The Monster’s Wedding by Ann-Marie Ross

The Monster’s Wedding

Written by Ann-Marie Ross

I can’t believe I actually made it to see this. I didn’t think I would live to be this age of twenty-two. Yeah, I know it’s actually a very young age. But after friendships, betrayals, quests, prophecies, and a relationship. Battling monsters, Titans, giants, fellow demigods, and Gaea, Mother Earth herself, it’s been a rough ten years. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve had to go through. And now, I was getting married to the girl of my dreams, Annabeth Chase. With luxurious blonde curls and stormy grey eyes, she was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Of course I, Percy Jackson, was a mess.

I had never worn a suit and tie before, so my best friend, Grover, and my half-brother, Tyson, had to help me with it. It was pretty embarrassing. I pinned a rose inside my pocket and put my sheath with my sword, Riptide, under my shirt. In the life of a demigod, you can never be too careful.

I think I’d rather fight a hundred monsters than go through this. Thank goodness it was time to head to the huge balcony where the ceremony was to be held. The balcony is on the one hundred and second floor of the Empire State Building, the highest place mortals could go before we reached Mount Olympus. About three hundred people were going to watch me get married. That would be my mom, my stepfather, Annabeth’s family, everybody from camp, Thalia and the Hunters, all the gods and goddesses I had ever met except Ares, and a few of my Roman friends.

I waited on the altar for the ceremony to start with the preacher, an old demigod and my best man, Tyson. Could I back out of this now? I was nervous and probably sweating buckets. I couldn’t go through with this. I had to back out. But before I could walk away, the music started, everybody stood, and the doors opened.

My best friends were the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This was the order in which they came: Leo and Reyna, Frank and Hazel, Jason and Piper, Grover and Juniper, and lastly Thalia who was the Maid of Honor. The ring bearer was Annabeth’s older stepbrother. And then came Annabeth’s father, Dr.Chase, and Holy Hephaestus, my bride, Annabeth Chase.

She had gorgeous blonde hair and striking grey eyes with a bright twinkle in them. She had the most beautiful wedding dress, with pearls that seemed to be made of moonlight. She smiled that flashing smile of hers as her dad walked her down the aisle. Her dad led her to the end of the aisle and took his place between her mother and stepmother as she walked up the steps and stood next to me.

She saw how nervous I was, smiled, and mouthed, ‘Don’t faint Seaweed Brain.’

I mouthed back, ‘Something doesn’t feel right.’

As the ceremony droned on with readings and speeches, I still worried. Grover seemed to be worried to. Something was wrong. We had an empathy link so we could read each other’s thoughts. We both agreed that something was wrong.

Before I knew it, it was the time when normal people would have Holy Eucharist, but the gods and us demigods had nectar and ambrosia, the food of the gods. The mortal side of our families and Rachel Dare, the camp Oracle, just stayed sitting. Once everybody had gotten some, the minister said those legendary words.

“Do you, Annabeth Chase, take Perseus Jackson as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until the day you depart? “he asked.

She smiled that beautiful smile again, looked me in the eyes, and said, “I do.”

“Do you, Perseus Jackson, take Annabeth Chase as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until the day you depart?” he asked me.

I took in a deep breath and said, “I do.”

The minister looked around and said, “You may kiss the bride.”

‘Here it goes!’ I thought.

Annabeth and I leaned in with our lips out. Our lips were barely a millimeter apart before I saw the movement in the corner of my right eye. I pushed her back before the claw raked her face. I pulled out Riptide before it could hurt Annabeth.

‘Oh no!’ I thought.

I had met this creature before. Dr. Thorn, the Manticore. The monster that was part lion, part scorpion, and part man that could shoot poisonous spikes from its tail. Nice guy to have as a wedding minister, huh?

I deflected the first few spikes with my blade. Annabeth got up and did the same thing with her knife, slashing out at the beast when she could.

That’s when it all happened. All the cooks, musicians, ushers, and the seating directors turned into horrible monsters, most of which I had encountered before. Medusa and her two sisters, the Gorgons, the chimera, a family of Cyclopes, and a few Laistrygonian giants were some of the monsters that jumped out and started to attack. With so many monsters running around, all the campers, Hunters, and the gods were busy fighting them. There was a good thirty monsters at least. A few of the campers got the mortals off of the balcony before they could get hurt.

I had to focus on this monster though. I knew him and he knew me. We knew each other’s moves. I hadn’t even been the one to get rid of this thing. Artemis and the Hunters had come to our rescue at literally the last second and made this thing go over the side of a cliff. Of course it took Annabeth with it. But that was in the past. I needed to kill this thing right now before it took Annabeth away from me, permanently.

