A New Year’s Treat from Patrick to You!

A New Year’s Treat from Patrick to You!

Patrick has given us a gift of a bit of a preview of the script he is working on for Percy Jackson: Titan’s Curse. For those of you who do not know, Patrick is a fan, just like you and me, that really, really, REALLY! wants Titan’s Curse to happen. Below is what he sent me. Feel free to comment below and interact with different ideas. Also, Patrick was wanting some of the fans to talk about his ideas and whatnot. He suggested Skype, but I really love using Google Docs, allowing it to all be written out and stuff (its what Louis, Kit, and I used for commentaries). So, if you would like to join in, please send me an email at admin@percyjacksonmovies.com. So, here it is from Patrick:



Nonetheless, my intent is to have the movie be even more loyal to the books than the first two and fix the problems associated with them. That being said, please remember that there has to be some form of difference and reason towards making things work cinematically and in the context of the first two films.

Please read my notes below for more info/context.

Percy Jackson & The Titan’s Curse Treatment.

We open up with the company logos transcending into Greek carvings like what was shown on the museum urn in the Lightning Thief film. The glyphs depict what has happened in the previous two films in clear detail as the opening credits play over them.

We fade to black, back into an exterior shot of a boarding school by the sea, on a cliff. It is quite a stormy night, with waves blasting the rocks on the shore. As one wave looms closer, a figure leaps from within it. The figure lands on the shores, looking up towards his horizon.

We cut inside the building. We see the figure’s legs walking down the dark corridor, the place showing strong emphasis on disciplines and Greek myths. The figure arrives at a middle aged female receptionist’s desk, containing a hyper alert CHIHUAHUA under the desk.

The figure tells the receptionist that he is here to see two of the students, named BIANCA and NICO. He gives his name as Haley Riordan, but it is really not so. The receptionist gives our hero directions to go down to the right of the hall. As he leaves, the CHIHUHUA barks like crazy, the receptionist patting the dog to calm it down…

Our hero ends walks past a large gymnasium where an intensive game of DODGEBALL is being played. The opposing team to a group of young students consists of large, muscular boys. Our protagonist scans the area, approaching a fallen student by the doorway, asking for the two that he seek in case they were actually playing the game rather than being in their rooms as he was told earlier. He is told that they are in their respective room. After suggesting the student to have lots of WATER to sustain, our hero makes his way to a dorm door, upon which he knocks. He is greeted by some rude resistance, but is quickly welcomed in. He introduces himself as PERCY JACKSON, and shows off some special powers, describing himself as being a DEMIGOD, a half-human, half-Greek GOD. He opens the window and controls the rainwater to quench the two’s thirst and giving them a little splash to “cool off”. Percy explains that he needs Bianca and Nico to come to his home, CAMP HALF-BLOOD, with him to help stop an impending battle between the Gods and Titans, as they could prove beneficial in support. The two complain of personal issues, but are eventually coaxed to leave.

Percy & crew make their way out of the building, but are stopped by a huge dodge ball player, who interrogates Nico for having hookied the game. During this interrogation, it is soon revealed that these “big boys” are actually Laistrygonian giants in disguise, and a battle ensues with the giants throwing super powered dodge balls. Percy & co. fight back with Percy controlling the gym’s sprinklers and water fountain quite effectively. Nico reveals his power of causing EARTHQUAKES, which makes Bianca feel uneasy as to what her powers could be.

After “apologizing” for the damage, Percy & co escape, to the other side of the coast. Suddenly, the group comes face to face with non-other than the Chihuahua, who soon morphs into a CHIMERA and attacks. An intense battle ensues, the Chimera causing great damaged to the heroes and the environment around them. Percy tries to use his powers but it is no use: The melting snow is just not the same as water. Suddenly, monster appears to be attacking himself. Percy is soon dragged off to the corner by an invisible force.

Overhead, Percy’s friends Grover and Thalia arrive on pegasuses, one of them a black one named Blackjack. They pile heaps of snow on top of the savage beast. Percy turns to see that an invisible baseball cap took him away. The cap flips around showing that it is his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase. Annabeth uses her cap and knife in the fight, which continues with the heroes each showing individual powers, though Bianca convinces Nico to keep his powers at ease for safety. Grover uses his REED PIPES to control nature to attack the beast, and Thalia uses gas arrows, which amuses Bianca.  Percy draws his Sword, Riptide, and enters the fray.

The fight subsides at the edge of a cliff, where the monster is defeated, but Annabeth is taken with him, reminiscent of Ursula dragging Ariel off the ship with her in The Little Mermaid. Percy feels remorse over Annabeth’s loss, but Grover quickly pulls him back, leading him over to Blackjack and his companions. They fly and take off.

