What is happening with Percy Jackson 3 (AKA Titan’s Curse)?

What is happening with Percy Jackson 3 (AKA Titan’s Curse)?

So…. Sadly, there has been ZERO word from Fox if Percy Jackson 3 (Titan’s Curse) will be happening. The silence is killing me! But one fan may be to the rescue! You remember Patrick, the guy who did the petitions and videos desperately trying to get Titan’s Curse to happen? Well, he is working on his own script for Percy Jackson 3. Got an email from him which said this:

I should let you know that in regards to my Percy Jackson movie project, I am in the process of writing a script for the Titan’s curse movie to potentially give to Fox/some other connections to have the remaining movies be made. I am NOT giving up on this project despite what Logan said earlier which may or may not end up coming true. :) It would be appreciate if you and fans could perhaps give me some feedback when my script is published, but also provide me with what you guys did/not like about the movies and the books so far, as well as the same results with other book adaptation films and their books. This will help me in my script, which I hope will result in the third movie being “third time the charm”, and like Days of Future Past with the X-men films, will “fix” the mistakes of past movies.

So, team, what do you all really, REALLY, want to see in Titan’s Curse and what could you live without? Let’s help Patrick out! Comment below or email me at admin@percyjacksonmovies.com and I’ll send on your suggestions to him.


Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Courtney - February 2, 2017

    I would love to have Pierce Brosnan back as Chiron in Titans Curse.

  2. Jen - March 6, 2015

    My only advise is to stick to the book as much as possible and do not leave any scenes out. The director will eventually delete some scenes in order to shorten the movie so it is best to start the script with a lot of material to work with.

  3. Robin - February 25, 2015

    I want to see what happens to Talia, daughter of Zeus

  4. Lakayja - December 29, 2014

    I would like to audition for an extra or any part u have .please contact me .

  5. Tia - December 14, 2014

    Hi I would really like to audition or try for the part of Bianca Di Angelo. If this is going to happen could you please get back to me on how I can audition because this would mean a lot to me. Thanks

  6. yam - November 23, 2014

    thanks for everyone who replied to my audition, i really appreciate it

    • dannflor - November 26, 2014

      Yeah! I am an ULTIMATE fan of PJ Books and Movies! Please make TC oh way down there you would make a cool Bianca! Persionally it would be AWSOME for another movie!!!!!!!!!!

      • percyjacksonfan#1 - November 30, 2014

        I also want there to be a third movie and if i don’t see one in about a year i will go completely insane. All of us ULTIMATE fans need to do something about this because i live off of percy jackson and at one point i pretended that i was a son of Poseidon. i don’t want those happy memories to go to waist. GO PERCY JACKSON!!!!!!! WE NEED A THIRD MOVIE!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  7. TWDoP23 (@TWDoP23) - October 29, 2014

    Well, that is something really interesting and essential. The screenplays of the previous movies weren’t actually based on the books. The first movie kind of… screwed it up. :3 The second worked its way to fixing it by adding Clarisse in the cast and finishing the movie with Thalia being resurrected. Fox probably is estimating the mistakes made on those movies and well, the possibility of the following movies trying to improve it and be more similar to the books. My personal belief is that the only reason the Percy Jackson movies did not get as much audience as they ought to is because of that. Both Harry Potter and Hunger Games were based on the books (I mean, I’m through the second book of THG and shocked to find exact conversations as the movie). If I am to say something is that what you are doing is highly difficult (in my opinion always) and needs to be ten times closer to the book (don’t leave out the zombies, Nico & Bianca, the manticore, Atlas, the dam snack bar :D ). I know that it would never be possible to describe the book exactly due to the previous movies’ storyline, but if I am to give an advise or anything, just be sure to include the most major parts, stay close to the characters’ personality and if it’s possible, you should try to include the minor parts the fans go head over heels for. :D Again, I understand that writing a screenplay demands ‘sacrifices’ and not everything can be included, especially in this fandom’s case, and I know that I would never be able to do something like this. But except for difficult, it is also great, because you might as well write a screenplay that is even better than those of the previous movies.

    I don’t know if this helps, it is just my opinion. I really do think that what you’re doing is great because up until fifteen minutes ago, I seriously thought that the best solution would be to just start shooting the movies from the start so they could be as great as Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Plus, Percy Jackson’s being my first fandom has got me highly emotional over the movies and I, like every other fan, want the movies to be as great as the movies. :P :D

    Anyway, I think that’s all.

  8. Jake - October 28, 2014

    I think what all of u are doing is great. And to the girl who wants to audition, good luck, your really good and ישר קח

  9. José Matheus Buchmann - October 14, 2014

    Hey, I also thought of that, but also had to have a translator and the email of one of the employees FoxFilm, ie it would be difficult to send the script … so I can help you in two ways, I can ask for help the pages of social networking, here in Brazil, to create a tag for talking fox accept your script, and I can give you some tips for some scenes. Contact us at: jmatheusbuchmann@gmail.com / jmatheusbuchmann@hotmail.com.
    My name is José Matheus Buchmann, and am very willing to help you even.

  10. Brandy - October 14, 2014

    I just want to say not just needing Titan’s Curse but it is that everyone who watched the others and loved them want to see more. Not everyone can imagine in their mind what it would be. Please make the other books into movies. I love the First 2 movies. I watch them all the time.

