Rebecca’s Final Fight

Rebecca’s Final Fight

Here is my fight for the Final Fight for the Arena! I made sure to include all the fighters who won their team fights. Hope you like it!

Rebecca’s Final Fight

Written by Rebecca King

The Arena was the largest I had seen it. A good deal of running would need to be accomplished in order to get all three flags and get the heck out of there. I stood inside a circle, scooping out the terrain in front of me. I did not focus on the green hills in front of me as I knew the terrain would be changing soon.

“Heroes!” Chiron’s voice bounced around the Arena. “Your task is to capture all three flags and escape the Arena alive. Each of you has a Mist buffer around you. This will allow for you to be killed or attacked without any harm. You will feel pain, however. If hit in the vital areas, you will be ‘killed’ and out of the game. Good luck, heroes! May the best demigod win!”

A bell rang signaling the start. I jumped out of the circle and ran to the top of the closest hill. In the distance, I could make out a flag waving in the air. Just as I spotted it, the ground ripple and thunder clapped as the green hills changed to an eerie forest with a blazing thunderstorm overhead.

My sixth sense sounded the alarm as I was attacked from behind. Kit with her longbow shot an arrow. I dodged the arrow, making a mental note to bring a shield next time. I climbed the closest tree to take shelter. I could not hear her because of her silent boots. The rain flattened my bangs and I shook my head to get them out of my vision. I searched the ground for the sneaky Hermes girl.

The tree disappeared from under my feet and I fell into the water. An angry sea threatened to drag me under. I hand grabbed my foot and did just that. I twisted around and grabbed ahold of something slicing through the water. The knife cut across my palm, but it was a small price compared to get stabbed in the neck. I reacted by kicking Kit away. I swam away from her and suddenly was jerked away by an undercurrent. The water threatened to suffocate me and I prayed to Mr. D to hurry up with the change. He listened and I slid across dirt and hit against a row of grapes, coughing water out of my lungs. A bunch of grapes fell off and hit me in the head. Very funny, I thought. I rolled to my left under a row of grapevines.

“You will not take this glory away from me!”

Hmm? I stood quickly and spotted two things. The glorious flag and an angry daughter of Hecate.

“You!” she growled. “You’re the one that created the Arena!”

“Uh, hi,” I replied. I tightened my grip on the club. In my mind, I planned to run, grab the flag, and get out of Dodge. Unfortunately, not everything came out as planned.

I ran forward, holding out my bloody hand to grab the flag.

Vertunt in terra mustela!” Rachel shouted.

A blaze of yellow shot out of her staff. The spell hit me square in the chest, but I kept running. My hands tingled. The ground was coming up to meet me. What in the world? Fur sprang onto my hands and up my arms. I kept running and reached to grab the flag, but my paw – wait, what? I screamed, but it came out as a squeak. I circled around, chasing my tail.

Rachel laughed. “I turned you into a weasel, daughter of Nike! Not so victorious now!”

I jumped in the air, trying to reach the flag, but I was nowhere near close enough. Rachel kept laughing – or I should say cackling. She grabbed the flag, bending down and to pet me. I charged her and bit her finger, growling with defiance. She shrieked, cursing in Ancient Greek and dropping the flag. I snatched the fabric in my jaws and ran, ripping it from the flag post. I easily maneuvered the grapevines with my small body.

WeaselThe environment changed around me and I was in the snow. Hmm… I could really go for a tasty hamster right now. I tunneled my way into a hole to escape the witch. The snow tunnel was shrinking and my appetite for a hamster was going away. Wait a sec, I was growing. I burst out of the snow, back to my demigod-self with my club in hand and the flag in my mouth. I transferred the flag into my pocket. One down, two to go.

Before I knew it, I stumbled across Sarianna and Wendy playing tug-of-war with flag número dos. Sarianna was covered in flour from Wendy’s flour bombs. They had cuts on both of them and their weapons lay to waste. I kept running right up behind Wendy. I swung my club as hard as I could, smacking Wendy across the back of the head. It went against my instinct to not hurt a friend, but I remembered Chiron’s words, reprogramming my thoughts to turn my friends in the Arena into enemies. Wendy would be okay just like the rest.

Wendy dropped, dead or at least unconscious. Sarianna ran from me. I gave chase. I grabbed my knife and threw it, stopping her dead. I pulled the flag from her hand, trying not to look at the damage I had done.

The snow melted away to reveal a cracking salt flat. I put the second flag in my pocket. A blade emerged out of thin air followed by the agile body of Connor as he teleported in front of me. His deadly katana sliced through the edge of my neck. I blocked the blade before he could behead me. We fought, blade to club, exhausting our strength, but never giving up. I jump-kicked him in the chest, knocking him away.