We fade into the next scene whereby we get a view of Camp Half-Blood. It is winter, but there is a lot of activity going on. Chariot sled races, and a game of capture the flag between campers and hunters are among the activities glimpsed as Percy and co make their way through the camp to the Big House. They report to Chiron and Mr. D the result of their quest. Now Annabeth, along with the goddess Artemis, who set off to find a mythical beast that will help them end the war with the titans, is taken away and missing. Artemis’ hunters are also present. The Hunters decide to go on a rescue mission to get Annabeth, Artemis and her desired beast that she was hunting.

The lead Hunter, Zoe Nightshade accepts Bianca into their rank, having desired to join the Hunters after meeting Thalia, who is their lieutenant, but does not allow Percy to join them on the quest because she does not trust boys, in part due to his failure in keeping Annabeth safe, and seeing him as overall “unexceptional”. Nico wants to come too, but Bianca deems him too young and Zoe forbids him per her rule Grover decides to begin his own quest for Pan, as he believes it will help the Olympians in the coming war. Percy is frustrated that he cannot do anything, especially since it is his destiny to bring peace to or destroy Olympus. The latter possibility provides another explanation to Zoe’s prejudice. Mr. D suggests that he can stay for maintenance reasons, but Chiron encourages him to perhaps go home and visit his family for the holidays, waiting for his call when needed.

Percy goes back to his cabin, carrying Annabeth’s invisible baseball hat, and placing it down on a bedside table. He looks at pictures of his mom with her new boyfriend, Paul Blofis, and his half-brother Tyson the Cyclops, who is now working with fellow cyclopses in foraging. He sits and ponders, flashbacks from the first two movies being shown:

“I defiantly have strong feelings for you, I just haven’t decided if they are positive or negative yet”

“If you’re afraid of your destiny, write a new one”

“Having a destiny is a lot like having a brother. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think”

Percy picks up the hat and looks at it. Sniffing back a tear, he gets up and starts packing.

We cut to Percy walking by a big pool sized spring with the Aphrodite bikini girls who invite him to come in, saying they don’t bite. A girl shakes as if bitten after that. Percy says no thanks. Another one says, “We can mooooooo!” Percy turns and she says that wasn’t me. The girls see something moving around in the water afterwards, in a scene with tension reminiscent of Jaws. The girls try to get out, but it is cold and it does bother them anyway. Percy draws Riptide & comes over to investigate. He conjures a water shield over the girls to separate them from the beast. They can breathe in it & swim around. Percy submerges the water, only to reveal Bessie, a sea serpent known as an Ophiotarus. The shield subsides & one of the girls, named Lacy comes over & cradles the baby Bessie in her arms, singing, “I have a lovely box of coconuts”. She steps forward into showing her care for the animals against some of the other girls who are nervous & uncomfortable with this type of thing.

Later, we end up in The Big House where Chiron explains that Bessie happens to be the beast that Artemis was seeking out. Sacrificing its entails could destroy gods, so it would prove beneficial to them in the coming war. Percy and the Aphrodite girls are present, the girls wearing toga robes to keep them warm. Lacy explains her passion to protecting/taking care of Bessie & her significance. Bessie is kept in a little tankard like Lupin’s Grindylow tank. After Lacy establishes that she will take care of the creature for the time being, Percy encounters Nico on the way who convinces him to go after the Hunters because Percy knows of the creature and has beneficial powers.

Percy soon encounters Blackjack, who offers up his services, thinking Percy is great for being connected to who created him. Blackjack soars to the top of the Empire State Building, where Percy surveys the city, reminiscent of the book cover. Having demigoogled them earlier, Percy keeps his eyes peeled for his friends and the coordinates that could lead to them.


Dr. Thorn is cut from the movie (though he will be mentioned/referenced later on) due to the Manticore already appearing in the SoM movie and like with the Hydra being cut from that movie, we don’t want the movies to be too repetitive. Besides, the Chimera is very similar to the Manticore, so I’m keeping with the spirit of the monster. Its intended to possibly reuse monsters that were cut from the other movies to give fans the moments that they wanted to see but could not in a new context which is actually what book adaptation movies SHOULD be doing in the first place. I actually found out that the Chimera was SUPPOSED to be in the LT film in a script draft but was later cut.

The finding Bessie scene is keeping with the context of them being older. A lot of that was missing from the SOM movie, which quite frankly seems to be why a lot of non and even actual book readers did not like it, because it was deemed too tame and “safe”.  They are teenagers in this context after all. Besides, the scene as it is in the book is just too complicated and difficult to film plus does not flow that well with the story. I do know that I am introducing Lacy earlier (her role was meant to be an original character at first) but it sets things up for a possible HoO movie(s) without being too obvious. She would be older in this context too so she would have a slightly different personality since she is older, she would have already overcome or in this case perhaps making the step to overcome her insecurities)

I am thinking about adding on a prologue at the beginning that explains the Atlas back-story a bit better. But as the first two movies opened with the prologue, I figured it would be too repetitive and to quote Pixar, “it’s always best to start with your main character”.  I just hope it’s not too confusing for people to follow and I apologize for being vague.

