Louis Goes British, Rebecca Kill’s the Announcer, and Hannah goes Insane: In-Depth Look at TV Spots 2 & 3 (With a Guest Ghost)

Louis Goes British, Rebecca Kill’s the Announcer, and Hannah goes Insane: In-Depth Look at TV Spots 2 & 3 (With a Guest Ghost)

LivelySparrow97 and Rebecca King discussed TV Spot 2 and 3 for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. With Kitkatgirl200 being in charybdis, Hannah guest starred in her place!  At the end, we would love to hear your opinion. If you wanted to, you could open up a word or notepad and take notes on your thoughts as you read the commentary. The picture numbers refer to the pictures from the trailer screen capture page: TV Spot 2 | TV Spot 3.

-Commentary for TV Spot #2-

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #2 'Cast' Screen Captures (1)Picture 1 (Thalia faces a cyclops!)

Rebecca King: In the book, who pretty much kills Thalia?

Hannah: I think it was all 3 Furies, a bunch of hellhounds and a few other monsters.

LivelySparrow97: Ominous mist, ominous forest, ominous boot. Fantastic atmosphere! This will be a very intriguing scene. Thalia looks determined and ready to die for her friends. I wonder who the boot belongs too.

Rebecca: I think what will happen is it will combine Annabeth’s memory of the cyclops with how Thalia was “killed”. Cool idea. Thalia just looks so much like the Thalia I always pictured.

Hannah: It looks pretty dark and creepy! Maybe Grover and/or Annabeth will tell Percy about the night?

Rebecca: I believe this is how the movie will begin, of what I’ve read so far from screening reviews.

Hannah: That would be an amazing opening!

LivelySparrow97: Agreed!

(Murmured “agreed” echos from charybdis)

Clarisse attacks the bullPictures 12-15 (Clarisse attacks the bull)

LivelySparrow97: I just can’t get over how awesome the action scenes look. I firmly believe Leven Rambin was the perfect casting choice for Clarisse too.

Hannah: I know! They look really awesome! I agree with the casting choice – some people were unsure, but now they have to see she’s perfect.

LivelySparrow97: Even though they showed this, they really haven’t shown much of Clarisse….which makes me all the more excited to see the movie!

Rebecca: This is so Clarisse, its awesome! Leven sure captures the feisty daughter of Ares! I really cannot wait to see her in action in all her scenes.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #2 'Cast' Screen Captures (20)Picture 20 (Thermos (or flask as they call it in the UK!))

Hannah: First thing I noticed: “Hercules Busts Heads.” He really is the Starbucks of ancient Greece.

LivelySparrow97 (In an English accent): Blimey! The design is so canon! Its simply perfect. They should make these and sell them at Starbucks!

(Kit makes faces, mimicking Louis’s british accent mockingly.)

Hannah: (shakes head) No one says that anymore…if they ever did.

Rebecca: These would be so fun for kids. I always loved my thermos. Always brought mac & cheese to school in one.

(You put mac & cheese in a THERMOS?)

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #2 'Cast' Screen Captures (30)Picture 30 (Percy & Annabeth)

LivelySparrow97: You don’t know how many fangirls I’ve seen squealing at this “romantic” moment…….It makes me sick.

(It’s so nice to see them happy, though. Says Kit dramatically, to no one)

Hannah: When scrolling through the pictures, that was my first thought :3 Then I looked at it more, and realized it’s not really the time to have a romantic moment.

Rebecca: I honestly don’t know what’s the big deal. She just looks back at him. What actually surprises me about this picture is Annabeth is comfortable to sit behind Tyson.

Hannah: That’s a good point – in the book she only got used to him near the end, when he’s revealed to be alive.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #2 'Cast' Screen Captures (31)Picture 31 (Clarisse La Rue)

LivelySparrow97: The only thing I have to say is a reiteration of what’s already been said. Leven Rambin rocks Clarisse. End of story.

Rebecca: Maybe the one guy in the background is Beckendorf!

Hannah: Oh, gods – that would be just–awesome. It’s the Charlena shipping week too, so if it is him…

LivelySparrow97: It took me so long to figure out “Charlena” is Charlie plus Silena. I was like Char?…Charlotte? I always reference the son of Hephaestus as “Beckendorf”, so I was a little confused. (Kit rolls her eyes)

Hannah: Their other name is Silenadorf, but the more commonly used one seems to be Charlena.

LivelySparrow97: Charlena is way better sounding. Silenadorf sounds like the name someone would give to a house elf or an ugly dwarf.

(Don’t dis the house elves!)

-Commentary for TV Spot #3-

Screen Captures from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #3 'Family'  (1)Picture 1 (Camp Half-Blood)

Hannah: Again, first impression: New setting of camp. In the Lightning Thief it had different surroundings, and in the books I always pictured it differently. Now in Sea of Monsters it’s different again.

Rebecca: It fits in so well with the book. Its actually cabins rather than tents. Thank you, Thor! He’s just made it that much more right feeling!

Hannah: Agreed with the cabins.

LivelySparrow97: Everything that was needed to be said was said, so I’ll just say….beautiful sunset!…or sunrise. Let’s see if thats the Atlantic out there, then thats the east. Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. So…sunrise!

Hannah: Thalia turns from tree to human in the early morning – maybe this is that morning?

Rebecca: Could be! I think we have another Sherlock on our hands.

