Percy Jackson: Son of the Sea

Percy Jackson: Son of the Sea

Last summer I told you about a fan’s project, Percy Jackson: Son of the Sea. SuperFolderJC is now holding a casting call for his project, so here is the information:

From the world of 2010′s “The Lightning Thief” and 2013′s “Sea of Monsters” comes a new audio drama created by fans, for fans!
When Demi-Titan enemy Chris Rodriguez comes up with a new plan to resurrect Kronos by rebuilding the famed Titan’s scythe, Percy Jackson and his Half-Blood friends must go on a fantastic cross-country journey to recollect the scattered scythe pieces before Chris can, and hide them away from where they can destroy our world!
And now, YOU can be a member of this quest! We need voice actors and actresses for each of our seven main characters, including Percy, Thalia, Grover, Annabeth, Tyson, Clarisse, and Chris Rodriguez. (Additional monster/creature voice auditions will be held at a later date!)
Auditions have no age range, but they will be determined by acting quality, NOT whether or not they sound alike to the voices of the films’ characters. (Although, if you DO happen to sound like the character you are portraying, then awesome!)
To send me (JC) an audition for a character, simply do one of the following…
*Record yourself using a voice recording app, and email the file to me.
*Film yourself by camera, doing the audition by video, and putting the video up (unlisted) on YouTube. Then, send me the link to the video via email.
My email is

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  1. SuperFolder JC - January 11, 2015

    Lilly is right. You read a scene featuring the character you’re auditioning for from the PJ series, and then you send that to me! (Now, if anyone wants to audition for Percy, I need them to talk to me, because whoever plays him, he needs a couple audition sessions first.

  2. Kieran - January 11, 2015

    What do you do for the audition?

  3. Lilly - January 10, 2015

    Do we read any part of any of the first series of books for the audio audition?

  4. Emma - January 10, 2015

    What should we do for the audition?

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