The movie is meant to be a sort of “wrap up” of the first two movies while also fixing them, ala Toy Story 3 and X-Men: Days of Future Past (no time travel though :)) however it will leave things open for the next too. You would want to put out all that you got in order to have this film be the best it can be and stand on its own while also being a serviceable sequel/set up. Just look at most book adaptation movies like Eragon, Vampire Academy, and even non book adaptations (though it is based on a COMIC book) like Amazing Spider-Man 2 which spent a lot of time setting up and/or having a cliffhanger sequel bait ending. SoM did have such an ending but it was following the book, however that could be a fault in its stars (pun intended) as to what led to its failure.  I can DEFINITELY tell you that the very ending will be more loyal than the LT movie, and the climax will also be far more loyal than both movies, and it actually will be almost word for word like the book but will have to be tweaked a bit.  Going back to the “wrap up” do not forget that Logan et al’s contracts are only for THREE movies, so therefore if this does well they will have to be convinced to return (especially if that Spider-man thing with him does indeed happen:  http://www.percyjacksonmovies.com/update-patrick-percy-jackson-3-script-18650/).  I should also say that the main reason WHY I so desperately want another movie is to tie up the cliffhanger and other loose ends of SoM and have a (at least mostly) complete storyline in the films. So therefore, we do not need another cliffhanger, especially if this movie does bomb.

Apollo and Artemis ARE in the movie, they just won’t be introduced as early.  There is too much going on at the beginning and it streamlines the flow and pacing better. It just makes more sense to have their mission already be layed out for them instead of having all these little bumps and flows at the beginning. Do not worry; Apollo’s car scene will be included later on. And btw, I have the PERFECT actor in mind for Apollo: Chris Pratt! I was also thinking that James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy would be a possible choice to direct, though as he is working on GOTG2, it may not be possible.  Also keep in mind that the Capture the Flag game will be briefly glimpsed.  I also thought having Grover come in later, riding the boar as Calvary will keep better with the humor of the books and it will tie into the overall plot better, especially setting up Pan at the end, since Pan was left out of first two movies.

I do not know if this is quite clear or not, but I am kinda stuck on Percy’s arc for the movie. WHY are we watching the movie? What is the compilation aka the reason for the audience to be at the movie; the evolution of Percy’s character; what does he learn/why & how does he change during the movie. I mean what I have in there is a good start, but it does seem kinda repetitive the sort of emotions and doubt that Percy goes through in this movie compared to the SoM movie (this is also an issue with the books too though). I do have a rough idea like I said, but I just thought I’d get it out there for help. Maybe focus on his destiny and HOW to fulfill it, looking at a plan gone wrong like their mission at the beginning and not messing up? It’s easier to have Thalia already be a lieutenant at the beginning as it brings Bianca’s desire to join a lot more strongly and again too much plot/goings on in the movie to develop. And once again they are older in the movie (which explains Annabeth/Percy’s relationship; it was already kinda like that in the SoM movie) so therefore things will be altered in their choices and character development.

I have a lot more done but this is what I had on my Alphasmart (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AlphaSmart) file that I could work on. I basically have roughly the whole movie planned out in rough notes and in my mind, but have just not put down exactly how I am going to do it, or rather I did, but it’s in the Sea of Monsters of my notes (pun intended) and as such takes time to go through. You would not believe the exact length of notes I have taken. I hope to get the WHOLE thing done soon, but I thought it’d be best to give you guys a taste of where I am going so you can deliver me notes/feedback etc.  Happy New Year and thank you for all the support in this project!

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Ethan - March 1, 2016

    Hi! It’s me again. Sorry. It’s just that . . . well, it’s March already. I was wondering . . . if the third installment is still going, or what? The past few months there’s been rumors about a Netflix original series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but I’m honestly still hoping for the movie . . . Percy Jackson is a GREAT series. It would just feel wrong leaving it as it is. Or at least a reboot, this time actors that ARE the same age as in the book–but whatever. I’m asking if The Titan’s Curse is still a thing. If it’s still going, may we please know at least when confirmation will be announced? Or the trailer or something? I just really want to know. Thanks in advance.

    • Patrick J. McKenna - March 2, 2016

      Its still coming, just had a lot of other things in my life come up. Please be patient, working on development of the project very soon :)

      • Ethan - April 3, 2016

        Oh, okay. Thanks!

      • Ethan - April 5, 2016

        Oh! One last thing–is it still planned to make THE Titan’s Curse movie? Or a reboot of The Lightning Thief?

        • patricier - April 7, 2016

          Titan’s Curse movie :)

          • Ethan - April 8, 2016

            Oh, okay. I was just wondering because the majority of the fandom wants the reboot instead. I can understand both sides of the argument. I want my favorite story come to life in the big screen, but a part of me preferred it to be as loyal as possible to the books. I understand that even though the movie is basing off the book, the movie also needs to stand on its own. I completely understand that. But, I’ll ask this because I want to hear your opinion, as a person who can ACTUALLY do something about this problem. Wouldn’t it be better to reboot the series? Be given the Harry Potter treatment. To hire twelve-year-old actors. More of the book plot. To actually showcase all the twelve cabins for the twelve Olympians. I’m okay with both choices, or rebooting the series or go along with The Titan’s Curse. What do you think?

