Patrick and Shannon have another announcement! Here it is:

It has been nearly two years since Sea of Monsters was released, and we all still want to see The Titan’s Curse get made into a movie. Let’s prove to Fox that the fanbase for the movies still exists and that we still want the series to continue as is!

The purpose of this campaign is to see the series continue, so focus your messages on the movies. Post screenshots, clips from YouTube, anything that involves the Lightning Thief or Sea of Monsters movies. Have you watched your digital copy of The Lightning Thief 200 times? Post a picture of the iTunes play count. Did you make your own Sea of Monsters birthday cake? Tweet a picture of it. Be sure to use the hashtag #WeNeedTitansCurse on every post and/or tweet. Use the following hashtags on any social media platform throughout the week.

#MonsterMonday talk about your favorite monster from the movies.

#TitansCurseTuesday talk about scenes/things from The Titan’s Curse book that you want to see in the film

#WiseGirlWednesday show some love for Alexandra Daddario as our favorite daughter of Athena

#BigThreeThursday talk about the Big Three (Poseidon, Zeus, or Hades) or talk about their children (Percy, Thalia, Bianca & Nico)

#LightningThiefThursday talk about what you love about The Lightning Thief movie

#FavoriteQuoteFriday talk about your favorite quote from either movie, or from the Titan’s Curse book

#SeaweedBrainSaturday show some love for Logan Lerman as our favorite son of Poseidon

#SeaofMonstersSunday talk about what you love about the Sea of Monsters movie

#CliffhangersSuckSunday talk about the unanswered questions from the movies, and encourage the studio to continue the series, as is.

If you would like to take your support a step further please search the social media platforms for #WeNeedTitansCurse, or the daily hashtags, and share one another’s posts. Please use #WeNeedTitansCurse once again when sharing.

Feel free to use the popular hashtags as well

#ManCrushMonday talk about the male characters from the movies. What do you love about them?

#WomanCrushWednesday talk about the female characters from the movies. What do you love about them?

#ThrowbackThursday talk about your memories of the movies. What made you fall in love with them? Do you remember who you were with when you saw them for the first time?

Don’t stop with your own profile either. Let’s spread our message as far as it can go. The following is a list of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for Fox, some of its affiliates, and other film industry professionals that were involved with the Percy Jackson movies. Let’s make sure they hear what we have to say. (Production company for both movies) (Screenwriter for Sea of Monsters) (Producer for Sea of Monsters)

IMPORTANT DATES in the Percy Jackson fandom to keep in mind. PLEASE be sure that you post/tweet as much as you can on these dates! If we’re lucky we’ll get #WeNeedTitansCurse trending.

Even if you miss a date, it will still help our cause to post/tweet on the specific subject for that day as soon as you are able.

July 12th Annabeth Chase’s birthday Be sure to use Alexandra Daddario’s Twitter handle, @AADaddario, when wishing Annabeth Chase a happy birthday.

Aug 7th US theatrical release of Sea of Monsters ( in 2013)

Aug 18th Percy Jackson’s birthday Be sure to use Logan Lerman’s Twitter handle, @LoganLerman, when wishing Percy Jackson a happy birthday.