Travis and Connor Stoll

By Sarah

It was midnight at Camp Half-Blood. The moon was full not cloud in sight. There were two shadows running towards the big house and giggling madly.

“Travis this is sooo awesome,” said one voice excitedly.

“Shut up, Connor, or you will blow our cover,” snapped Travis.

“Wait! ME!?” Connor stopped so abruptly that Travis ran into him.

“Yes you!” yelled Travis who had started walking again.

“But you were laughing too,” Connor yelled back at him while running to catch up with him.

Travis stopped and turned around with a mad look in his eyes.

“Well you were louder than me.”

“No you were louder than me.”

They stood nose to nose and continued arguing till a third person joined them.

“How about you both be quite and come with me or I will tell Annabeth that you almost blew our cover. Would you like that?”

“No,” they answered quickly and solemnly.

“Good. Now turn around so I can put this on you.”

“Who are you?” asked Travis. As he was putting a blind fold on him. They were both immediately doused with water.

“PERCY!!!” exclaimed Connor as his blindfold was put in place. “Do you not trust us to know the location that we were supposed to meet at?”

“No I don’t. Now get moving or Annabeth will have our heads.”

After loads of twists, turns, and circles. They finally made it to the meeting.

“Ok, you can take your blindfolds off now.”

Annabeth raced over to them. “You two try to behave, ok? Percy come with me,”

“All right guys you heard her nooo funny business. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good now…..”


“Sorry I have to go. COMING ANNABETH!” Percy raced to Annabeth who had a very pale face.

“What’s wrong Annabeth?”

“King Kissy Dude has escaped,” she said quietly.

“NO!!!!!” Percy yelped. He too was now very pale. Little did they know but two pairs of eyes were watching them.

“Travis, do you know who King Kissy Dude is?”

“No, Connor, but I think I know how to find out.” Connor looked at him quizzically.

“The Nymphs, I know one who will gladly help us out.”

They walked over to where the meeting had started. Annabeth was already talking, “the rest of Chiron’s kinsmen.”

Percy looked their way and walked over.

“She has decided to invite Chiron’s kinsmen to his birthday party in this clearing and in two days. Don’t forget your gift for him.”

“Ok. Percy….Um you know when you blindfold us. Can you take us to Maple the Nymph?”

Percy looked at him quizzically “You need to see Maple the Nymph? I am afraid I do not know where she is.”

“Oh. Do you know if the satyrs would know where she is?”

“Actually I think Juniper knows. Go find her. Oh and you don’t have to be blindfolded anymore.”

At like two in the morning the boys started running to try and find Juniper. It took around three hours to find her.

“Hi Juniper can we ask you a question?”

“Hi Boys. Sure, Travis, what would that question be?”

“We need to know where Maple the Nymph is. Can you take us to her?”

“Sure boys follow me.”

They started off with Juniper leading and the two boys following. They were discussing what to get for Chiron.

“We could get him a new dagger,” suggested Travis

“OOOHH! We could get our names engraved on it,” Connor added excitedly


So it was settled they would get him a new dagger with his name engraved in it.

“We’re here. Have fun, boys.”

“Hi Maple, Can we ask you a few questions?” asked Travis.

“Sure what are they?”

“Who is King Kissy Dude?” asked Connor.

“Ahh King Kissy Dude. I only know two things about him.”

“What are they?” the boys asked in sync.

“One he is VERY dangerous. Two there is a special summon that you have to do to contact him. I can give it to you if you want.”

“Yes please.”

She took a piece of bark off the tree, took a pen and wrote the summon.

“Here it is boys.”

They looked at it anxiously. Then burst out laughing.

“Thank…..Wait where did she go. Oh well come on, Connor. Let’s summon him.”

“YAY!!! This will be fun.”

“What does it say we need.”

“It says you need a chicken, Greek fire, and a trumpet.”

It was around 5’oclock in the morning and the boys were getting tired.

“Let’s put in our order at the Hephaestus cabin and ask for Greek fire. Than we can get a chicken from Chiron and a trumpet from the Apollo cabin.”

“Good idea, Travis. I’ll get the chicken and trumpet you get the other two items.”

Half an hour later. They were on their way to Zeus’s fist. 10 minutes after that Travis went and some food to eat.

2 Minutes to midnight

Travis had the chicken strapped to Connor’s head who was now practicing his dance. He had a trumpet in his left hand and Greek fire in his right hand. Travis was practicing his ABCs backwards and forwards.

“10 seconds till midnight ready set go. A B C D E F G H I J K L………”

Connor started dancing and playing the trumpet.

After awhile there was a boom of thunder a crack of lightning. King Kissy Dude landed on top of the chicken on top of Connors head. King Kissy Dude looked like an Indian chief with chicken feathers in his headdress.

“Summoned me who did and why?”

“We did, sir.”

“OK. Allow me to introduce myself my name is Kingkissydudedsusdifuioduyfuayuefijahiudfiuahidhfiuaidfhoajhoidufhiahdfahoihu” 10 hours later “but my nickname is KIngKissyDudejhjahjhkjhkjhjhkjhjh”

5 Hours Later.

“Excuse me.”


“Can you get off my head?”

“Oh yeah sorry about that.” King Kissy Dude jumped off his head. “I just got so caught up in may name and all that so yeah.” He had been looking at the ground and he suddenly jumped up like he remembered who he was and tried to kiss them.

“Dude, get away from me,” said Connor

At the party, the party ponies found the stock of root beer and suddenly went wild running around destroying cam and doing head slams. King Kissy Dude had decided to join in the mayhem and was running around kissing everyone and everything in his path. After about 15 minutes of it Chiron got all the campers evacuated to central park. He immediately sent teams to get all the centaurs rounded up and to catch King Kissy Dude. At that time Connor and Travis gave the dagger to Chiron.


“Man we totally messed up.”

“That is for sure, Connor.”

“Well at least we now know how dangerous he is.”

“How dangerous who is?” King Kissy Dude had sat himself on the ground next to Connor and Travis.

“You, man. Right, Travis?”

“Please don’t kiss me.”


Chiron had rode up and threw a net on him finally.

“I guess we can move back to camp now,” Chiron said happily.

“I have a special cavern for you so you won’t make any more trouble ok.”

Since then no one has heard from him until now.