A Look At Villains & Monsters (Part 2 of Analysis Series)

(March, March, March. March is evil.) (Was that a freaking pun!?)

Due to a glorious nugget of wisdom, we have been informed it is neither analysis or analysi. It is analyses. (And we feel truly dumb for not getting that one.)

We open up this segment with an observation. Kit is way too tired lazy to be allowed to type. Which means the Anonymous Chipmunk, aka Bub, is needed once again. (Ok, now on to the topic of Slinkys.) (That’s not the topic!) (But slinkys). Anyway, today we’ll be talking about the villains of the Heroes of Olympus series.  But first, some honorable mentions from the Percy Jackson Series.

*Cue the evil music and capes…*

  • The Minotaur: Percy’s first monster. It made him a name at camp, and set into motion a large portion of the plot of The Lightning Theif.

  • Medusa: (aka Ms. little snake hair monster.) She can not go unmentioned. Witnessing Percy fight (and defeat) such a notable monster from mythology really puts the story into perspective. Grover’s flying skills must also be noted.

  • Echidna/Chimera: In all honesty, neither of us remember what these things actually were, but we do remember Percy idiotically and heroically jumping off the Saint Louis Arch, which is why they made it on this list.

  • Sirens: My useless Chipmunk here doesn’t remember these monsters, which (Oi! I read it when I was like 11!) were responsible for bringing to light a large bit of character development for Annabeth, and is one of the biggest Percabeth moments of the series. (It feels so wrong typing Percabeth. *Sigh* ship names.)

  • The Master: (Quit it, wrong fandom!) (But I’m Doctor Who deprived. Can I talk about Omega?) (NO.)

  • Manticore: I personally find him a creepy monsters, seeing as he can shoot poisonous quills like a mutant porcupine lizard. I assume Annabeth has quite the grudge against him. So does the fandom. (Trying to avoid italics is awful.)

  • Minos: Speaking of cReEpY, this little– (Kit no) is responsible for quite a lot of anguish. He’s quite the villain, and I have quite the sore spot for him because he manipulated my poor baby and made him more miserable than he already was. (This not using italics thing really isn’t working. That was not the Chipmunk, btw)

  • Luke/Kronos: The main villains for entire the series, so we had to mention them. But I’m not saying anything else. Because tears, pain, and suffering. (UNDERLINING JUST DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME EFFECT.) (Everything that happens throughout the series with Luke is just… *tear*)


It is generally agreed that the main villain of this series is Gaea, although both me and the Anonymous Chipmunk (Hello!) agree Hera is an antagonistic force in the first two books. In the books alone, the main villain(s) are normally giants that are featured.

*loud crash* (Hello! MUSICLUVR here!) (Hello…?) (We don’t want your girl scout cookies.) (I don’t think that’s why she’s here.) (I’m here to help!) (Now I have two helpers…I have a feeling this will get horribly off topic…) (*Chipmunk wails* I’m being replaceddddddd.)

The Lost Hero:

The giants are Enceladus (no I don’t mean enchiladas) and Porphyrion, banes of Athena and Zeus, respectively. (If you can pronounce these names, I applaud you.) (I can.) (You’re weird though) (Thanks I really appreciate that)  Neither of which are particularly friendly. We have Enceladus holding Piper’s father captive, Porphyrion is awakened (dun dun dun) in the wolf house towards the end of the book. They will most likely return in The Blood of Olympus.  (And kill everyone we love! *Chipmunk tears*)

Some of the minor villains include self centered snow goddess Khoine (Elsa’s evil twin), the evil cosmetics clerk Medea, and the richly cursed Midas Mc Fancyson – who all cause a whole lot of trouble for our heroes.

The Son of Neptune:

The giants of this book are Alcyoneus, who can only be killed outside Alaska, and Polybotes, bain of – in this case – Neptune. Any actual detail I could go into these guys is going to be overlooked for a single purpose – so I have more sentences to hate Phineas with my entire being.

This books minor villains are particularly nasty, the king of – jerks – Phineas. I hate that guy…so…much. (Phineas? Like Phineas and Ferb? Man I love that guy!) *Kit seethes with rage* (Not…that…Phineas) (Why not? *whines* We need to make this a Phineas and Ferb appreciation post.) (No.) Other villains include the wheat monsters (schist?!) and Laistrygonian giants. (Those schist heads, I hate them too.)

The Mark of Athena:

I think it’s safe to say that giants are not the main villain of this story. It’s very much Annabeth’s story, and although the others do fight the twin giants Otis and Ephialtes, Arachne is Annabeth’s main adversary. *Musicluvr and Bub cower in the corner* (Giant Spiders! *dies* To quote Ron Weasley: Why couldn’t have been Butterflies) (SPIDER! SPIDER! GET IT AWAY, GET IT AWAY!)

A large driving force in the first half book is the constant pursuit of the Romans, who basically chase our heroes across the country before confront each other in a battle that initiates one of the coolest use of demigod powers ever.  Eidolons are responsible for this pursuit in the first place, and therefore must be mentioned. The Nymphaeum, a term probably not recognized at first glance (sorry), is the place where the nymphs nearly downed Piper, Jason, and Percy. It’s a really tense scene that’s often overlooked, and I felt it needed to be mentioned here.

The House of Hades: (aka dramatic speech time)

*Scary music…dimmed lights…cue the tears* PERCABETH!! My Percabeth was down there! In Tartarus! With Tartarus! MY PERCABETH. THIS BOOK. The creepiness! IT’S ALL TOO MUCH! *Bub turns off the music* *Kit turns back on the lights* (That was awkward) (That was beautiful) (Anyways…)

There are quite a few villains in this book…And for some reason NO ONE (I’m looking at you Bub) remembers them. (It’s not my fault! I was reading fanfiction.)  (Oh no you’ve sold you soul to the deep pit that is FanFiction.net…)

First in out line up, is the Pasiphae/Clytius double team who are responsible for Hazel’s epic moment of awesome that was COMPLETELY TERRIFYING FOR THE REST OF US. (I approve of this comment) (We’re just not gonna talk about the Labyrinth anymore.) (That would be nice.) We also have the giant Hoover of death that is the entity of Tartarus. (Can I just take a moment to point out how powerful that moment was when Percy dropped his sword? I love when characters feel useless)

Franks fight with those smelly buffalo things (They’re Katoblepones, Bub) Is yet another crowning moment of awesome. Also, Percy and Annabeth’s encounter with  Akhlys and Arai – and other scenes in Tartarus – are some of the darkest in the series.

CONCLUSIONCONCLUSION: (This title is a monument to that time me and Bub both tried to correct my butchering of the word ‘conclusion’)

So, in conclusion (BU-DUM- TISH)…We still can’t stay on topic, we still remember nothing, and we’ve probably killed of the majority of our readership with the horrible boringness that is this post. Tune in next time as we – hopefully – stop summarising and get into the deeper aspects of this series…As we take a look at…

SUPPORTING CHARACTERS: Sometime in April. Probably.
(Wait I get the last word)

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    Kitkat, I seriously love to read your writing. It makes me happy!

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    Great one!

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