Percy Jackson & Harry Potter: Why They’re Alike,Why They Aren’t, And Why It Really Doesn’t Matter.

Percy Jackson & Harry Potter: Why They’re Alike,Why They Aren’t, And Why It Really Doesn’t Matter.

...So, ever since Percy Jackson Movies has started a new fight series, I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences (and the similarities) between the two story’s. I’ll skip my big long rant that I’m sure would be hilarious and get on with the lists. (‘Cause who doesn’t like lists?) (I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before.) (Deja Vu) (I am going to bore you all to tears.) (Fair warning.) (I’m not kidding guys, I wrote this after I finished the main part.) (Run while you can, this is my final warning.) (I’m warning you…)

Why They’re Alike:

Personally, I think the largest (and most significant) similarities are the characters. From main to supporting, I can think of quite a few characters that remind me of each other.

A few examples: (We finally get to the lists!):

  • Percy and Harry both have green eyes and messy black hair. (as described in the book.)
  • Hermione and Annabeth are both incredibly smart,  and were pretty annoying at the beginning. (Hermione more than Annabeth)
  • The Stoll’s, Conner and Travis, remind me painfully of Fred and George. Painfully.
  • Dumbledore and Chiron are both (apparently) wise. (Why am I ecstatic about the fact that the spell checker didn’t say Dumbledore was a misspelled word?)

And that’s basically it. (I am obviously missing something.)
(Try and find Neville wont you? He is to awesome not to have some character mirror him. Grover maybe?)

Why They Aren’t Alike:

Now we get to the more interesting section in which I, instead of listing all their differences, am going to prove some comparisons wrong. Because quite a few of them are just absurd. (So absurd that I had to stop reading them because it…was annoying.) (And feel free to argue with me about anything I say here.)

  • Ron and Grover: Yes, they are both comical and a little quirky. Over all though, their life ambitions are much different. They have their own journeys.
  • Mr. D and Snape: I don’t even understand this one. I mean, who ever wrote this could NOT have read the books. I mean really guys, tell me how they are similar.
  • Fudge and Zeus: Really? :| grasping at straws dude.
  • Both Harry and Percy’s hair won’t stay flat: Lets all just get out our pitchforks and run around in circles. More than one person on earth has puffy hair! Impossible!
  • Draco and Luke: I could go on about this for-ev-er. Instead I’ll say ‘Grrrrr’.
  • Harry and Percy always end up fighting that one person at least once: This one was worded so confusingly that I had to put it in here just to rant about the fact I had to edit it.
    I assume it means that whoever the main Antagonist is (the bad guy, for those who don’t know) always ends up fighting Percy (or Harry) at least once in each book. I’m happy, because this is one that I can actually prove wrong that isn’t a matter of opinion. Voldemort doesn’t show up in books three and six, so this is a load of bologna. (Ba-lone-y. I didn’t know until a few minutes that was how you spelled the name of that nasty, round lunch ‘meat’.)
  • They always seem to have extremely good food:  If you have complaints about the quality of their food, read The Hunger Games. (I say this for two reasons, one because I’m a smart…ehem…and second, they do eat some nasty stuff over the course of the three books.)
  • In both series there’s like a special school…Hogwarts and Camp half-Blood:  I’m not going to say this isn’t true, but who cares? They are both awesome.

And I am done! Finally. And there are a lot more where that came from, but I wont bore you. (Sounds like those crickets are coming back…)


Why It Doesn’t Matter

It’s really quite simple; it just doesn’t. There will always be people out there who will be comparing things like Twilight and The Hunger Games or Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Believe it or not, there are still some people out there who think The Lord of the Rings is a rip off of Harry Potter. Really. But we choose what books we read and what books we like and if we’re really fans it wont matter, because..because…uh….the crickets are chirping again. Is anyone there? Hellooooo? (insert imaginary echo here.)

Uh, anyways, if any of you haven’t died of boredom, which do you like better? Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

P.R.A. (Post Rant Apologies)

This is over 7 800 words, and I said basically nothing.  So sorry, I was venting. It’s like one of those things you spend a really long time on, decide you don’t like it, but you spent so long on it you don’t want to delete it. Anyways, if you read the entire thing, congratulations! Your prize is…The joy of my next post being more entertaining! BYEEE. (Why did I say bye? I guess it’s because I feel like I wrote a really long E-mail.)

*Shrugs shoulders*

Oh, and I now know how to make the post box bigger :) Θα είμαι πίσω (GREEK, I think.)


Enthusiastic reader, writer, and Percy Jackson fan. Yes, read 'enthusiastic' as 'insane'. I don't like writing about myself, and when I do, it's a mess, and I always regret it later. My favorite books include: to many to count. Favorite way to pass time: I can't pass time, it runs much faster than me. Style of humor: See last sentence. Final note: Whether you're being chased by lamas or about to read one of my posts, I have one word of advise...Run.

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  1. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - August 15, 2013

    Great post!!….I must say that I enjoy reading PJ more because of the humor….but I do enjoy the HP books / movies….. :) i think that they r similar but vry different……has anyone read Uncle Ricks interview on his website??……i believe that one of the questions explains his opinion on the HP /PJ comparison…and he handles it vry well……here it is…

    “Many people are comparing your series to Harry Potter. Are there similarities?

    With any new children’s fantasy, comparisons to Harry Potter are inevitable. J.K. Rowling sets the standard for books that connect with kids (and adults, too, for that matter).

