Thor Freudenthal

Thor Freudenthal, director of Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersThor Freudenthal
Birthday: 1972/1973
Born: West Berlin, West Germany

Thor Freudenthal is the director for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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Raised in West Berlin, West Germany, he attended the Berlin Academy of Arts, and later moved to Southern California as an exchange student at CalArts. He started out as an animation director on short films like Mind the Gap, Monkey Business and The Tenor. He also worked on conceptal/visual art work at Sony Pictures Imageworks on films like Stuart Little, The ChubbChubbs! and Stuart Little 2. He later worked as second unit director on Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. In 2005, he directed the short film Motel which was his first live-action film. He then worked as director on Hotel for Dogs in 2009 for DreamWorks Pictures. He directed the live-action/animated feature film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, based on the book by Jeff Kinney. He is directing Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.


????- Scavengers

2013- Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

2011- Aim High (TV series)

2010- Diary of a Wimpy Kid

2009- Hotel for Dogs

2007- Zéro deux (segment “Motel”)

2005- Motel (short)

1998- Mind the Gap (short)

1998- The Tenor (short)

1996- Monkey Business (short)

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  1. Hazel Levesque - September 17, 2013

    So… I have been searching for a way to find the email of this guy. I found out Rick Riordon has an email but is too busy to check it so I wanted to contact Thor Freudenthal. So far, I’ve had no luck. I’m a total Percy Jackson fan and I just wanted to ask him a few questions. Is that too much to ask? Well… I wasn’t about to just randomly give out my name on this website so, to all you other Percy Jackson fans out there, I hope you like my name :P

  2. Emmalyn - August 28, 2013

    In my honest opinion I found that the movie strayed from the book in many different ways. First, grover was supposed to be taken from the beginning and percy knew he was in trouble from the empathy link. Tyson and Percy were supposed to be at boarding school together, not meet at camp half blood. The bullies were supposed to fire balls of fire and Tyson was supposed to catch them. The taxi drivers were supposed to show up after the school exploded not at camp half blood. Percy was never supposed to know his prophecy in this movie he knew some parts but not all of it. Hermes was supposed to meet Percy by the lake and Hermes was supposed to give Percy vitamins and the can of winds. There were 3 hippocampi not 1. They went on Luke’s CRUISE ship not yacht and there were supposed to be mortals on the ship and Silena Beauregard was not on the ship or be discovered until the final book. Clarisse was supposed to almost blow them up on an island and then the engine had troubles and because Tyson could handle fire he went down and held the engine together. They then went to Circes island where Percy got turned into a guinea pig and then ate a vitamin and turned into himself. They were then supposed to go down the 2 cliffs and if they got too close they would die. Tyson then went down with the ship. There were supposed to be sheep to guard the Golden Fleece on the tree. They were supposed to beat the cyclops then fight the man eating sheep. They then went to the mainland where Percy met Luke and Percy told Clarisse to get the fleece back to camp. All in all I was very disappointed with the movie and I feel bad that the great book that Ric wrote was brought to shame.

  3. consernd veiwers - August 14, 2013

    i cannot find the producers information so we can

  4. April - May 28, 2013

    I never even knew this site had this! But I’m nervous… I don’t know any of these movies except Hotel for Dogs and Diary of a Wimpy Kid… honestly I wasn’t too impressed with Hotel for Dogs and I only liked the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie… so I’m nervous…

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