Name: Maria Olsen

Date of Birth: Unknown

Hometown: Unknown

Facts: Unknown

What I have seen her in: Nothing

What you might have seen her in: Sam Hell, Longwinded, Shellter, Humanity’s End, Step Seven, A Gothic Tale, Alone Together, Die-ner (Get It?), Morbid: A Love Story, Before We Close It, Dragonquest, Life Between Interviews, Dead Game, The Sirens, Undying Love, Sin by Silence, Renegades, Blue Like the Morning, Mansfield Path, 2.0, Darkening Sky

Who she is playing: Mrs. Dodds/Fury

What I think about her playing the role: This lady is freaky looking! She’s terrifying and she’s been in a lot of horror films. She’s perfect to play Mrs. Dodds!

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