  11. yam - October 14, 2014

    hi, the titans curse is my favorite percy jackson book and i hope that the movie will be almost like the movie. also, i want to join the cast as Bianca Di Agelo (or at least do an audition) so please watch the clip that added here and tell me what you think. thankes…

    • iLikeTheUDK - October 14, 2014

      אני מקווה שאת מתכוונת שאת רוצה שהסרט יהיה בדיוק כמו הספר, כי הסרט יהיה כמו הסרט בכל מקרה.
      בכל מקרה, אני חושב שאת ממש טובה. כדאי לך אולי קצת יותר לעבוד על הקרקטקריזציה. ובנוסף לעשות עוד שורות של הדמות, מחלקים אחרים בספר, כדי להציג איך את מסוגלת להציג צדדים שונים של הדמות.
      הדבר שאני הכי חושב שאת צריכה לעבוד עליו זה המבטע. אבל זה לא אמור להיות כזה מסובך. ביאנקה אמורה לדבר במבטע אמריקאי, בשילוב מבטע איטלקי קל, כמו ניקו, אם אני זוכר נכון. תראי הרבה סרטים וסדרות טלוויזיה אמריקאיות, כנ”ל עם איטלקית (אבל אני חושב שיהיה יותר נוח לראות סדרות באנגלית עם דמויות איטלקיות).
      בכל אופן, אני מאחל לך בהצלחה!
      תומר פיינר, חבר בצוות הניהול של הדף “מעריצי משחקי הרעב, בני הנפילים ופרסי ג’קסון בישראל”, כמו גם חבר בקבוצות “חפירות פאנדומים”, “פאנדומיסטים אילעיים וחפרנים”, “חפירות האנגרים” וכו’. וגם נער בן 17. ושחקן חובבן. נעים מאוד!

      • iLikeTheUDK - October 14, 2014

        סלחי לי לאיות הלא נכון של המילה “מבטא”, הייתי עייף באותו זמן…

      • PJ - October 14, 2014

        could you please translate to english if it would not be too much to ask like all of your other posts as I translated this and it is hard to understand

        • iLikeTheUDK - October 14, 2014

          This was meant for her. But here’s the translation:

          I hope you mean that you want the movie to be like the book, because the movie will be like the movie anyway…
          Either way, I think you’re really good. Maybe you should work on the characterization a bit. And also perform more lines of the character, from different parts of the book, to show how capable you are of presenting different sides of the character.
          The thing I think you should work on the most, though, is the accent. But it shouldn’t be that complicated. Bianca is supposed to speak with an American accent, with, as far as I remember, an Italian color, like Nico. Watch lots of American films and TV series, same with Italian (though I think it’d be more comfortable to watch series in English with characters that are Italian or speak with an Italian accent).
          Anyway, I wish you good luck!

    • PJ - October 14, 2014

      Good job with your audition, I think you defiantly have the looks down as you are very pretty and resemble Bianca. I of course may have no power over potential casting but i can send you my script when I am done writing it. I may suggest working on nailing an american accent, but keeping a greek colour like what you have with your native accent. I have subscribed to you on youtube, feel free to ask an question, give ideas etc same for all of you reading this.

      • iLikeTheUDK - October 14, 2014

        As a matter of fact it’s a Hebrew colour (I’m a native Hebrew speaker, like her), so there’s a difference. But I imagine she’s also capable of that.

    • james bradford - October 18, 2014

      come on sort it out u can bail at this point!

  12. SuperFolder JC - October 7, 2014

    I’m working on a PJ sequel project too, Patrick! :D

    • PJ - October 7, 2014

      Nice, what are you doing with it? I am currently trying to reread the graphic and actual novels along with rewatching the movies to help me with the writing. It also helsp that i am currently in a film class at university, but unfortunately with that being said, along with other commitments I am held up to really get down to work on the script. I WILL get it done, but i just hope i will NOT be too late….

      No, I cannot be thinking like that, and neither should you. We will get something done with this, its just a matter of managing one’s time and staying committed to it. With all of this begin said, would you like to collaborate with me on this and I on yours? Ask Rebecca to send you my email if you are interested, same with anyone else reading this. I am just one person, but if I have the support, there will be a greater chance of success. Even if you do not like the movies, remember, this is our chance to “fix” them. A friend, who is doing a similar project here:https://www.youtube.com/user/TheKHRP

      has taught me, “if you continue to do something, continue to try, something can happen”.

  13. Seaweed Brain Atom - October 6, 2014

    That would be great! There must be a third movie! :)))))

  14. Andalasia - October 6, 2014

    I think that its a great idea that a Percy Jackson fan is writing the script so that he will know how much of the movie he can keep. And if 20th Century Fox accepts his work, and will make the third movie, there should be as much Percy Jackson fans as possible on set to keep the Director from deviating from the actual Plot of the book. Just remind him that not all of the things from the book will be able to fit into the movie because it will have a certain time limit. But tell him that I give my full support in what he’s is doing!!!!

  15. iLikeTheUDK - October 6, 2014

    Tell him to try to stick to the main plot as much as possible, with any artistic license not causing any major deviation from it or having any major effects on the storyline of any next films in the series differentiating them from the books (like what Steve Kloves did with the Harry Potter films, especially the first 3).
    Also tell him that I have great hope in him, and that I wish the best of luck for him.

  16. Nic727 - October 6, 2014

    That’s something cool! I hope this script is almost like the book (compared to other movies). Could be nice if 20th Century Fox could accept this script and give some money to Patrick for his work :)

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