Percy Jackson Theme Songs

Percy Jackson Theme Songs

Our fan, Jim, created his first video and its about Percy Jackson! He chose theme songs for each of the Percy Jackson characters. Exception is Grover.  Watch, enjoy and, comment!

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  1. Jojo - May 1, 2013


    • Jojo - May 1, 2013

      born to die is my favorite song!! :-o hey, the stoll brothers song was very accurate. haha ‘call me maybe’? I LOVED IT!!!

  2. jk - September 5, 2012

    I loved it!!! amaziung

  3. Lucy - September 5, 2012

    Love it!!! Great job!!! Love the percy´s one and the Tyson´s one was hilarious!!!!!

  4. Daughter-of-Athena - September 5, 2012

    There are loads of theme songs vids on Youtube, some kinda random, some really awesome. This is awesome, BTW

  5. Its all about Percy - September 4, 2012

    Hey guys!!Thank you for watching my first video and a special thank you to Rebecca!! <3 :) Have a nice day all :)

  6. Kitkatgirl200 - September 4, 2012

    Haha. The Call Me Maybe one is funny and, oddly, fitting.

  7. Jason - September 4, 2012

    wow just wow ya kno

  8. LivelySparrow97 - September 4, 2012

    So weird! I almost posted something about what each character’s favorite song would be.

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