The ground shook and a mountain of rocks rose out of the earth. A landslide of boulders tumbled down the slope. I took off running to escape the rockslide. Connor flew off, staying in the air above me. Once the terrain changed, he could collect the flags from my dead body. A rock slammed into my back, knocking me to the ground. Rocks tumbled across my body. The shaking stopped and I realized I was in a pocket smashed between large boulders. I laughed at my luck.

The salt flat softened and turned to sand. I slipped away from the boulders and fell into a dark place. My legs buckled as I hit the ground and my hands skidded to stop me. The knife wound flared up on my palm. I felt around and my hands moved over smooth stone. I used the wall to pull myself up.

A light filled the black void to my left and I peered through the distance to realize it was a computer screen lighting the space. Musicluvr was using her laptop’s screen to guide herself through the tunnel. I used the light to my advantage and spotted an offshoot. I hobbled over to it. It was a tight area and I would only be able to crawl. Before the daughter of Athena could see me, I scrambled through the opening. The small tunnel curved then came to a stop with the tunnel continuing straight upwards. I spotted stars and knew this was my exit. I placed my hands on each wall then brought my feet up. My palm cried, but I ignored it. I was good at ignoring the pain. I chimney climbed up and out of the ground. It seriously looked like I was on the moon with gray rock and craters filling the Arena.

I blinked and the terrain changed around me. Graythorn bushes exploded out of the ground. The bushes’ spikes scrapped against every bit of exposed skin and cut through my clothes as they grew to double their normal size. I heard a shriek and recognized it as Hannah. I had to get to her, but when I moved the spikes dug in, making scratches everywhere. I beat the bushes away from me and clobbered my way towards the daughter of Athena. I spotted bushes shaking, but did not spot anything. She must have been invisible. I stopped, watching the area and waiting.

Heather MoorsThe bushes shriveled and the terrain changed to heather moors. It was quite beautiful, but I did not have time to stop and stare. I sprinted forwards and tackled the invisible Hannah to the ground. I knocked away her cap, allowing me to see her. It was just in time as she shoved a knife at my face. I rolled away, releasing her. Still on the ground I threw my knife into her leg. She flung herself at me, using both hands to hold the knife. I caught her hands, the blade cutting into the tip of my nose. I got my legs under her and flipped her over my head. We scrambled to our feet and faced each other. I could see in her eyes she was calculating her next move. She reached down and pulled my knife from her leg and tossed it away.

“I suppose you wouldn’t let me bandage my leg?” Hannah asked.

I knew what she was trying to do. Sympathize with me. We were friends, but the wound actually was not hurting her. I felt heartless, but I shook my head no. It was in my blood to be victorious. I thought about just turning and running to find the other flag until I noticed something shoved into the side of her boot, getting wet with her blood. The third flag. I swallowed hard. Okay, I could do this. This was just a game. I wasn’t actually hurting her.

I attacked. I held the club in both hands and swung at her hand as she stabbed out at me. Her wrist broke with the force. I swung back across and smacked her in the head. She dropped like a sack of potatoes. I took the flag out of her boot and moved it to my pocket then fetched my knife.

I looked around my surrounds. I was somewhat close to the edge of the Arena, but there was only one door out and it was on the far side from me. I had another plan and ran for the closest edge of the Arena. The landscaped changed around me this time to a swamp. Mud and water rose around my feet and I fell into the water. My first thought was ALLIGATORS! and the thought propelled me to the surface. I swam for the shore.

An arrow shot me in the back in the armor. Without looking who had fired it, I dove underwater. I swam in the direction of shore. The water was too murky to see through, but I could feel the roots of a mangrove tree. I held onto the roots, waiting. I hoped the shooter would either think I drowned or I hoped the environment would change. The second did not happen and I was out of air so I carefully rose to the surface. As soon as my head escaped the water, a golden arrow hit inches above my head into the trunk of the tree. Jojo’s arrow. I dove again. I pulled myself through the roots and surfaced on the other side of the tree. An arrow did not come which meant from this direction, the daughter of Apollo could not see me.

However, her half-brother, David, could. David moved with stealth towards me. His eyes were solely focused on me. He had obviously been in a fight by his bruises. I could tell he was holding his invisible sword and his shield was strapped to his arm. However, his throwing knife was gone. At least I had a chance.

