Persephone Quest, Part Three & Four by Neiges

Persephone Quest, Part Three & Four by Neiges

This is Part Three and Four of Persephone Quest by Neiges!

Part Three

As Nick was falling, he actually felt relieved. He was tired of the other campers urging him to sing ‘Let it Go’ twenty five thousand times a day, forget about a week. But after about 10 minutes, the three were playing bridge as they fell. See, as you fell into Tartarus you were most likely to die, so any wish would be granted as you fell. But one wish was not able to be granted. It was, ‘I wish to turn into a god, live on Olympus, and be eternally happy’. So they finally reached the bottom, and Rebecca had won bridge. So they started into Tartarus, and for some reason, they fell on their feet and instantly felt refreshed, like being woken from a 50-year nap. It was quite weird, considering it was Tartarus. Then they came across a river, but it was fire. Nick shot out his hand, and an ice bridge instantly appeared. But it was melting, so another solution was required. Nick looked around, and for the first time ever, he took in Tartarus’ huge form.

The air stung, like acid, and reeked of monsters. The ground was like skin, but more muscle and tougher. The river of fire went straight in to a gaping hole, so wide you could barely see the other side. Sideways stalactites framed the void, like fangs. Then Rebecca said, “This river is the river of fire, the Phlegethon. This heals, but us still painful. We will walk through.” Of course. Rebecca was daughter of Nike and she was a friend of Athena. So they began walking across.

Part 4

Soon, halfway across the river, something loomed into vision. It was closer than we expected, though.

Hello, Typhon.

And Typhon had pierced ears. One held an earring, the other a dangling cage. And inside, screaming, was Persephone.

She was hard to make out because of the fog, but you could tell she was ghostly pale, and wore an expression of terror. Nick, of course, just stamped his foot and out came a snowflake.

Bye, Typhon.

The cage was tumbling into the river, and with a SPLOOSH landed in the fire. The cage came out unharmed, but on the inside Persephone was looking better. She mouthed, ‘thank you,’ then collapsed. The cage was a problem, though. The cage was unbreakable and made out of Tartarus obsidian. They had to get it back to the overworld. Then Rebecca had an idea.

“Percy told me about a shrine to Hermes in Tartarus. Should we try and find it?” The others agreed silently.

So after five minutes of walking, we came to an array of stones. We wondered how to burn ourselves, but Jojo, the fastest runner, ran back to the Phlegethon, got water, then ran back. First, she burned the cage. It disappeared. Then she burned Rebecca. She dissapeared. Then Nick burned Jojo. She dissapeared. Nick just teleported to Camp Half-Blood. He wound up next to the dining pavilion. The campers went silent. Then they all bowed.

“Where are Rebecca and Jojo?” said Miya from Apollo.

Nick turned his head toward the fire. It erupted in violent red, then a figure began to take shape. It slowly got out of the fire. Rebecca appeared, with a fierce look on her face. Then Jojo, with a proud expression. The campers went so quiet you could hear city noise. Then the trio got together, and Rebecca uncapped riptide, Neiges uncapped θάνατος, and Jojo unsheathed her dagger.

Then the camp burst into cheers. The Athena cabin went to hug Rebecca, and Apollo went to hug Jojo. The rest hugged Nick.


Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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