  2. Ethan - October 18, 2015

    So far so good! It’s nice of you to try to link the movie more with the book. But at the same time I’m liking it how the movie’s having some of it’s independence. Like how Percy’s rising from the shore in a wave.

    The Titan’s Curse I hear will be filmed and released in December 2015. Yay! In time for my birthday month!

    BTW, The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian needs to happen!!

    • Patrick - October 18, 2015

      That Titan’s Curse rumour of it being released in December 2015 aka 2 months from now is fake. I mean we would have seen a trailer by now. And besides, they would be foolish to release it so close to the movie that has a new poster just released with a new trailer due out tomorrow…..

      • Ethan - October 21, 2015

        Huh. Weird. Didn’t Fox 2000 announce that the Titan’s Curse would be filmed and released in December 2015? It said so in the Riordan wiki in the Percy Jackson (film series) article.

        The Titan’s Curse
        In April 2013, it was reported by the 20th Century Fox that the third film of the Percy Jackson series will be filmed and released in December 2015.[12] It is currently unknown who the director will be or if Thor Freudenthal is willing to direct the third film. Paloma Kwiatkowski, the actress of Thalia Grace, stated that she signed on for any future films in the franchise. Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson, and Jake Abel also signed on for three films, back when production for Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was ongoing. Two petitions exist with regards to support towards the remaining films being made[13][14] while a YouTube video released by the organizer of the petition encourages fans to buy the movie on Blu-ray when it comes out on December 17 (North America), and December 14 (France)/whenever it is released in the fans’ country to help support towards the reaming movies in the series to be made. As of March 2014, the film is on hiatus and according to Logan Lerman, might not be made.[15] At the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2015, Logan Lerman stated that while the films were fun to make, he and his co-stars were growing too old for their roles. [16]

        • patricier - October 22, 2015

          if you even go to the actual source link you can see that the site does not have much official information. Again we would have seen something by now if it was gonna be released in under 2 months eh? :)

          • Ethan - November 5, 2015

            *sigh* I know I shouldn’t have been wishful thinking.
            Oh, well. Could you predict when would it be announced at least?

    • Alex - October 18, 2015

      Yeah there not making any more for the moment which I’m happy about. Not point in continuing this train wreck. Wait 5-10 years and hope Fox opens their eyes and get a director with a better vision of how to make a better book-to-movie than the past two. A good rule of thumb for live action movies is it will take 2 years once the script has been started to release date.

      • Patrick - October 18, 2015

        Ya “happy” for you but not for the rest of us who want a complete story on film. Btw your last sentence there makes no sense and is out of context. The films were fine as their own. Have you ever tried looking at them as their own separate thing and appreciating them for that? The books will still be the books no matter how loyal the movies are.

        • Alex - October 20, 2015

          Combining the last 3 books into one movie sounds pretty awful. It says to me that fox would just want to be done with this series and don’t care about the fans or source material. How? Based off the making of Sea Of Monsters(not counting the delayed release) it took about 2 years from when they announced they would make it till the initial release date. Yes fine but not amazing or anything noteworthy. I can and they still don’t seem right. Why would Percy only venture into the Underworld with only 3 pearls instead of 4? True but to see a true adaption or as good as they could make would be the best thing ever and neither of the movies were anywhere close.

          • patricier - October 21, 2015

            1) There were only three pearls like in the novel and it is part of the plot/story/struggle of Percy having to sacrifice and leave things behind
            2) Release delay was partly because of GI JOE Retaliation getting delayed to March which would have taken away from SoM’s gross had it been released in March
            3) I wouldn’t say that Fox wanted to rush through/combine the movies so much as wanting to make the movies stand on their own. If you think about it, it makes a lot more sense for Kronos to rise at the end of SoM instead of the random deus ex machina of Chiron & the party ponies showing up (which btw would have still been awkward and kinda weird even if it was set up in the movie which it was not. not to mention how expensive and difficult to film it would have been. Even after seeing it in the Graphic novel version, it still seems like a very hard scene to represent or imagine). Luke’s plot from the beginning was to have Kronos be resurrected and it fits the story thematically of Percy overcoming his destiny. After all, film is SHOW, don’t TELL. Better to actually show something happening then talk about it, especially if it fits the overall plot and struggle of the story, especially thematically. If Percy can face the big bad titan then that is proof enough that he is not a “one quest wonder” nor any sort of predestined destiny will overthrow him. And again, Kronos was only partially resurrected hence his easy defeat. If you interrupted a computer program that was coming to your computer, no matter how powerful it would be, interrupting/destroying it during the process of loading would easily defeat it, which is exactly what Kronos was. Besides, he can still come back, and in a different/more powerful form. It does not change the story of what could happen in later movies.

