. It’s almost the end of April
Bub: Wha – Oh….

And so here we are today, scattering around like headless chickens, without anything written. This is gonna be interesting. Let us begin.

(Did you bring the highly caffeinated squirrel tea?) (Umm…Umm… sorry I wasn’t ready for this…) *Violent squirrel noises*

Nico di Angelo [I was seriously considering saving this for the main characters post]

Nico is forever my baby and no one will ever convince me otherwise. (My past self has so far been correct in her predictions.) (And we’ve trailed off into the deep depths of the internet.) (Stop getting of topic!) (Bianca Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fycgeuratfgutfrtu!) Nico had been through some pretty horrible stuff, including his mother dying, being trapped in a time wonky hotel, being kidnapped by a thorn slinging psycho, losing his sister to to the hunters, losing his sister to freaking death, dealing with being a child of Hades all by his self, being manipulated by a freaking ghost, being stuck in the underworld with his father, being judged by nearly everyone for something, and a bunch of other crappy things. Nico deals with a lot of crap – mostly between the ages of 11 and 15 – but still manages to be a complete and total badass. (Are we even allowed to say that?) (Probably not) (It is true though) (There is no other way to describe his awesomeness.) (YUP) (I’m going to be fired.) (Yes now I will be supreme lord of all!) (I said nothing about giving up my title as queen of the universe. (Well I’m the prince!)

Of course, there is something else we could talk about here, but we’re not going to, mostly because we feel it’s just not necessary. (It’s not a defining characteristic of anyone. But now by not talking about it we’ve talked about it…Thoughts?) (ibfhblsvdsbiuvedOUNDSACIUFVU) (Well he’s broken. Moving on.)

Bianca di Angelo

I dont’ know if Bub can handle this one. What I’d like to say about this brilliantly written character is this. I admire her quite a lot for her strength. She watched out for Nico on her own for quite some time. When she left him to become a Hunter, it was totally believable. At her age, who wouldn’t want the weight of such a responsibility lifted off her shoulders? Even in death though, she was thinking about Nico, dying for him in a sense, and dying for her friends – and as always – protecting people.  *Chipmunk Sobbing*

[Also, can I just say honorable mention to Zoe Nightshade, who we won’t be talking about today. Great character, just doesn’t really play a part HoO.] [sniffs]


(YAY! LET US GO CUT STUFFED ANIMALS OPEN! YAAAAAY!) Contrary to popular opinion, I love Octavian. Not in a Nico way, like ‘omg my baby just let me hug you I don’t want anything bad to happen to you everrrrr’, but in a ‘I really like this character and his simple motives and wow your just really fun to hate’. He is a relatively simple character with simple motives, but that is what makes him so interesting. He’s a perfect embodiment of  Roman ideals, akin to more than a few Roman leaders. If it weren’t for that insufferable tempor, he might actually be a good leader. Cheers to future character development, right? (If he doesn’t’ get any I will be sad.)

[…The Next Day]

Bub: YAY, IT’S THE 29TH.
Kit: I am about done with you chipmunk, go take a bath in your own tears.
Bub: Can I write a paragraph?
Kit: That’s why you’re here. YOu just never say anything insightful enough to take out of the brackets.
Bub: I get to be more than a witty sarcastic jerk for once. I’m not use to this. horse, ocean, general awesomeness. I think I need to go back to the brackets.
Kit [Sighing]: You never left
[Horrible cracking noises] Bub: Yay! your skype crashed!
Kit: Again with the sarcasm…


Well, although we’ve pretty much established that the majority of these characters are badasses (I look, fired twice in one post), but we’ve got to admit, Reyna is a special breed of awesome. She crossed the Atlantic…N’uff said. Not to mention being the head of a freaking war camp all by herself. (And Skippy was that the pegasus? RIP) *sniff*(BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  (Sorry)

[Three hours later]

Rachel Elizabeth Dare

It is late in the night. Bub died after the pegasus thing. I am alone. And tired. And running straight down the path with the rickety sign that reads “Compare yourself to Rachel”, because right now we have a lot in common. Being up way too late, being lonely, and oh look, we both have blue plastic hair brushes. (One day I’m gonna do something with that hairbrush, I know theater people. Heck I am theater people. *Sigh* We’re both tortured artists. What a dramatic comparison.)