A spike whizzed past my head. If the tip would so much as touch my head, I would have disintegrated on the spot.

I hit the monster in the shoulder blade, disintegrating it. I looked into Annabeth’s grey eyes and both of our eyes said the same message, ‘Good luck!’ and we headed in different directions to help our friends.

I met up with Clarisse, not intentionally, and got back to back with her, each of us facing a Gorgon.

“Geez, Jackson. Couldn’t you have checked out your wedding staff a little more?” she asked with the usual sarcasm in her voice.

“Shut up, Clarisse,” I replied. I had known this daughter of Ares for ten years and she had never gotten any less annoying.

The Gorgons lashed out at us with their razor sharp claws and teeth. They looked to be as sharp as needles, although I didn’t want to find out. If only I had a water source, I could blast this thing.

‘Wait a sec! The Hudson River is right below me!’ I thought.

If this monster wasn’t trying to claw my eyes out, I would’ve smacked myself.

I tried to concentrate with all my might without losing my focus on fighting the Gorgon. I imagined the water from the Hudson rising up towards the balcony to me. I saw the first of the water. I blasted the Gorgon up against a nearby wall. While she was held there, attempting to get out, I cut off her head and let the water recede, taking the dust with it.

I left Clarisse to finish off her Gorgon and ended up with another one of my earlier monsters, the Laistrygonian giant, Joe Bob. This was one of the monsters that attacked Tyson and I at school and got me blamed for burning down the gym. He was eight feet tall with wild eyes, pointy teeth, and hairy arms that were tattooed. This could throw searing hot bronze balls. Again, I hadn’t been the one to defeat this guy. Tyson had hit the other two giants in the chest with the same balls and Annabeth had run this one through with her knife from behind. I guess I would have to do the same thing.

“So, Perseus Jackson, we meet again. For the last time,” Joe Bob said and grinned evily, showing off his pointed teeth.

“I agree. This will be the last time we ever meet. Cause I’m sending you back to Kronos!” I replied, holding my sword out in front of me.

The giant let out such a loud roar I think it shook the whole balcony at the name of its master who I had helped send to Tarturus, where he’ll be forever. Hopefully.

He made a searing hot ball appear in his hands, yet it didn’t hurt him at all. He threw it at me at the speed of sound. I ducked it just in time so that it just barely seared my hair and landed in the Hudson. I looked up to see another one and dodged to the right. I thought again for a split second. I knew what to do.

When the cannibal threw another ball, I was prepared. I had summoned the water again. I formed it like a shield in front of me.When he threw the ball at me, I caught it in my shield. I pushed with all my strength the water with the ball in it. It threw the ball into the giant’s chest, making him explode into a column of smoke.

By then all of the other monsters had been turned to dust or smoke and had gone back to Tartarus where hopefully they would stay for a little while.

Everybody was either getting some nectar and ambrosia or helping the wounded. I walked towards Annabeth and was relieved that I couldn’t see any wounds on her.

When I was finally standing next to her, I asked, “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Are you?” she answered, looking me in the eyes, she also said, “I just wish for once they didn’t bother us. That they didn’t have to ruin our special day,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“It’s not completely ruined, “I said with a mischievous grin.

I saw my Pegasus, Blackjack, circling below. I smiled and took Annabeth’s hand. We jumped and landed on Blackjack’s back.

I took Annabeth’s face in my hands. Everybody clapped and cheered from above. I kissed her, on the lips, with nothing to stop us. Now THAT, was the best kiss ever!

The End


To REBECCA KING: For making this amazing website.

To my bff and fellow Percy Jackson lover(freak), Sarah: For loving Percy Jackson ALMOST as much as I do and for helping me write this story

And, most of all, to Rick Riordan: For writing amazing books about these awesome characters and getting us excited about Greek mythology


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  1. athenagirl25 - September 28, 2013

    Just read it…nice job!

  2. Rebecca King - June 22, 2013

    I really love every scene from the romance to the action! Excellent job!

    • Percabeth - June 22, 2013

      Thanks so much!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!!My bff helped!!!!!!!!She’s (almost) as crazy as I am.Right now I’m making PJ collages! :)

  3. Percabeth - June 21, 2013

    Thanks u so much!!!U don’t know how much me and bff appreciate it!!! ;)

  4. Kieran - June 21, 2013

    Oh. My. GODS! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Percabeth - June 21, 2013

    OMG!!!!! Thx so much!!!!!!!!My bff helped!!!!!! :) :) :) Doing happy dance!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  6. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - June 20, 2013

    This is soooooo sweet..scary…and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..Awesome Job!!!!!! :)

  7. Percabeth - June 20, 2013

    Please vote 4 this(it’s mine) entry!!!! It will make me very happy!!!! :)

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