Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast

I know I am thinking way too far ahead. The trailer nor even official pictures have come out for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and I’m already dreaming up a cast for The Titan’s Curse. Below is who I think would be great for the new additions.

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast with Nico di Angelo played by Asa ButterfieldNico di Angelo played by Asa Butterfield

Nico’s Description
Hair: black
Skin: olive skin that has paled to white
Eyes: Dark eyes

I know the eyes aren’t the same, but movie magic could help out with that. I think Asa really could portray the anger Nico shows very well. He’s really awesome in Merlin when he portrayals Mordred. Asa is in the upcoming movie, Ender’s Game.

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast with Bianca di Angelo played by Isabelle FuhrmanBianca di Angelo played by Isabelle Fuhrman

Bianca’s Description
Hair: Dark, braided
Face: Freckles across her nose
Eyes: Black
Build: lean and about average height.
Skin: Olive

I think she would be a great match with Asa. Isabelle was in The Hunger Games as Clove and it’s the only seen I’ve seen her in, so I’m just going off of looks for this one.

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast with Apollo played by Taylor LautnerApollo played by Taylor Lautner

Apollo’s Description
*Apollo normally appears as a handsome teenage boy
*Around seventeen or eighteen
*Sandy hair
*Bright cocky smile
*Outdoorsy good looks.
*Percy describes Apollo as looking like Luke, without the jagged scar on the cheek and with a smile that is blinding

I know, I know. Some of you are thinking why Taylor Lautner? He has one of the best smiles! He has one of those smiles that makes you want to smile automatically. Whoever does play Apollo should have an AMAZING smile!

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast with Artemis played by Maggie Elizabeth JonesArtemis played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones

Artemis’s Description
*She can appear as whatever she likes, but chooses to be the average age of her Hunters, which is around twelve
*She has auburn colored hair
*Eyes as silvery yellow as the moon
*Incredibly beautiful.

Artemis definitely should be kept as a child and I think Maggie Elizabeth Jones would be perfect for the role! She was just adorable in We Bought a Zoo.

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast with Atlas played by Dwayne JohnsonAtlas played by Dwayne Johnson

Atlas’s Description
*Looks like “a living statue”
*Dark slicked back hair
*Eyes like stone
*Light brown skin
*Muscular build, tall, huge shoulders, hands that could “snap a flagpole in half”
*Brutal face

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! He’s one of my favorite actors and who would argue that a guy nicknamed The Rock wouldn’t be perfect to play Atlas? Enough said.

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast with Zoë Nightshade played by Hailee SteinfeldZoë Nightshade played by ???

Zoë’s Description
*Long, silky black hair
*Coppery-like skin
*A slightly upturned nose
*Black eyes like volcanic rocks
*Tall, very graceful
*Looks like a Persian princess

No one exactly jumped to mind with Zoë. I think someone new the game should play her. Just like how Paloma was cast for Thalia and she’s new to the film industry. A lot of people think Vanessa Hudgens should play her. I say she’s way too old for that role. Again, she should be young. But if I have to choose someone right now, I would say Hailee Steinfeld.

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Movie Cast with Dr. Thorn played by Richard GereDr. Thorn played by Richard Gere

Dr. Thorn’s Description in Human Form
*Short grey hair
*Two different colored eyes: one is brown and the other one is blue

I don’t think it ultimately is going to matter who plays Dr. Thorn, but I think Richard Gere could play a good one.

If all goes well with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, we might be looking at the real cast list in the coming years! Who do you think should play these roles for The Titan’s Curse?