          • Alex - October 21, 2015

            1. But having the prophecy which said he would fail and understanding the sacrifice weren’t both in the movie nor was he realizing that returning the helm to Hades would release his mom. In the movie it seems that he can’t count. That was the whole purpose for using the map and he didn’t even make sure he had enough. Grover makes the sacrifice staying in, not Percy.
            2. Not really the same audience but I think they’re both made by Fox.
            3. Fox hasn’t said they were. That was just Patrick’s idea of how to sell another movie to Fox. If they’re not going to take the time and money to make each individual film to their best of their abilities then I don’t want anymore till they change their mind. I don’t want to see anything half-assed.Who’s to say they have that scene exactly like the book. It’s okay to change some stuff because it won’t work(St Louis scene, Waterpark scene, and others) but just don’t change plot points(reason for traveling to underworld, traveling to Polyphemus’ island). In the movie, Chiron didn’t even get suspended from camp so they could have come up with another way for them to escape. Some distraction and Percy controlling the water rocked the boat enough they could escape. That’s true but how they did the scene was awful. Having Kronos eat Luke, the demigod that helped and also Grover was stupid. Having Clarisse escape with it would have been better. Also because it would showed the Percy wasn’t an attention hog by letting Clarisse finish the quest. If Kronos came back, why would Luke want to help him at all after he betrayed him?

          • Patricier - October 22, 2015

            1) The prophecy is still not really needed i the movie. Percy still learns the essence of sacrifice (not to mention friendship always being there for you in the form of Grover which quite frankly most would argue is the main theme of the series) with this revelation of “only one pearl per person” (which btw he did not know in neither the book or the movie, he was just following Luke’s suggestion as heck how else could he know, only now just being introduced to this mythological world?).

            As well, it was a wise move to cut the Ares subplot (which btw they did film but later cut if you look closely at 2:08 in this trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xko1Mx5w4tg). It just adds way too much onto the plot and makes it kinda confusing to follow/convoluted (even if you have read the books which I have multiple times).

            2) GI JOE has a similar audience to Percy as it is an action adventure film and as it turned out it pawned The Host at the box office. I know that there were other factor’s to The Host’s bomb but I guarantee you, Percy would have done A LOT worse had it been released in March. Plus you also have to consider Oz: The Great and Powerful which only came out a couple of weeks earlier (they were also thinking of releasing Percy the week after Oz, after moving it up to avoid GI JOE/The Host, which would not have done so well either as they are even closer to a similar audience).

            3) Granted they could have done a better job with somethings, but overall the movies pretty much worked as their own thing if you really look at them and consider the previously mentioned points.

            Their reason for going to the underworld was exactly the same as the book minus the prophecy. Finding the pearls actually gave them a reason to go to these places instead of randomly coming across those places as a mere coincidence.They also travelled to the island pretty much the exact same way too. The way that they escaped in the movie was fine, and again it brought a better climax that add to to with the overall theme of this specific book and the story within it. Plus, Kronos’ resurrection was not quite the same as it was in the books as memory serves. On the note of him eating Luke, well Luke could always come across him and be possessed against his will which would actually add onto a better character dilemma with regards to him being freed in the end. There is also the possibility of Kronos “Eating” him as seeing his grand plan. Kronos had not idea of course who Luke is once fully resurrected and keeping with the theme of the books, if you’re an all powerful God, then you’re just gonna arrogantly and selfishly use your powers (btw something that I liked that they changed in the movies with regards to Poseidon actually showing sympathy and care for Percy as opposed to being an arrogant jerk in the novels. Would you want to be associated with anyone, regardless of your parents if they treated you like that?As the only son of Poseidon, your dad should show some care for you regardless of your circumstance of being born)

            Percy’s wave scene was actually pretty great (my favourite part in the movie actually) . The only thing that would have made it better would be more stuff for Annabeth (which they did film btw). And in the end Percy did give over the glory of completing the quest to Clarisse (part of his letting go of not needing to prove more that he is just a one quest wonder).

    • Patricier - November 6, 2015

      For our project we are still working on it. We hope to get the treatment done before or around xmas/new years. Stay tuned

  3. Raymond - July 23, 2015

    Like the rough draft bro but you show might wanna work on it a little more for now I’ll give you this

  4. Arianna di Angelo - June 26, 2015

    Don’t continue the movies. You DESTROYED the first two, and I don’t ever want to see the third as a movie until the first two are redone and redone correctly.

  5. Kaitlin M. - June 25, 2015

    Hey Patrick,
    If you were hoping to do the HoO series and it does become production. I was wondering if I could audition for Piper. In 15. I am pretty short at 5’2″-5’3″, I have long brown hair brown eyes. Slightly tanned skinned. I’ve always loved the character of Piper and always wondered if they were even going to bother with the HoO series. I’ve been looking for opportunities like this. Im an aspiring actress looking for these type of things (movies that are book related) especially if I’ve read the books because I can really envision the character and their personalities and what they have to go through throughout the movies.
    Thanks, would love to hear back from you.