    As far as similarities between Percy and Harry, I would say a couple of things:

    First, recognize that Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are similar because they draw on the same sources in folklore and mythology. The idea of a young boy finding out he is special, training to use his abilities, and defeating an evil villain to take his rightful place in the world — this is the story of both Harry and Percy. It’s also the story of Perseus, Theseus and Hercules — narratives that are over three thousand years old. Most of the elements people point out as similarities between the two series come straight from mythology. The Harry Potter series uses folklore and mythology to beautiful effect, but J.K. Rowling did not invent these elements.

    Secondly, Percy and Harry are very different kids, who live in very different worlds. Camp Half-Blood is full of magic and mystery, yes, but it has a unique flavor that is totally unlike Hogwart’s. Percy and Harry come from different backgrounds. They don’t have the same issues with parents. Percy’s a bit more of a troublemaker than Harry, I think. He’s used to being labeled the “bad boy” and has gotten kicked out of numerous schools (though this is never entirely his fault). Harry is likely to restrain his friends if they get in a fight. Percy is more likely to punch a bully in the nose. They do share common ground — both have enormous power and responsibility thrust upon them before they are ready. Both are brave. Both have to face their worst fears and rely on a small group of loyal friends. But their stories are quite different. I think readers will see that when they read The Lightning Thief.

    Having said that, do I hope readers of Harry Potter will enjoy my series? Of course. Any comparison to Rowling is high praise, because I’m a huge fan of her work. I totally understand why kids love Harry Potter. The effect those books have had on young readers is hard to overestimate. In my years as a teacher, I’ve never seen anything that energizes students like Harry Potter. I used to come into my classroom and find students reading Sorcerer’s Stone for the thirteenth or fourteenth time, just because they wanted to. I would say, “That’s a great book, but aren’t you getting tired of it?” The student would always look at me sadly and say, “Yes, but there just isn’t anything else this good.” After hearing that for a few years, I realized there was an unfulfilled need for more children’s literature that impacted kids the way Harry Potter did. I decided to try doing something about it — I knew young readers. I understood what they liked. The Lightning Thief is the result. Whether I succeeded or not, I’ll let the kids decide.”

    He did an excellent job responding to this and i agree with every point he made……..UNCLE RICK ROCKS!!! :) BTW…..Kit u r totally correct when you say…IT DOESN’T RLY MATTER!!!!!!…

  2. Alex - August 14, 2013

    The comparison is because both have the main characters come from ignorance to their true selves and are thrown into a destiny that has been laid out for them. Eragon and Luke Skywalker also have very much the same character structure. HP and PJO have more similarity’s then the others and both involve special abilities that are close.

  3. Sierra - April 15, 2013

    I like both a lot,but the other pery jackson movies arent out and I did not read the harry potter books because they where boring and I saw all of the harry potter movies but I did not see the 5th movie because my sister did not have it for some reason but she had the reast. soooo yay I should of just said I liked both but this was better also in my opinion the percy jackson movie was NUTHING LIKE THE BOOK,and IT SUCKED well thats all I had to say :)

    • Somebody - February 16, 2016

      Boring? BORING? Are you serious, man? Which person in their right mind says that the Harry Potter books are BORING, of all adjectives?

      The state the world is getting into these days. *shakes head sadly*

      • Missy - October 5, 2016

        Strictly speaking, as a true Ravenclaw and Potterhead, Annabeth and Hermione are nothing alike. Sure, they’re both smart, but Annabeth is a dreamer, and she’s very artistic (she’s a Ravenclaw), whereas Hermione is close minded and logical.

  4. seaweedbrainatom - September 11, 2012

    It doesn’t matter! Haha. Mr. Riordan and Ms. Rowling have both great ideas which made me into an avid book lover. Besides, they both inspired me to be a fantasy novel writer. More than that, I hope that there could be a cross-over between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I know they live in different alternate worlds. Haha. :)

  5. RD - September 9, 2012

    Percy and Harry have green eyes in the books and blue eyes in the movies, also they’re both half-bloods ;)

  6. camel - September 9, 2012

    Very good info. Lucky me I found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  7. Jason - September 9, 2012

    Lmao nice it is a nice

  8. Annabeth - September 9, 2012

    Yeah, who cares?
    And also: Great post!

  9. Annabeth - September 9, 2012

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kitkatgirl200 - September 9, 2012

    You just summarized exactly what I was trying to say in this post in one paragraph. (I have a tendency to go on, and on, and on…oh well) :D

  11. Jason - September 9, 2012

    Im not quite sure how this works with me I love both its interesting

  12. Its all about Percy - September 9, 2012

    For me, even they are similar in some aspects, they are still very different films as the one is associated with greek mythology and the other has to do with witchcraft..Personally speaking, i do like Harry Potter ( i think its amazing and i have grown up with that films ) BUT as i really love greek mythology i prefer PJ..The main reason i like Pj is that greek mythology takes place in the real world in the contrast with the majority of the movies which concern greek mythology!! Percy Jackson F-O-R-E-V-E-R

  13. Rebecca King - September 9, 2012

    Even if Rick Riordan got the idea from Harry Potter, why does it matter? We all get inspired daily by different things. I’ve been inspired by many books in the past or even TV shows (I once wrote a decide your own destiny fan fiction of Doctor Who). I think its cool with similarities. :)

    Great post!

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