The cover for the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Soundtrack came out along with the tracks! It tells us the path the movie will be heading in which is very exciting! The music is by Andrew Lockington who composed for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and City of Ember. On Amazon, you can preorder it for $15.81. Thoughts?

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Soundtrack by Andrew Lockington1. Thalia’s Story
2. Percy At The Lake
3. Colchis Bull
4. The Shield Is Gone
5. The Oracle’s Prophecy
6. Cursed Blade Shall Reap
7. Wild Taxi Ride
8. Hermes
9. Hippocampus
10. Onboard the Yacht
11. Wave Conjuring
12. Sea Of Monsters
13. Belly Of The Beast
14. New Coordinates
15. Polyphemus
16. Thank You Brother
17. Kronos
18. Annabeth and the Fleece
19. Resurrection
20. Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters
21. To Feel Alive – IAMEVE