Reyna and the Attack on Camp Half-Blood by Fantastic Torch

Reyna and the Attack on Camp Half-Blood

Written by Fantastic Torch

As much as Reyna didn’t want to destroy Percy’s and Annabeth’s home she had to as leader. Octavian was being a total jerk and actually called ‘dibs’ on being second praetor with her.

“Why don’t you go to a toy store and kill some teddy bears in front of younglings?” said Reyna sarcastically to Octavian’s proposal.

After a week and a half Camp Jupiter was ready for war on the Greeks. Reyna hopped on to her horse and flew up.

“Senatus Populous Romanus! The Greeks have betrayed us that calls for war!” she boomed in the air.

The soldiers got on their eagles and followed the path that Annabeth had given to Reyna. As they flew in Kansas they saw a creature flying towards them.

“What the….what is it?” asked one of Reyna’s soldiers.

“Manticore!” Reyna shrieked in reply.

The manticore was flying quickly and would be upon the Romans any second. Reyna hatched a plan very quick indeed.

“Put the creature in a ball of eagles!” yelled Reyna. “That means circle the manticore and hit it with your sword or spear!”

The Romans did just that and a little bit more.


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  1. Fantastic Torch - June 24, 2013


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