(Oh no.)

Screen Captures from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #3 'Family'  (5)Picture 5 (Annabeth and Percy running to a fight)

LivelySparrow97: This will fun to see! The daughter of Athena and son of Poseidon working together to take down some bulls will be epic!

Rebecca: I feel like I agree with you a lot, but I agree! It will be fun and epic to see!

LivelySparrow97: I agree with pretty much everything you say! Great minds think alike.

Hannah: …At first I thought Riptide was a fish. (It seemed logical! He’s the son of Poseidon! And it was on a smaller scale.)

(Did you really think he was going to slap the bulls to death?)

Rebecca: I had the funniest image enter my mind! Percy slapping the bull silly with a fish. Like off of that one episode of Veggie Tales (Jonah episode).

(Apparently Rebecca did.)

Screen Captures from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #3 'Family'  (7)Picture 7 (UH! OH!)

LivelySparrow97: See that creepy dude in the background? I guessing that’s a Laestrygonian giant! Since Percy won’t be at a school, they probably worked them in here!

Rebecca: Good guess! I was wondering who he was.

Hannah: I highly doubt this, but he could be one of the bear-twins (who die)?

LivelySparrow97: Well, if there was character in the book who was a reanimated corpse, I’d say that would be him.

Rebecca: Hmmm… They could (but I doubt it) add a new monster to it.

(All I see are rocks)

Screen Captures from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #3 'Family'  (10)Picture 10 (Daughter of Ares)

Rebecca: Can I guess what Louis is going to say? Leven Rambin is perfect as Clarisse!

LivelySparrow97: Leven Rambin is perfect as Clarisse! …..Why is everyone rolling their eyes?

(Oh that’s so original, Louis. I have finally lost the will to live, and it stinks down here. *dies*)

LivelySparrow97: Seriously though, this must be right before the bulls attacks…so why is she saying “That is so awesome.” Ohhhh….right…she loves to fight…

Rebecca: Well only Clarisse is excited. She’s a daughter of Ares, she’s bound to be crazy!

Hannah: You stole the words from my mouth there.

Screen Captures from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #3 'Family'  (38)Picture 38 (Hermes)

Hannah: This part of the movie will probably be really symbolic – and close to the book. It focuses on the theme of family and that’s a pretty big thing in every book.

LivelySparrow97: Hannah is totally right. Family is an integral theme in the series (especially the Sea of Monsters) and it is notable that they included it into the movie.

Rebecca: I love how one of the big themes is family!

Screen Captures from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #3 'Family'  (44)Picture 44 (Rainbow)

Rebecca: I love how we get a really great look at Rainbow. He is exactly how I imagined him to be, but always green.

LivelySparrow97: They really did a lovely job with Rainbow.

Hannah: Where’s Annabeth? Using her invisibility cap? Rainbow is…nothing like how I pictured him. I imagined him being a browny shade, which doesn’t fit his name at all.

Rebecca: Annabeth is there in the next shot/screen capture.

LivelySparrow97: To be honest, I always pictured a manatee (even though he’s clearly described as half-horse).

Screen Captures from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters TV Spot #3 'Family'  (47)Picture 47 (Final Thoughts)

Rebecca: I equally liked the 2nd TV Spot as the 1st (which was my favorite so far of the TV Spots). I really loved them showing Clarisse jumping on the bulls back! The 3rd TV Spot I hated for the mere fact of the annoying announcer dude! He says the names so strangely!

LivelySparrow97: I would say that the 2nd TV Spot was my favorite because it really showed off some more action. Plus, it gave us our first miniscule shot of footage of Thalia. Double points for that! The 3rd TV spot suffered due to the fact it had an announcer who pronounced Annabeth’s name oddly. Overall though, both TV Spots do a good job of piquing interest and flaunting ample battle footage along with some touching moments as well.

Hannah: TV Spot 2 showed some of the scenes which fans are probably most looking forward to. TV Spot 3 on the other hand was just annoying – with the sound muted, (or maybe just the raw footage without Captain Annoying Announcer) it is better, but I prefer Spot 2.

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  1. Hannah - August 18, 2013

    Me and Floss just went to see it in 3D….ASDFGHJKL so amazing!!! <3 :D I only cried once, Floss cried twice…and we both annoyed everyone else in the room by fangirling so much :3

  2. April - July 31, 2013

    Interesting theory about the Canadians…

    I never thought of that. I’d always assumed they were other Cyclops

  3. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - July 30, 2013

    ONE WK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………..YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY……..I love these commentaries!!!!!……….lol……..I think my fav TV Spot is TV Spot 2…..Can’t wait to see the Thalia scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..lol…….I am sooooo xcited for this movie…… :) :D

  4. jason - July 30, 2013

    funny things you didn’t or did notice :
    PIC 10 – the guy to the left of the guy standing behind clarisse isn’t even looking in the right direction :P
    PIC 7 – Clarisse looks really like she crossed eyed and about to sneeze (priceless) :D
    PIC 5- percy has a very nice derp face :P
    PIC1 – I REALLY LIKE cause its a nice sunrise and I have a feeling that it takes place right after the flashback :)

  5. Kieran - July 30, 2013

    TO MUCH SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kaden - July 30, 2013

    One week. Just one more…. Gahhh I can’t handle the suspense!!

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