NEW CLIP PEOPLES!!! So in this clip Annabeth and Grover and trying to convince Mr D (Stanley Tucci) to go on a quest. Stanley Tucci plays Mr. D so well, his movements and ways of speaking is just how I imagined him to be (witty and arrogant), NOW….to the (arguably) bad points, if any of you have read the books you know two thing. (Be warned imma going to sound like a drag now WHICH I HATE, but forgive me)

1. Half-Bloods aren’t allowed technology cause it attracts monsters, however cause they’re inside the camp borders it might be different. However i did like how the iPad (other tablets are available) is in Ancient Greek.

2. The other thing is that Mr.D is drinking wine not Diet Coke (other cola drinks are available). But! how he is shown to be in love with the wine and how he says that it was a good year I think is a good way to show how Mr. D is.

But I still think how the director’s are doing this film is cinematography wise is outstanding. (Stump stop your inner film nerd is coming out). That’s enough from me now you guys decide.

(Percy Brasil version)