Mark of Athena Coming: 10/02/12

Mark of Athena Coming: 10/02/12

Save the date, The Mark of Athena releases it’s  big debut on: October 2, 2012! The wait isn’t forever as Rick Riordan states, “Be prepared to have a few sneak peaks of the book by the end of May or June.” Sounds like it’ll be a few more long months before the book releases. For those new fans out there, keep reading and hopefully you’ll finish in time for the release.

Until then, who do you look most forward to reading again?

Along with the countdown, who else is counting down to The Sea of Monsters?

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  1. Jason - May 29, 2012

    Awwe man its only 15 days off from my bday darn but I can’t wait to see percy go back to camp half blood jason back to roman camp (booooo!) But find out who this last demigod is to fit the prophecy and have grover annabeth and percy back together

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