  6. Rianna - June 25, 2015

    It’s really not like the books… umm… like Percy going alone for starters where are Annabeth and Thalia? And Grover. I’m just not so sure about it

  7. Rafael - April 26, 2015

    Ok. I only have one question. The film have got too much mistakes but like you saied this mistakes are necesary but why don’t apeare Espino and why Nico knows that he has got powers?

  8. Cheryl - April 26, 2015

    I just have one question, and that’s who’s the actor for the di Angelos? I’ve been waiting for such a long time for this movie, cause’ I want to see the movie version of Nico and Bianca! Makes re-reading the books more fun! :) I can’t really make threats, but those actors better be superb OR ELSE!

    Other than that, as the others have all said before me, I think you should stick to the beginning part of the book, the one Perce and the gang . Artemis and Apollo can come in later, that’s fine.

    Everything else, I like it. Can’t say love though, fingers (tongue) tied.

  9. EmmyFunshine - April 25, 2015

    Please make sure you don’t make Nico 17 years old when he’s only 10… Like how you made Annabeth and Percy 17 when they’re only supposed to be, like, 12.

  10. Samir - March 21, 2015

    So don’t have all the hunters and use the original 5 which means Grover you can introduce his passion to finding Pan but delay him going searching until the next movie

    • Alex - March 21, 2015

      He wrote the script in a way that it combined the last 3 books into one movie as the actors only signed a contract for 3 and it’s unlikely they would sign on for 2 or 3 more(if Last Olympian was split into two movies).

  11. Samir - March 21, 2015

    Also you have to introduce the prophecy it gives it tension on who is going to die

  12. Samir - March 21, 2015

    I like it but I don’t think it makes sense that Thalia is already a hunter and I don’t like the fact that Percy and Annabeth are already going out. Also don’t show that Nico is the son of Hades,leave that for the end of the film so it is like cliffhanger. Also if Percy gave Bessie to Chiron and he knew what it was wouldn’t he give it to Olympus, stoping Kronos from tempting Thalia to sacrifice it’s entrails. Basically what I am trying to say is just stick with the book and you sought out the Kronos mess.

  13. Ali The Demigod - March 10, 2015

    Wait… does this mean we get to see the Di Angelos’?
    *Runs off fangirling*

  14. elsa - March 1, 2015

    thank you so much patrick for all of your work it means a lot for percy jackson fan like me, you give us hope. I was so disapointed by the movies but now, because of you, i think titan’s curse (my favorite book of the saga) will be awesome as a movie.

    Can’t wait to see thalia-Percy fighting, percabeth flirting, hunters of artemis, zoe, my amazing nico, sweet bianca….

    thank you patrick you’re the best !

  15. Brian - February 7, 2015

    Hey Patrick, I just got the chance to read your treatment and it’s very good. But I’m spotting some problems the two big ones is that your script doesn’t seem to have a antagonist. I’m going suggest Thalia since in greek mythology Zues and Posideon didn’t get along and you can play on that. So you’re going to introduce Thalia, Annabeth and Grover sooner. Second pacing wise I’d have the Giant and the Chimaura battle at the same time. A minor note it doesn’t make sense that Thalia is a Hunter already. She just recently came back to life she wouldn’t leave her best friend to be a Hunter and to explain it would take away from the movie. I’ll explain more in my email to you guys.

  16. Nate - January 26, 2015

    Ok so I’m 5’9″ and blonde and 15 so I’m not sure if the nico thing would work out but Plz tell me other positions available to try out for thank u I have dreamed of this opportunity

  17. Nate - January 26, 2015

    Hi sorry for all the posts I just kinda care about these books and movies but I figured the Nick part won’t work out cuz I’m 5 foot 9 have blonde hair hazel eyes and am 15 years old if there are any other parts u might consider me trying for I would love to audition for them thank u I have always wanted this opportunity

  18. Nate - January 26, 2015

    OK so I would enjoy even more time before I can audition unless the matter is urgent and I was wondering when this plans to be made because the best time for me is end of February

  19. Nate - January 26, 2015

    Patrick thank you for replying but I’m not sure what u want me to do to audition and i won’t be able to do it for a while maybe two weeks at most and is there an age limit to parts Cruz I’m 15

    • Patrick J. McKenna - January 27, 2015

      Your age is fine and as pointed out with Chris Pratt ,you can always dye your hair! Just upload a you tube video of you doing a scene as Nico from the Titan’s curse. And end of feb is fine, no rush at all to get it done

    • iLikeTheUDK - January 27, 2015

      And besides, the age doesn’t need to match perfectly at all. In the Harry Potter films, for example, Rupert Grint was 13 when he was cast as Ron, and Emma Watson only turned 10 a few months before she was cast as Hermione (of the leading cast only Daniel Radcliffe was about 11 at the time of his casting). Not to mention the fact that by the time principal photography for the last few films took place, Rupert, Emma, and Daniel started entering their twenties, and still managed to be pretty convincing that they were in their late teens.

