Louis vs Hannah Part 2: The Battle of Luck and Wisdom

Louis vs Hannah Part 2: The Battle of Luck and Wisdom

The picture above is of Tyche and Athena, just to let you all know!

Louis vs Hannah Part 2

The Battle of Luck and Wisdom

“Save it!” Hannah retorted as she whipped her knife around wildly. Her knife slashed and stabbed, but the son of fortune held his own. Louis brought the knife down sharply to Hannah’s shoulder. She caught the knife and held it while she landed a kick in Louis’ midsection. He gasped and fell on his knees in the sand. She pressed the blade onto his neck. “Surrender,” she commanded, “You can’t beat me”

“Don’t press your luck,” Louis grimaced. He plunged his knife forward, but Hannah was far too fast. She pulled his arm forward and pressed him against her with her knife dangerously close to his neck.

“I’ll give you one more chance.” Hannah said with a look of distaste and probably anger. Just as she was about to send him to Hades, she yelped and pushed Louis away from her. “My eye!” She exclaimed, “There’s something in my contact!” She dropped her knife and ran to the water where she began to splash water into her eye.

Louis was beside himself in disbelief. Of all the times an irritated eye could happen….Oh well. While Hannah was splashing around like a banshee in the water, Louis took out his wallet. He shook out some old four leaf clovers into the ground in front of him.

“Finally,” a triumphant Hannah said, wiping her hand son her skirt, “Back to business.” She turned and slid her gun out its strap and fired on Louis. A wall of shimmering gold light appeared with each bullet fired. The four leaf clovers were the sources of the magical protection, each spiraling waves of light out of their center.

Hannah spat, “Magic.” She tossed her gun aside and took out a small black stick with a metal ball on the end of it. She pressed a small button on the side and the ball fell to the ground, but it remained connected by a black rope. She swung the black stick and more rope fell out of the stick. Her weapon of choice had now become a weaponized Olympic hammer. On the ball, a luminescent white owl glowed. Louis narrowed his eyes.

Hannah swung her hammer around her head and the ball smashed into the protective field. Again and again she struck the magical barrier and each time the ball connected with the light, the magic seemed to grow fainter. On the seventh swing, the golden light dissolved.

A volley of cards were sent flying out of the dispersing magic. Hannah swept her weapon in front of her and the cards were knocked out of the air. Once again Hannah charged, this time with hammer in hand. Louis tossed a pair of red dice onto the sand. The dice turned up two sevens. Louis grinned evilly as Hannah was about to become very unlucky.

Just as the master assassin bolted past the dice, she tripped and literally fell onto her face. Her hammer flew out of her hands landed with a splash in the otherwise serene water.

“Son of Tyche!” Hannah roared, spitting sand from her mouth. As she struggled to her feet, white sand fell from her face, clothes, and hair. She looked like the summer version of a snowman. She drew her other handgun and pointed it at Louis. “Sorry, about this.” She said, then fired…….and nothing but a clicking noise happened. “What?!” She screamed in outrage. She pulled the trigger again, but nothing happened.

Louis pulled the Queen of Hearts from his sleeve, “No Hannah, I’m sorry about this.” He flung it at her with all of his might. The card knocked the gun free from her hand as she yelped.

“You want to throw things, you cretan?” Hannah snarled. She took out small knife and hurled it at her opponent. Louis ducked, letting the knife sail harmlessly over him.

The son of Tyche stepped forward, “You don’t know what I’m capable of.”

Hannah made an interesting combination of a snarl and a sneer. She said, “Oh, I think I know what you can do.”

“You see Hannah, I can create good luck, but I also have the power to create really bad luck.”

The daughter of Athena rolled her eyes, “You don’t scare me.”

Louis shrugged then pointed a finger. A mirror materialized out of thin air and it remained suspended in the air. The demigod retracted his finger and the mirror fell, shattering into  a million pieces. Out of the shards, sprung black glitter (or at least that’s what it looked like). “See that Hannah? That is bad luck made visible.” He smiled and pointed his index finger at Hannah. The black glitter swept into a funnel cloud and exploded on Hannah. The glitter absorbed into her skin, despite her best swatting efforts.

The daughter of Athena shrugged when she realized the glitter attack didn’t hurt. Once again, she tried to rush Louis. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell into the sand…again.

