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  1. xcs - February 12, 2012

    annabeth should have BLONDE hair like in the book. percy & annabeth should only be 12 like in the book.

  2. Zack - February 12, 2012

    K i read all the books i think you should get RIck Riordan in on the plot of the movie even though he sold the rights but the kids should be younger and do more better on the last four with details i bet if you did you can get 1000s of more $$ on it that way and y the time the last movie they will be like 23 or some thing so no pressure but hurry up.

  3. draven - November 6, 2011

    in the movie percy started camp half blood when he was twelve! and annabeth had blonde hair
    percy i thought had celestial bronse

  4. draven - November 6, 2011

    well i believe that would not describe most of the characters that i pictured i would picture ares as a more skinny dude in more like a brown/tan colored outfit and would be skinnier with freshly cut beard.
    annabeth should have cherry red lis hair laid out and with a more beautiful glow
    athena is completely wrong shes suppose to wear a white robe a shorter neck brown hair and a completely face luke hair i thought would be brown and spiked with a regular shirt
    and percy hair should be parted a different way and thats pretty much it

  5. maddison - September 27, 2011

    Annabeth SHOULD have blonde hair, but leave it to filmmakers to never get the movie version of a book right. I think that Uma Thurman was PERFECT for Medusa…and although all the actors are way too old, I think I almost like it better that way. Really…a bunch of twelve-year-olds battling every monster ever? It sounds awesome in the books, but in real life I don't know how that would work. But the books are my FAVORITE! :)

  6. sanjeeb - May 5, 2011

    I am just 11 but the movi is asome

  7. unknownfool - February 8, 2011

    >.> christopher columbus was supposed to do better than this! i mean, really. he completely jacked up the characters, and kind of messed up the story. i thought better of him. i really did. now im thinking of not even watching the second movie, because if he re-hires these same people im going to hunt him down and tell him off. -.- jk… although it would be nice if i did.

  8. COOL DUDE - January 14, 2011

    PERCY JACKSON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Person - December 25, 2010

    idk about riptide XD

  10. Person - December 25, 2010

    no, in the books she's supposed to have black hair

  11. none of ya buisness - December 19, 2010

    You guys should get over her not having blonde hair! I am so mad the actors are over age i want them to be the age they are supposed to. they left out sooooooooooo much! it reuins it! : (

  12. Emma - December 4, 2010

    I've seen so many of these!
    I've been wondering who illustrated them.
    I've also seen aphrodite, hestia, hera, demeter, hephaestus, nico + rachel.
    But, I dont think they have them for Hermes, Hades, Dionysus, Artemis, Apollo or Thailia.

  13. Odd - September 18, 2010

    Ares reminds me of the Terminator…?
    And Luke looks like manga gone bad plus the Emo-ish look…=]

  14. Odd - September 18, 2010

    It's a movie, whadda ya expect?
    Movies are always different to books, people!
    I can't even begin to imagine what they're going to do to The Hunger Games *shudders*
    Every time I try imagining a blond goddess, I always think of Aprodite, not Athena…
    I liked the fight between Luke and Percy (movie) =]
    And I love the flying shoes! =D

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