Loose Ends (And Mini Mark of Athena Review)

Loose Ends (And Mini Mark of Athena Review)

(Warning, this may make no sense because I wrote it in the middle of the night)

GUESS WHO’S BACK. After disappearing with no excuse for over a month, Kitkatgirl200 is back and, once again, trying (and failing) to make a point.

But first, I’m going to complain. This probably counts as spoilers, so if you haven’t read the Mark of Athena, skip the next paragraph.

The house of hades- I despise that name so much that I even refuse to capitalize it. (No I am not going to explain.) Anyway, I loved the book and my ridiculously high expectations were blown out of the water. Well at least with the first half of the book. (I was sick while reading the second half, so I really didn’t enjoy it as much.) I really wish there hadn’t been a 52nd chapter, though. I guess Rick did it so you know, we didn’t show up at his house with pitchforks, but I felt like the last chapter came right out of fanfiction.net. It’s just… Nico and Hazel were both like, ‘everything’s fine and we have nothing to worry about.’ Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it RR basically told us they survived a fall from like, a gazillion feet, which is unrealistic. (When will a learn that not everything is realistic…) The only thing Ihave to complain about outside the last chapter is the explanation of Percy and Annabeth’s grey streaks. I mean I know it’s symbolic and stuff, but I don’t think something like that would fade so easily. I mean they held up the sky! All uninteresting complaining aside, the second to last chapter was pure genius, the last thing Leo said about Echo tore my heart out, Frank finding Annabeth and Percy was hilarious,  and Percy comparing himself to Luke was just… *Sob* I miss Luke. And can we all just give RR a big hand for bringing up that dam joke again? And did anyone else find it heartbreaking that no one at the table got it?

Okay, mini rant aside, I’m going to get to the point, whatever that point may be.

Loose ends. Even the greatest works of fiction have them.

There’s always that one dropped plot line or the little piece of information that keeps you awake at night. Some times it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not, but it always bugs me. (Because I have to know everything. Which is strange, because the ending of Mockingjay didn’t bother me. And it’s possibly the vaguest conclusion in modern literature .) The loose end I’m thinking about at the moment, though, is at the end of The Lost Hero.

Does anyone remember Jason wondering where Thalia was and being super worried? I didn’t catch it the first time I read it because, well…Peeerrrcccy… But I did the second time, I couldn’t help but think- “You can kill off Luke and Zoe, and you can have Nico kidnapped, but if you mess with Thalia…I will have no one left…Except Leo, who you’ll probably kill him just to be mean.” Maybe I’m over analyzing things, But is it possible that Thalia, like Nico, had been planned to be captured/disappear/killed off? Because it just stands out to me. A lot. Anyways, I thought that might be something to think about. And I was grasping for some sort of anything to write about.

Another one, that is more controversial, is the whole Janus episode in The Battle of the Labyrinth. I’ve heard a couple theories, ones that I’m not going to list, but I can’t really think of anything that sounded like what Janus was describing. And Janus is a Roman god. I was sure my questions would be answered in The Mark of Athena, but it wasn’t.

So once again, I am enlisting your help. What do you think it was? (Or will be?) And am I crazy to still be waiting for this ‘choice’? Or am I just plain crazy?

Let me guess, probably just plain crazy?

P.A.I.C.Q (Post Am I Crazy Question) Did anyone catch the double meaning in the title?

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  1. Rebecca King - October 15, 2012

    Glad to see you back!!!! I am currently halfway through the Mark of Athena!

  2. Jason - October 14, 2012

    Sometimes but nope Swear on the river styx

  3. Daughter-of-Athena-from-my-phone-lol - October 14, 2012

    I guess I see what you mean. I always figured that she was doing Hunters stuff…

  4. KiJason - October 14, 2012

    Kkg2 ur a amazing writer and welcome back, also wen I read ur post I feel like ur energetic so u get in to ur writing like its a coat (maybe that was a bad analigy) but anyway welcome back

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