The Sleep by Nicolas

The Sleep

Written by Nicolas

I woke up like any other day, but I had a strange impression. This morning, at Camp Half-Blood, it was so quiet… I walk to the table for breakfast, but I just saw Grover and Annabeth waiting for me with tears in her eyes.

– Percy!!!  She said to me.

– What happen? I saw nobody of the morning. It’s so quiet.

– Yeah, I know, I don’t know what happened, but I watch the cabin and I saw everybody sleeping. I tried to wake up some of them, but nothing work.

That’s so strange for me, I tried to control my anxiety, but I can’t… I tried to call my father, Poseidon if you don’t remember, and no sign of him. I take my Drachma in my pocket and call an Iris message to call my brother, my favorite Cyclops, Tyson, to see if he has news from my father, but the Iris message doesn’t work.

– I think something very weird happened to the world, said Grover.

– To the world? I said.

– Yep, I went in New-York to buy some can to eat and everybody was sleeping like that.

– I think something bad is happening, said Annabeth.

We wait quietly during 2 minutes to try to find something that could match with all of that and suddenly, Annabeth got up and shouted: It’s Morpheus!!!

– What? Grover said. It’s the same guy who captures me last year in New-York? It’s not possible; I thought that we beat him?

– I thought too, but that’s the only God who can do that.

– OMG, what we need to do? I said

– I don’t really know, said Annabeth. We don’t know where Morpheus is and what he wants.

A huge headache just hit me and I looked at my friends and they seemed terrified of my face. I do not want to know if I had a head of a witch, because it might kill me, but suddenly,  it was totally black. I woke up in a cave. In front of me there was a hooded man that I thought was a monk, but it was actually Morpheus. He looks me and said:
– I think you’re wondering what happens in the world. With the help of Kronos and his power, I can finally reign without opposition. I left you awake, because I wanted to see if you were able to find me.  A small clue, I’m on top of the world.  See you later. As my slave.

I woke up with a jump, because Grover gave me water in the face. I immediately told my dream to my companions and it put them in a rage…
Now we know where to go. We need to go to Aeolia, the floating island of Aeolus.


Nicolas, son of Poseidon 

Hope you appreciated that, sorry for the error, I’m french


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  1. Natalie - July 8, 2013

    I don’t even know what to say, And that’s a first, I have been blabbing nonstop on the comments on these, like its my own blog. I really need to make a blog. Does anyone know how to do that? It’d be great if someone could teach me or even tell me how to. Pretty please, :) 0:) But great writing. Wow I guess I lied, I had a lot to say. Lol, but seriously someone teach me how to make a blog. I need some peeps to talk to about my obsession! Pwease! *juts out lip so I look like a puppy begging for food* :) 0:)

  2. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - June 20, 2013

    WOW…….that’s such a cool idea!!!!!!!!!!!………Nice Job! :D

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