Rattled: Part Three of the Jason Chronicles

Rattled: Part Three of the Jason Chronicles

Here is Part Three of the Jason Chronicles! This is the final part! To read Part One and Two, go to our Fan Fiction page. I hope you all like it, especially you, Jason!

Part Three of the Jason Chronicles

Written by Rebecca King

Hebe’s palace looked more like a castle out of a fairy tale. Pink flowers covered the grass. It looked like a soft quilt. Jason did a double take as he spotted what was grazing in the field. Its coat was pure white with glistening pink hooves. Its horn was also white and shined in the sunlight. It was a unicorn! But it wasn’t large like a Pegasus or a regular horse, it was small. It looked like it was right out of My Little Pony.

Jason went up to the large, wood front door. There was a gold knocker with a lion’s head. He used it do knock. The door opened to reveal a Disney Princess… or at least she could have been one. Hebe was slender and beautiful. She had rosy cheeks and hazel eyes. Her brown hair was loose, curling around her face. She wore a white V-neck wedding gown with pink shoes.

“Hello. May I help you?” Her voice was sweet. She sounded like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

“I have a package for you,” Jason said. He pulled the pouch out of his pocket. “Austras Koks, as you ordered.”

“Thank you.” She took the pouch and smiled. “You look strong enough. Could you help me in the garden real quick? I was going to have my husband help me tonight.”

“Your husband is Hercules?” Jason knew the answer, but he posed the question.

“That’s correct.”

Hebe let Jason inside. The inside looked like a medieval castle. Gray stone with bright colored curtains hanging on the walls. Some of the stone was covered by giant paintings. They were a mix of beauty and blood. Strokes of paint created gruesome battlefields or tasteful weddings. Jason and Hebe stepped out of the castle. A garden stretched out for miles. It was filled with all types of plants. Placed in various locations was an archery field and an outdoor arena.

“This is awesome,” Jason said turning to Hebe.

HebeShe was wearing a completely different outfit. She looked like an elegant gardener. She wore a large sunhat.

“Thank you,” Hebe said continuing to smile. “Hercules loves working out here. You should come back. I am sure he would give you some fighting lessons. Most days he is in a good mood. Other days, he’s just about ready to kill demigods.” She laughed and Jason nervously smiled. It would be cool to train with Hercules though! “My garden is a perfect place for weddings. I have proudly hosted many here. I love being a wedding planner! Hercules and I love taking walks in the garden.” She leaned in. “He can be quite the romantic type.” She giggled.

“Uhh…” Jason broke eye contact. “What did you need help with?”

Before Hebe could answer, someone came crashing through the castle, wailing like a siren. Automatically, Jason’s staff transformed into his sword. A little man, no taller than five feet, came running outside.

“My lady, you must get inside!” he squawked, eyes bulging like a frog.

“What’s wrong?” Hebe asked, sounding like a damsel in distress.

“A monster has gotten into Olympus!”

“Why hasn’t Zeus zapped it?”

“It can’t die by the hand of an immortal. We need a mortal! Zeus has sent help to Camp Half-Blood.”

Apollo’s so-called fake prophecy played in his head.

The son of Hermes will face a creature,
With great features
The battle will commence in a place of youth,
Don’t be rattled or else you will shatter

Either Apollo had gotten really lucky or his joke prophecy hadn’t really been a joke.

“I can help,” Jason said speaking up.

They looked at him. Hebe’s hazel eyes lit up. “Of course! You’re the closest! You’re perfect for the task.”

“Where’s the monster?” Jason asked the little man.

“In the Hall of the Gods! Go quickly!”

Jason looked around then spotted where he needed to go. He put on the goggles and shot off into the sky. He flew over palaces and went directly to where he needed to go. He landed in the hall and stepped into the throne room.

Hall of the GodsAll the gods were standing on their thrones looking terrified. Zeus shot lightning bolts at a monster, keeping it back. Each bolt did nothing to the creature. The monster was small, about the size of a pug. Its skin was textureless and smooth. It had round eyes and big ears giving it an innocent look.

Jason didn’t understand why the gods were afraid of it until it picked up a vase Demeter had thrown at it and violently shook it. The vase shattered into a million pieces. It aligned with Apollo’s prophecy except for one part. This wasn’t exactly a place of youth, but knowing Apollo, since he was in the hall, it counted. The sun god sat on the arm of his throne playing his new guitar.

“Don’t let it shake you, demigod,” Zeus warned. “It will kill you! Hades is having to reform as we speak! But us gods can’t kill it.” He shot another bolt at it. But it was still alive. “See!”