Hannah was shaking in anger, spitting sand out of mouth. “I HATE YOU!” She shrieked.

Suddenly, a CHOP-CHOP-CHOPing noise filled the air. A sleek black helicopter was bearing down on the island as a fast speed.

“No!” Louis yelled out as he saw an Athena banner flying wildly in the wind. Hannah only smirked as she made it to her feet.

The Athenian helicopter began to descend upon the island, swaying the palm trees in the propeller wind. The white sand began to swirl around, stinging the demigod’s skin.

As Hannah began to motion her teammates down, Louis saw an advantage.

“Hannah!” He called.

She turned, “Whaaa…” She cut off by Louis fist. She slumped onto the ground. The son of Tyche’s hand burned like fire. Ohh, I didn’t know hitting someone hurt so hard, he thought.

“LOUIS, SON OF TYCHE!” A female voice boomed over a loud amplified megaphone. The helicopter loomed dangerously close to the ground, keeping its rotor blades on high speed. “STAND DOWN NOW.” Palm trees snapped, bent, and broke in the winds.

“I don’t think so,” came his reply. Athena’s response was not too kindly. A missile was fired from the helicopter and exploded in the bordering rock walls, sending chucks of rock flying into the air. Another missile was launched and hit the opposite of the rock wall. More chucks were sent soaring into the sky.

“SURRENDER!” The megaphone boomed. The demigods piloting the chopper watched as a joker playing card bounced off their helicopter window, leaving a minuscule crack.

“YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT.” A third missile went rocketing out of the aircraft. This time though, its course was set to the mansion.

Louis watched in disbelief as the mansion burst into a cloud of fire, debris, and ash. He clenched his fists, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

He turned to the Athenian chopper and yelled, “You think you can flaunt your skills and battle savvy power!” The son of Tyche was fuming. His vacation had been ruined, his mortal brother and sister knocked unconscious, and his rented beach destroyed.

He tossed a Lotus Casino credit card onto the windswept beach and yelled out, “I call upon Bob Barker!” The card glowed stripes of lime green, hot pink, and metallic gold. BOOM! Smoke billowed out of the card, and out stepped the most famous game show host of all time. Hannah, who was just now hazily waking up from her nap in the sand, opened her mouth as if to scream at the new man but not a sound came out.

Bob Barker straightened his tie and swept his hand. The helicopter dissolved and the two piloting children of Athena tumbled out. Louis narrowed his eyes at Ivy and Florence, the two most destructive demigods he’d ever seen.

Bob belted out in his timeless voice, “Are you ready to play ‘The Price is Right’?” Immediately the beach sand began to form into the entire set up of the famous game show, complete with flashing stages, boards, and wheels. Louis, Hannah, Florence, and Ivy each now stood at a podium ready for the bidding.

Bob walked over to the water and a yacht magically burst out of the cove and settled into the aquamarine water. He gestured to the boat. “Florence!” He said, “Your bid for the yacht?”

The daughter of Athena was still shocked by the whole scenario and tried to back away.

Bob wagged his finger, “Ah-ah-ah! Non of that!” Chains leapt out of the white sand and lashed around the three daughters of Athena.

Ivy cried out, “Not fair!”

Bob smiled, “Nonsense! Your bid, Miss Florence!”

Florence managed to clear her head enough to yell out, “$500,000.”

“$475,000,” came Ivy’s bid.

“$590,000,” Hannah chimed in.

“$450,000,” Louis confidently.

Bob pressed a button and yelled, “And the actual retail price is……” The bright display behind him lit up with $455,000.”

Bob let a grin, “Amazing, come on up here young man!” Louis joined him on the center stage. Bob put on his arm on the demigod’s shoulder and asked, “Now tell me, how did you manage to get so close?”

Louis grinned and shrugged, “Just lucky I guess.”

“And lucky you are! You win a fabulously refurbished island!” He snapped his fingers and the island became as it was before Hannah’s teammates decided to take their metaphorical wrecking ball to it.

Bob rubbed his hands together at Florence, Ivy, Hannah. “What kind of punishment shall I prepare for my losers?”

“How about no punishment,” Hannah said defiantly. She backflipped in her chains pulling them free of the sand. She slid the chains off her and gleefully said, “Now for my revenge!”

