Percy Jackson Set Picture in New Orleans

Percy Jackson Set Picture in New Orleans

Grey Damon posted a ton of pictures showing us the set of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster down in New Orleans. Also Mark John found some pictures of a yacht the cast and crew was working on. What is the blue light? If you’re wondering what the silver balls are used for, usually they use those for eye reflection when creating computer generated creatures.

In the pictures is Grey Damon (Chris Rodriguez), Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth Chase), Logan Lerman, (Percy Jackson), Jake Abel (Luke Castellan) and Douglas Smith (Tyson).

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  1. Annabeth Chase - August 22, 2012

    I know this is totally off topic, but how do I change the color of my square? Plus, awesome pictures!

  2. The Host - July 1, 2012

    […] These two blurry shots are def of Jake Abel on set of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. There are several more photos of the rest of the cast over at Percy Jackson Movies […]

  3. SonofHades - June 29, 2012

    I don’t think it’s Kronos’s casket. If I were a director, I would use that kind of light for when a casket is opened. It’s set up so that you can see streams of light through the fog or mist that they’re generating, which is too overt for the casket. The smart thing to do with Kronos is to have the concept people design a really grotesque casket and then just have it sit there. Much more creepy. Personally, I think the light is the light from the Iris Message percy sends to camp half blood.

  4. Dilip - June 28, 2012

    Wow looks like they are leaving no stone unturned to make this better then tle first one!!

  5. Mark John - June 28, 2012

    haha…. Sea of Monsters cast,crews,staff specially the director are doing great!!!!!!

    it makes me more excited…hehe

    • Mark John - June 28, 2012

      PJOnatics…..Do you have any idea if they will going to do the C.C. Islands and Sirens scenes????

      • Rebecca King - June 29, 2012

        The Sirens is crucial to the story line. If they cut it, I might die because I love that scene! C.C. Islands might be cut as its not all that important in the long run, but they might keep it as they get to glamorize Annabeth.

        • Mark John - July 1, 2012

          yeah I agree….but I was expecting also Grover with the bridal dress..but according to the set photos..they will not including it in the movie…:(

        • Daughter-of-Athena - July 20, 2012

          Yeah but Hylla is in C.C’s Island. If they make the Heroes of Olympus (with differant cast due to ages) then they kinda have to include it!

  6. Jason - June 28, 2012

    Umm maybe its the mist, but the mist doesn’t do anything to toliets

  7. Lucy - June 28, 2012

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!! I just can´t wait awesome pictures. I think I can see a (I don´t know the english word for this) mmm coffer, casket well the one where Kronos was!!! If it is, I´m pretty sure is going to be a really good movie (:

  8. kaila - June 28, 2012

    i cant take it any more. THIS MOVIE NEEDS TO COME OUT SOON!!

  9. RD - June 28, 2012

    Who’s the girl that is kinda sleeping?

  10. Mark John - June 28, 2012

    haha..nice post..thanks for mentioning my name again..


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