A mischief smile slid across Jason’s face at Zeus’ panic. “I’ll kill it for a price…”

“Anything you want!” Aphrodite shrieked.

“Name it, kid.”

“You can’t bargain with us,” Ares thundered.

And I was singing…,” Apollo sang gleefully.

“Kill it!” Zeus ordered.

Jason jumped into the air. He flew to he was straight over the monster. He was going to stab it from above but it caught him by surprise. The monster leaped higher than he had expected and latched onto his shoe. The monster pulled him back to earth. The monster was about to shake him when Phil shot out of his pocket.

“No one hurts my friends!”

Phil bit the monster on its pink nose. It yelped and released the demigod. Jason slashed down at the monster. It was just as fast as he was. The monster dodged his hits. The gods cheered him on and Apollo played Jason his own theme song. It made it all that much harder to focus. The monster caught the tip of Jason’s sword and pulled it out of his hand. For being so small the monster sure had some strength. The monster rattled his sword and the Celestial bronze broke. The pieces flew everywhere, some impeding into his skin.

“Jason! Catch!

Jason looked towards the voice. Hephaestus had created a sword from where he sat at his throne. He threw it to him. Jason jumped into the air and caught the sword. He ran in the air, raising the sword. Zeus shot lightning at him. The electricity connected with the blade, pulsing across the bronze. It didn’t burn Jason’s hands, but he could feel the energy. He came down on top of the monster. He brought the sword against the back of the monster’s neck. As soon as it hit its skin, light exploded. A shockwave blasted outward. Jason’s grip was ripped away. He was thrown and slammed against something hard. He blacked out.

When Jason came to, half-a-dozen gods were standing over him while Apollo healed his wounds.

“My sword,” he groaned, feeling woozy. His weapon was all that mattered to him. It had been a gift from his dad. He couldn’t lose it.

“Don’t worry, Jason,” Zeus said. “We will get you a new and better one. We owe you greatly.”

“Thank you, Lord Zeus, but I really would like my old sword back.”

“But I can make you an even greater one!”

A little girl, Hestia, nudged Zeus. “Don’t be insensitive,” she whispered. “He wants it because it was a gift from his father, your son, Hermes.”

“Oh.” Zeus nodded in understanding. “I’ll let Hermes know. I’ll tell him I destroyed it.”

“Thanks,” Jason replied appreciatively.

Hooves galloped into the room. Everyone turned to find a black Pegasus with Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase ride into the room. Percy had his sword, Riptide, out. He was ready to slay any monster within eyesight. Jason’s fellow campers jumped off the Pegasus, Blackjack, and ran to the group of gods.

“Where is it?” Annabeth asked. The look in her gray eyes could terrify about anyone… especially an enemy.

“Jason, here, destroyed it,” Hera said with pride which shocked him. Whenever he had been around Hera, she had glared at him as if it was his fault for Zeus siring Hermes.

Percy capped Riptide and put it in his pocket. “Good job, Jason.” He gave him a high five. “I wish I had been here to see that.”

“It was no big deal,” Jason replied coolly.

“He was our hero,” Aphrodite gushed.

“What did I miss?” Hermes asked, rushing into the hall in a frenzy.

My whole life, Jason thought sourly. He couldn’t blame his dad too much. He was very busy, but he did care about him.

The gods filled Hermes in on what happened. Some, like Apollo, embellished the story while others, like Ares, played it down.

Percy elbowed Jason in the side. “Was it really that small of a monster?” he asked, laughing, as Ares described Apollo screaming like a little girl.

“Yeah and the gods were freaking.” They both laughed.

Annabeth stood on Percy’s other side, seriously listening in as if it was a military debriefing.

Hermes looked at him after Apollo finished the tale. “I’m proud of you, son.”

Those five words meant the world to Jason. His smile grew huge across his face. “Thanks, Dad.”

“You three better get back to camp before Dionysus decides to punish you.”

Jason, Percy, Annabeth, and Blackjack left the hall. Percy was looking at Blackjack. Blackjack kept making funny faces.

“I’ll ask,” Percy said. He turned to Jason. “Race you back to camp?”

Jason grinned. “As long as you’re cool with losing.”

Blackjack snorted. “In your dreams,” Percy translated.

“Boys,” Annabeth said with a smirk.

Percy climbed onto Blackjack then helped Annabeth up behind him. Jason and Blackjack walked up to the edge of the walkway.

“3… 2… 1… GO!” Percy shouted.

Jason pushed off the walkway. He shot like a bullet to Long Island leaving Blackjack in his dust.

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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    Once again THANK U REBECCA for doing this and creating this awesome site :), u are truely a amazing friend and a even awesomer demigod

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