Talking about Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse movie plans, Movie Moron has an exclusive article.

Percy Jackson The Titan's Curse Movie PosterThere’s been some Percy Jackson 3 talk in recent weeks. So what has been said and how likely is a sequel?

There are five books in the Percy Jackson series, so far. The next installment is ‘The Titan’s Curse’ which sees Percy ambushed as he brings two new demigods into camp by the doomsday monster Manticore (half-human, half-lion). Annabeth is kidnapped and the general of the Titans is preparing to release an army of skeleton warriors on the world. Percy and four friends must go on a dangerous quest to put things right, even though the Camp’s Oracle has prophesied that not all of them will survive…

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters earned $14 million at the weekend, less than half of Lightning Thief’s $31m. However it did open two days earlier on a Wednesday, has yet to launch internationally, and has the added bonus of 3D. All in all it looks like it will likely match Lightning Thief’s final total of $137m. Its production budget was also around $90m.

Amongst the critics, Sea of Monsters didn’t do as well as Lightning Thief (35% vs 49% on RT) but, more importantly, fans reacted better to it, with a user score of 6.5 on IMDB compared to 5.8 – in IMDB language that’s a significant difference.

The studio knows Sea of Monsters would have opened stronger if they hadn’t waited three-and-a-half years since the previous movie. Potter and Twilight never had gaps of more than two years. They need to get Titan’s Curse out in 2015 for maximum return. Indeed there’s an unconfirmed rumour that Fox has its eye on October that year.

Summing up, a third film is likely given the numbers and fan reaction, but this is a series that’s limping forwards, not charging. Unlike Potter, the studio will be judging whether to keep going one film at a time. For comparison, the Chronicles of Narnia reached its third film before the studio called it a day.

What would you like to see happen in Percy Jackson 3 (Titan’s Curse)? Did you prefer Sea of Monsters or Lightning Thief? How can they improve on both? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Brennan Nichols - April 18, 2014

    I suggest they make the third more like the book.. they should continue through the books and eventually onto the heros of olympus series. but they also need to make it less time in between the movies. and, t doesnt matter what other movie series did, they are completely different

  2. Cassandra - April 17, 2014

    They HAVE to make a movie of The Titans curse! The books are SO good! But I don’t understand why it takes so long time, to make the movies! I understand it’s difficult and all. But on another website, it says that movie number 3 comes out in December 2015. The Mockingjay part 2 comes out before that (the hunger games 3). And it can’t be that difficult to make the movies. Cause the movies are not like the books at all. I don’ no ONE reply in the book, who they say in the movie. The movies are good. It’s not that. I just say that the books are much better.

    • Brennan Nichols - April 18, 2014

      the books are better. but they ned to continue with the series. i want to watch them all and compare the books. just because they arent going according to the books doesnt mean jack. but at least finifh the series… i mean, really..

  3. Perfect half-blood - April 14, 2014

    I think you should really create more movies because I really loved them all! I also recommend you guys to follow the books because in the sea of monsters, Percy never defeated Kronos that happened in the last book. I LOVE PERCY, PLEASE MAKE ALL FIVE MOVIES.

  4. Renee - April 13, 2014

    The movies are great if you have not read the books. GO BY THE BOOKS!! I think they were great movies, but i suggest start again with the right aged characters. I would love to get a role in the movie, i have brown hair and brown eyes. I am tall and slender. I would love to be Hazel or Thalia. Start the movies again!!!!!!!

  5. Vincent - April 7, 2014

    I think you guys need to improve on the sea of monster. The reason is because in the beginning of the book Chiron is kick out of camp. Then Percy found out that Tyson is his half brother. Thanks Vincent Liu

    P.S. Keep the movie coming because I can not wait to see the next show.

  6. teri - April 5, 2014

    i would love to see all the books into movies. I have read all of them including the series after up to house of hades because bood of Olympus is not out yet and I absolutely loved them…I love the actors as percy and annabeth and grover…all of them and would love to see them return to the big screen..IF U HAVENT READ THE BOOKS I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT….they are amazing and I could not put them down

  7. Calypso - April 2, 2014

    I could be Thalia

  8. rachael - April 1, 2014

    I liked both movies and really want to see the third!