She lunged at Bob, but he and all his game show items disappeared with a POOF of white smoke. She tumbled into the sand, but didn’t stay down for long. She whipped out a razor sharp hunting knife and leapt at Louis. She yelled, “For the last time! Give me my key!!”

Louis jumped up, knife in hand. Just as they were about to meet in midair……..

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! The light of a thousand suns lit the island accompanied by the sound of an exploding bombshell. The tourists on the Floridian beaches probably witnessed the blast. All four demigods fell to the ground. When their vision cleared, they noted that every palm tree had been flattened and the tide had receded far out of the cove. In the center of the palm tree massacre stood two women. One was wearing dark jeans and leather jacket with her dark brown hair cascading around her head, while the other wore a tight shimmery sequined golden dress with huge healed boots.

“Mother!?” All four demigods said in unison. Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, and Tyche, goddess of luck and fortune, had entered the scene.

Hannah straightened herself up and inquired, “Mum, what are doing here.”

Tyche gave Hannah a You really just asked that look and said, “Funny, I might ask you the same thing. Its a wonder Poseidon didn’t dredge himself up to blast you into sea foam.”

Athena glared at Tyche then met her daughter’s eyes, “Hannah, I saw you had a…matter…that needed straightening out.”

Florence pointed at Louis accusingly, “He stole our key!”

“And destroyed our helicopter!” Ivy chimed in. Hannah nodded to back up her sisters’ accusations.

Louis yelled out, “I didn’t! Bob did!”

The goddess of battle strategy asked hesitantly, “It didn’t happen to be Bob Barker did it? I despise that very minor god.”

Florence looked startled, “He’s a god?”

Tyche smoothed a few wrinkles in her dress and answered, “A minor one, but that’s beside the point.”

Athena sighed and turned to Louis, “May we have the key back?” She shifted her feet in the sand, swaying her jacket around and giving Louis a peep at what was concealed within. Three semi-automatic handguns were strapped to the side of Athena’s black Underarmor shirt.

Louis would have gladly said yes to the war goddess, but his mother stepped in. “Athena, really? It was during a war game. The key was taken fairly.”

“The key please,” Athena said in an stoic tone.

Tyche gave her a If I wasn’t a minor goddess….look of distaste, then turned to her son. Louis reached into an inner pocket and revealed the small silver key. He tossed it to Hannah, who smirked.

The wisdom goddess pursed her lips and once again asked of another return, “The helicopter?” Tyche rolled her eyes and pointed a heavily polished hot-pink fingernail towards the beach. The black Athenian chopper burst out of the glistening sand without a scratch. The sand that was displaced with the emergence of the helicopter, coincidentally landed upon Hannah, Florence, and Ivy.

Athena cringed at Tyche’s expectant look and turned to her three daughters. She spoke, “Hannah, you mustn’t go around attempting to kill people over a small dispute and Ivy and Florence, you cannot attack another god’s property on account of a different goddess’ son.”

They nodded in obedience, but Athena wasn’t done. She continued, “And to avoid bad luck for the next ten years,” she glanced at Tyche, “I’m afraid I will have to punish you for such an irresponsible and unplanned course of action.” Athena stepped towards her kids, turned to Tyche, and raised her hand, “I believe we’re done here. See you on Olympus, Tyche.”

“Or in Vegas,” Tyche mumbled. Louis averted his eyes as a flash lit the island once again. When the light cleared, Athena, her daughters, and the helicopter had all disappeared.

Tyche spun on her heeled boot and strode up the beach, “Louis I can’t stay long, Vegas doesn’t run itself. I’ll just wake up your mortal siblings and I’ll be on my way.”

“Thanks, but Mom that key could have really helped my team in the future,” Louis said mildly disappointed.

Tyche stopped, winked a mascara laden eyelash and pressed something into her son’s palm. She said, “Don’t worry, I made you a spare.”

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    That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hannah - March 14, 2013

    Imma lose big time! :(
    Lol! Palm tree massacre!
    I will NOT win!

  3. Jason - March 13, 2013

    Hahaha hanah got in trouble an athena is mad xP

  4. Matthew Craig - March 13, 2013

    Bob Barker’s a god?! Excuse me while I make an appointment with my vet. Sorry dogs, the god commands it :p

  5. Rebecca King - March 13, 2013

    That was AWESOME!!! I was laughing so hard when you called upon Bob Barker!

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