Rebirth: Chapter 2 by Neiges

Rebirth: Chapter 2 by Neiges

Neiges apologizes for the long wait, but Chapter 2 is here!

Chapter Two

Half blood.

That was Ken’s first thought when he woke from the horrible sleep of death. Wow, I have another life! I – oh no.

Standing over him were two huge people. One had a golden aura, with a dazzling smile. Wait, how do I know that? Her mouth isn’t even open! On her face was makeup, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, and much more. But the expression on her face was deadly serious. She said to the man next to her, “This is impossible. He is not handsome. He is not in a golden cradle. And he looks weird. What did you do wrong?”

The man next to her had no reply. He looked a lot more like a dad you might see at a Hollywood premiere. “I have… no idea. Just let it be. Assume he will look better by his third week. That’s all we can do,”

Then Ken realized something. The figures weren’t huge, he was tiny!

He had a new life. New features, new eye color, even new gender.

Which meant he had just been born.

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