  20. Patrick J. McKenna - January 26, 2015

    Hi Nate, I’d love to see an audition video of you if you would please post the link of it here :)

  21. Nate - January 25, 2015

    BTW I meant Nico autocorrect changed it

  22. Nate - January 25, 2015

    I vote me for Nick if the part isn’t taken I mean I know all these peoples personalities and could almost recite all the book

  23. Yam - January 23, 2015

    Hi Patrick,

    I am the girl who uploaded one of Bianca’s auditions to youtube.
    I was really excited when I saw that you have published a draft of your script, tanks for that. I think you did it pretty well but I also have a few comments.

    Like others who have responded, I also thought about Bianca’s and Nico’s personalities in a different way.
    Nico supposed to be a more childish and a bit more geek, you know,
    And Bianca supposed to be insecure, brave and a little bit selfish (like most of the fans say) while in your script she became a jealous and patronizing. She really is my favorite character and it would mean a lot to me if you’ll adjust the character in the script to the character in the book.
    Also, I hope that in your script there will be emphasize in all of the characters personalities and dramatic dialogs, and not only action scenes. For my opinion it would improve the movie a lot.

    Thanks, Yam

    P.S: I’m planning to do another audition with a monologue that I’m planning to write for myself, where should I send it?

  24. Jake m - January 13, 2015

    I love the plot. But my thought is like right when the movie starts you should show the backstory of how Kronos and all the Titans want to defeat the gods(and of course atlas hoe he ended up holding the world) otherwise I liked it

  25. Chilea - January 12, 2015

    (WARNING: I tend to rant, so prepare for a LONG comment…)
    YAY! Okay, so I would like to say for starters that it is really kind of you to let the fans have a little bit of say in this. The Titan’s Curse is my favorite book in PJO, and probably my favorite book in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles (PJO and HoO, because let’s be honest, HoO wasn’t as good, and Blood of Olympus…) Oops, sorry, fangirling again…
    Anyway, so I believe it’s off to a good start, and it’s not as terrible as the first and second movie, I mean, come on, it can’t get worse than that, right? I mean, Kronos rising was so weird…
    But on to the topic of the third movie, because we can’t change TLT or SoM. I really like how you introduced Lacy, although it would be weird seeing Lacy at this time because she would technically be nine in TTC, because she’s twelve in TLH, but whatever, I guess it’s not that big of a deal. I also love how she has a love for animals, similar to Silena’s love for pegasi.
    I also love how Percy says his name is Haley Riordan, seriously, that made me tear up since Percy basically was based off of Haley and…
    I also like how Annabeth’s cap was introduced, because it is a vital weapon that basically represents Annabeth. The beginning of this movie is definitely better than the beginning of the last two.
    Now for a few questions…
    As an aspiring director (And author, either will do), I understand that some smaller things in the book that I loved would not make it into the movie, mostly because they were unimportant to the plot, but there just for laughs to keep the reader interested (Like Percy being turned into a guinea pig in SoM). But I would just like to ask if the following things have a chance to make it into the movie:
    1. Percy meeting Rachel. I can already see this happening in the fourth movie, possibly when Percy’s at Goode and he’s fighting the emposai and Rachel’s there and discovers that she can see through the Mist.
    2. Nico’s love for Mythomagic. Mythomagic was a huge part of Nico’s life at the time, his love for the game tied him to Greek Mythology, and at the time is a huge part of his geeky personality (which I guess only lasted a short period of time before, you know, Bianca’s death and all…). I would really like to see his old happy optimistic self before her death to show his drastic change of personality and emphasize how important Bianca was to him (because she was, after all, his only family). It would be weird seeing Nico already closed off to everyone at the beginning of the movie because he would have no change in the movie or really any character development. Also, Bianca dies because she wanted to get Nico a Mythomagic figure (But I can clearly see how this can be manipulated).
    3. Will Luke be working with Thorn? I mean, they both played a pretty big role in the book, and I know you said that Thorn was slightly mentioned, but I don’t think Luke should be working on his own with this. Maybe some other type of monster, he could even work directly with Atlas…
    I think that’s, except I’d really like to see the “Dam Snackbar” moment, although I know that won’t happen because I can already imagine the Hoover Dam scene being cut because it’s not that important to the plot, but the scene at the National Museum of Natural History was pretty important, I don’t see it as being cut, but then again I’m not a professional so…
    Anyway, once again, thank you for letting us have a say in this, it was very wise of you since we are your audience, and we know what want to see. I like it so far, and if this is going to be a movie, it might be my favorite so far (Like the book is in the actual series). So thank you once again, and “Goode” luck!

  26. RELYT - January 12, 2015

    This script must make it to hollywood. This movie must happen this way. I couldn’t have done it justice the way Patrick has here. Nice job.