  9. Mike - March 31, 2014

    I quite agree with what everyone is saying. The movie producers should go by the book. Seriously, I just watched Sea of Monsters and didn’t have Circe, Captain Blackbeard, or the Sirens from the book. Come on movie producers, you should follow the book next time you want to make another movie. I would also recommend that you should make all the books into movies. I would also appreciate if you made movies for the Kane Chronicles Series. So please, GO BY THE BOOK.

    • Melody1664 - April 7, 2014

      I strongly agree with Mike. I would also like to see the Percy Jackson 3.

      P.S.- A really good movie you should make is The Valley of the Wolves. Even though it is a third grader book it is still my favorite.

  10. JoJo - March 30, 2014

    they should all be movies!! dont’ start a series and then stopp and not make anymore movies if the last movie was released within 2 years it probably would have done better so get the third one done!!! i am reading the books and would like to see all the books turned into movies!

  11. Charlize - March 30, 2014

    The whole series should also be movies. I read all the books and loved all of them. The first two movies were awesome and it would be a big let down if you didn’t carry on with the movies!

  12. Percy Jackson fan - March 29, 2014

    bring out the new movie ….my kids and I watched both of them for the first time tonight and we want more…

    • Emily - March 30, 2014

      Well if you didn’t read the books it probably explains why you liked the movie… I read the books when I was… what, six and read them a couple more times before I watched half of the first movie. I never finished and never watched the second. Riordan doesn’t watch them for a reason. He doesn’t want the movies to change the way he sees his characters, and neither do I.

    • Emily - March 30, 2014

      If this movie somehow magically comes out, the “weight of the world” thing will be the biggest typo in history. IT’S THE WEIGHT OF THE SKYYYYYYY

  13. hermes - March 28, 2014

    Percy jackson actor can he talk to you right now

  14. Katie - March 27, 2014

    There should definitely be another film, and the only reason why sea of monsters didn’t raise as much money as the lightning thief is because there were so many things changed, and it definitely had a negative effect on fans. SO the next movie should continue but honestly, the director needs to follow the actual story more.

    • Melody1664 - April 7, 2014

      I honestly didn’t read the book but watched the movie, but I’m sure if they make the third movie the Percy Jackson series would make it’s way down to history!

  15. Agatha_max - March 26, 2014

    I get that the ages are mixed up but this is the 3rd movie and they’re the main characters it’s really hard to change that, and it’s also hard to find the right kid actor for the films it’s not like the time from Harry Potter where they could just post an audition…. but yes stick to the book

  16. elzthemaster - March 26, 2014

    they should make all of the films and so what if percy isn’t the recommended age he suits the role SO well all the the cast should stay

  17. Emily - March 25, 2014

    Oh, and…. just throwing this out there, it’s not the weight of the world, it’s the weight of the sky. They have to hold the boundary where Gaea and Ouranos meet. Basically- the sky.

  18. Connor - March 24, 2014

    you HAVE to GO BY THE BOOK. the books were great and the movies have to be just as good or better

  19. nagiten - March 23, 2014

    redo them all the actors are to old redo it they have actors around the ages now redo it i say or dont do it at all

    • Dinah Bostic - March 24, 2014

      Yes, I just recently watched the ‘Sea of Monsters’ and I mostly did not like the movie. I don’t not know how Rick allowed this but they must do it right. For the sake of the fans. GO BY THE BOOK! We want the given age of percy( which is 14 in ‘Titan’s Curse’ and go by the freaking book!.

      • Emily - March 25, 2014

        Geez read Rick’s FAQ he doesn’t have ANY control over the movies and the cast. He gets to see the script and make some changes, but besides that, there’s nothing HE can do about it.

        • Athena Rose Jade Jekyll Vesper Cahill - March 27, 2014

          why did he sell the rights to them he would have got a better deal if he refused

          • Emily - March 27, 2014

            He still gets money from them… And some people would like the movies to come out. (People who can’t read)

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