I really like Rachel, as she’s strong and, in a way, completely normal.  Aside from the being able to see through the mist. But that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to fight monsters. She’s had a normal life up until when she meets Percy, and she’s not eased into it like he was (If you can say being attack by his teacher is easing him into the idea…) It’s just like ‘yeah those things are gonna kill me lets blow up the school’.

And she completely goes along with it. I think Percy respects her in a way, which he shows be referring to her by her full name.

[The next day]

Echo (Echo)

Bub specifically said not to do this one without him, take it away. (away) I think out of all the tragic characters I think this one was the worst. Everyone else has been through a lot but Echo will never accomplish the one thing she wants to do, and it’s not like she will die and the torchered will be over she will live forever hoping that one day her true love will love her back. That will never happen either though because he is too obsessed with himself. No matter how hard she tries she will live forever torchered knowing that he will never love her. *Sniff* (That was beautiful. Leave the brackets more often.)


You know, for someone who has the romantic life of an oil can, Leo sure breaks a lot of hearts. I feel so bad for this character. She find love just to have it ripped it because they have to leave to help their friends. Repeatedly. I really hope Leo finds a way to get back to her. That’s partially why we felt like we had to talk about her. She leaves such a large impact on the characters when they meet her, especially Leo.


I don’t want to talk about Bob. Bob pains me. Bob makes me sad. Bob causes many depressing thoughts to form in my head. Hello makes me cry. Bob is very, very mean. So instead we’re going to talk about the ADORABLENESS OF SMALL BOB.

(In honor of Kit’s request to come out of the brackets more often…)

Honestly I didn’t remember Bob from any of the books so I’m glad that I actually got to meet him fully. He is an amazing tragic character. I like to use the word Tragic a lot). That was so lame you accidentally put a bracket on the end of it. (*hissing chipmunk noises*) (Kidding! I was kidding!) Baaack to the point. After he got his memory erased, became the janitor of Hades, he found Percy because Nico told him that if percy yelled his name to go and save him. Just because he was Nico’s friend, he ultimately sacrificed himself so Percy and Annabeth could live. Plus, He barely even knew them and he knew that It would be the hardest thing he would ever do. (R.I.P Bob) (No. Bub you got it wrong, this is all about SMALL Bo- *Dissolves into squirrel tears*)

In Closing

And with…that…we bid you adieu. Next month (probably-not-ehem) we will be discussing the main characters of the Heroes of Olympus. If anyone is interested in helping out, tell us in the comments and we’ll work it out! (And may I also encourage discussion. That’s what these posts are about!) (Now talk or I’ll bite you.) (Bub, shut up, we’re not trying to scare them.) (Why not?) (Cut it out)

[Also, suddenly copying and pasting text into word now keeps italics. So this wasn’t really proof read… ehe. sorry] [I’m REALLY hoping the italics stayed. Cause if not it’s gonna be really confusing]


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  1. Sarianna - May 2, 2014

    wow sweeto

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    i’m interested in helping out with the main chracters

  3. SeaweedBrainLuv - May 1, 2014

    bob!!!!!!!!!!!!! why must you torture us?!?!? *breaks into ugly sob* why?!?!? And small bob… *more sobs* (and i may *couch* am *cough* interested in helping out with the main characters)

  4. SeaweedBrainLuv - May 1, 2014

    BOB!!!!!!!!! *bursts into sobs* WHY?!?!?!? WHY MUST YOU TORTURE US WITH THE THOUGHT OF BOB?!?!?!?!? (and Small Bob) *more sobs* (and i may *cough* am *cough* be interested in helping out with the main characters)

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    And she strikes again…!!

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