Candy CaneI grabbed ahold of the tree and climbed it. I wanted to get some elevation between him and me. The terrain changed, but this time I wasn’t thrown out of the tree. Instead everything around me changed to pink and white and different, unnatural colors. It looked like the terrain was straight out of Candy Land. Pinks clouds floated by. I realized I was holding onto a candy cane tree.

David stopped at the base of the tree. “Either give me the flag or I’ll wait for the ground to change and the tree to disappear.”

“I don’t have a flag,” I lied.

“Oh really, what’s that sticking out of your pocket?”

I looked down. Oops. The one flag was hanging out of my pocket. I shoved it back in. I looked around and spotted a castle made of ice cream cones. Standing in the one window was a shooter. I saw Jojo and she saw me, but I was too late to duck. The arrow hit me in the arm. My grip loosened and I fell. The candy cane was too slippery and I fell all the way down and onto a lake of Jell-O. It cushioned my fall and I bounced up and down. Another arrow struck me, this time hitting me in my armor.

I felt like cursing, but I just focused on getting out of here. I ran, away from Jojo and away from David, escaping into the candy cane forest. As I ran, I took the one flag and wrapped it around my bleeding arm. I heard a shout behind me, more of anger than of fright, from Jojo. She and David must have run into each other. Good, it’s what I needed.

Candy Land disappeared and was replaced with pitch black. The ground was smooth, so I kept running. I figured I would just run into the edge of the Arena. But I was stopped in my tracks as I slammed into something too close to be the wall. The air was knocked out of me. I heard the distinct British accent as he cursed. Connor. I felt like groaning. I was too tired to handle him and his agile moves. If I could just slip away…

A hand grabbed my ankle, stopping me in place. I was pulled away from the ground and up into the air. I realized what he was going to do. He was going to drop me right onto my head. But if I fought him, he would just drop me anyway, so I waited and waited. His fingers loosened and he released my ankle. At the same time, I grabbed his foot. I dropped and swung, hanging below him. He somersaulted sideways through the air at the sudden jerk. I held on for dear life as we flew out of control. A sun was rising and I spotted a lake that we were about to fly over. I yanked his shoe off and dropped into the water. I sputtered to the surface just in time to see Connor crash into a nearby forest.

I was closer than ever to the edge of the Arena. I got out of the lake and ran through the forest. It looked strangely familiar to Lord of the Rings. I ran right up to the wall. It was ten to fifteen feet high and smooth, nothing to grab on to. I could climb just about anything, but I wasn’t Spider-Man. Before it was too late, I scaled the closest tree. I threw my club into the stadium. I balanced my way out onto a limb. I jumped across the distance, grabbing ahold of the edge of the wall and pulled myself into the stands. I did it! I did it! I picked up my club and victoriously waved it.

“You must completely escape the Arena, Miss King,” Mr. D reminded over the loudspeaker. Of course, now he remembers my name and now everyone in the Arena was about to be after me!

I darted up the steps in between the rows. A jerk of an Ares kid stuck out his foot to trip me and he almost succeeded, but I jumped over his foot, taking the steps two at a time. To my left I spotted a running figure moving to intersect me. Musicluvr. How the heck did she get in the stands already? I would have changed my course, but I spotted Kit to my right. They were about to wedge me in. I ran straight, spotting an opening in the arches. Would the Mist buffer work outside the Arena? Time to test it out.

Kit disappeared from my vision, so I threw my knife at Musicluvr. She tumbled forward and vanished between the stands.


Kit was instantly in front of me and shoved a knife at my throat. I grabbed her wrist, the blade brushing against my skin. She put her weight into it. I clubbed her arm, but that did not stop her. She threw herself at me, knocking me down a couple steps. I kept ahold of her hand and twisted. I placed my knee to the back of her knee and brought her down to the ground. I hit her in the face. I jumped over her and kept running.

I made it to the top and jumped through the archway, jumping from the Arena. As I fell I knew I had won. I was victorious! I smiled, proud of my accomplishment. And then I hit the ground and was met with a black blanket covering my vision. Not all victories were painless.

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Kitkatgirl200 - April 24, 2014

    Do you really think me so violent? :'(

    This is like, really really great, although I can’t say I’m surprised. It was interesting to see how other people see the arena though. (I’m kinda ashamed to say this is the first story I’ve read outside my own little group.) (I am a horrible person) (And apparently I like to stab people. A lot)

    • Rebecca King - April 24, 2014

      Haha, well based off of your stories… no you’re not so violent. :D I thought about giving you some comedic lines, but I wasn’t sure what to say that would bring justice to your personality, so trying to cut my throat out it was. After all, you are related to your Bub.

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