Alisha Newton

Alisha Newton (3)Birth Name: Alisha Newton
Birthday: July 22, 2001
Born: Vancouver, Canada

Alisha Newton plays Young Annabeth in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Twitter Account: @alijnewton | Facebook PageAlisha Newton


Born in Vancouver on July 22, 2001, Alisha Newton began appearing in numerous commercials from the age of 4. It wasn’t until 4 years later when she began auditioning for film & television roles, that she discovered a true passion for acting.

Despite her young age, Alisha possesses a unique blend of confidence and intuition and has been described as being “deep” and having an “old soul”. She is well respected for her natural delivery and for her believable and dynamic emotional performances.

Off screen, Alisha is known amongst her peers for her ‘joie de vivre’ and she enjoys a wide variety of activities from dance, swimming, hiking & skiing, to just hanging out with close friends.


2013- Heart of Dance

2013- Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Young Annabeth

2012-???? Heartland (TV series)

2012- No Place Like Home (short)

2012- Mind Your Manners (short)

2012- Shadowplay (short)

2011- Joanna Makes a Friend (short)

2011- Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale (short)
Kid at School

2010- Supernatural (TV series)
Little Girl

2010- The Wyoming Story (TV movie)
Bird Thorpe

Pictures of Alisha Newton

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  1. musicluvr - April 30, 2013

    SHE IS soooooo CUTE!!!……buit pls tell me she will hav BLONDE hair!!!!……..I rly hope so!!!!!………. :)

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