  27. Autumn - January 11, 2015

    I think that as long as you can clear up the Luke-Kronos mess that SoM created, then this movie can’t be any worse than the other two. If your main fear is repetition, then I suggest following the basic plot line of the book. It sort of opens with a quest of sorts: Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia are helping Grover recruit some mysterious new half-bloods that ends with Annabeth being captured. Zoe and the Hunters are really the ones that are given a prophecy and a quest in this book, while Percy basically does his own thing. If done right, this movie would definitely get a new and less “safe” feel because of the deaths of Zoe and Bianca. Also, Luke is pretty absent from this book, or could be in the movie, allowing us to have some new villains.

  28. Tia - January 9, 2015

    If there is another script/production taking place, does anyone know when auditions would be (sorry its just I would really like this part a lot)

  29. Tia - January 9, 2015

    I thought it was good but maybe instead of just making Nico make an earthquake maybe you could give subtle hints so after the viewer finds out their parents it will make more sense for them.
    I think it would be really awesome if it could stick to the original storyline more but I understand if it can’t.
    And finally, I would like to audition for bianca di angelo, is there a way I can contact you, or I could upload a video and link it somewhere.
    Could you please reply asap

    • Patrick J. McKenna - January 9, 2015

      Hi Tia

      Are you the girl that send me this You Tube audition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdKqJ5KX5rQ&spfreload=10 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU2iUlO85dw&spfreload=10, if not then you can upload it to You tube and email percy jackson movies for my email address and I’ll check it out.

      Btw your ideas are good, i’m still playing around with Nico and Bianca, I just want a more expressive and practical use of their powers and more of a reason for them to be in the movie. I mean, why is PErcy going to get them? If they are so useful then WHY are they useful? That’s not to say that we should upfront reveal that they are Hades’ spawn but it adds a better structure and arc for their characters especially Nico’s.

    • iLikeTheUDK - April 8, 2016

      The movie’s not even entered pre-production yet. Patrick could keep that video somewhere, but keep in mind that even if the movie does end up being produced this video won’t have much use for a long time.

  30. Alex - January 6, 2015

    As a fan of the books and one not to happy with both movie adoptions, I would feel cheated if they tried to quickly end the series by combining the last 3 books into one movie. I’d rather just to wait 5-10 years and they reboot the movies with a better director and a CEO at Fox who is willing to let the director put together a brilliant adaption inside of 2 1/2hr.

    • Patrick J. McKenna - January 7, 2015

      Personally I am having difficulty in having enough content work from the books in movie form. There are things that just do not work well and flow through in cinematic form. Plus consider that the books, at least in my opinion are quite repetitive with the same kind of thing happening over and over again such as all of these prophecies and them rescuing things. The books are also not that long either, or rather do not have enough story content that could enable a full movie. I am trying my best, and am against that idea too but please consider that this is a movie not a book and should be seen as its own thing. Consider if any content in the books necessarily NEEDS to be shown, also keeping in mind that there are graphic novels of the books to satisfy a visual representation

      • Alex - January 8, 2015

        I do know that you have to separate a movie and a book because they’re different mediums and not everything in a book will be in a movie for whatever reasons. The prophecies and quests are what Greek myths are about and then gods quarreling with each other. If I was the writer and redid the first book for a movie, I would totally cut out St Louis and only have the gang stop in Denver to meet Ares. Briefly show them in the back of the tractor trailer then show they’re in Vegas. During the train ride from NJ(have them get enough money to Denver from Medusa’s shop), Percy will have the nightmare hinting at something in Tartarus.

    • Patrick J. McKenna - January 7, 2015

      The biggest problem is TOO many monsters and action sequences. Not only is it kinda overdone but is very predictable and again repetitive and cliched. I mean EVERY two pages they encounter some sort of monster and go to A LOT of locations. It becomes kinda over done and makes it become kinda stale after a while with all due respect. There is so much going on that it becomes confusing. Heck my draft I feel is kinda confusing with all of this Titan backstory and I’ve read the books. Even if the first two movies had followed the books to a t it would have still been a mess.

  31. iLikeTheUDK - January 6, 2015

    Nice for starters.
    Though you’re a bit off with Nico and Bianca’s personalities. And I don’t recall Nico being able to control earthquakes; it’s a nice ability, but IMO if you’re to keep it you should have it used wisely, avoid deviating from the main plot too much, but still try to make it its own thing at least a bit. Though the deal with Nico controlling earthquakes seems to be a bit too much…

    • Patrick J. McKenna - January 7, 2015

      Nico opens the Earth at the end of the book. And could you please be more specific with how i am off with their personalities ?

    • Chilea - January 12, 2015

      Yeah, Nico at the end of The Titan’s Curse did create an earthquake at the end of the book, where I believe skeletons rose out of, hinting that Nico was a son of Hades, I think…

  32. Batgirrll - January 5, 2015

    Not to offend anyone but i honestly do not think that Chris Pratt should play Apollo because in the book Rick said that Apollo has dirty blonde hair like Luke, Chris Pratt is hella awesome but i just don’t think that he should play Apollo.

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