Red Team vs Ladon

Red Team vs Ladon

The Red Team:

Jason, Son of Hermes (Team Leader)

Armita, Daughter of Hades
Ashe, daughter of Ares
Atom, Son of Poseidon
Cate, Daughter of Poseidon
Dilip, Son of Hades
Dimitris, Son of Poseidon
Louis, Son of Tyche
Mark John, Son of Dionysus

About Ladon

Red Team Vs Ladon

The Red Team was ready. Jason had led a strategy meeting hours earlier and Dilip had given brief bios of the most famous of the Greek monsters. Now, the team formed their positions and were waiting for the signal. The Poseidon kids, Cate, Atom, and Dimitris, were playing in the water, creating liquid tridents and watery figures. Armita and Dilip, children of Hades, were stationed in midfield. They were disappearing and reappearing with the Hades’ Helm of Darkness. Armita was swinging her the Sword of Hades, which he was kind enough to loan her for the games. She accidentally let go of the sword and it sailed through the air, slashing through a few trees. The trees melted into shadow as Armita quickly retrieved her sword, acting like nothing had happened. On the front lines, Mark John, Louis, Ashe, and Jason we’re also getting a few extra seconds of practice in. Louis, son of Tyche, shuffled a hand of cards and slid out a card marked with a dagger. He threw the card in the direction of a tree. The card sliced a branch in half and embedded itself in another. Ashe, daughter of Ares, twirled her spear like a baton, periodically sending a barrage of flames into the sky. Jason tied his winged Converse shoes and sharpened his sword, ready to fly or run fast (a true son of Hermes).

A noise resounded through the woods, it was a horn! The game had begun! Then anothernoise followed. Hissing and heavy footsteps. Something very large was coming toward the Red Team.

“Positions!” Jason yelled, “Front line, ready!” Emerging from the forest’s shadows was Ladon, the hundred headed dragon, guardian of Hera’s wedding gift. Jason called out to his teammates, “Steady.”

The Red Team momentarily stood stunned, then all Hades broke loose as the team sprung into action. Grapevines slithered up the dragon, constricting it. Ladon struggled against Mark John’s power. A few of the grapevines snapped as Ladon vehemently writhed in outrage. The rest of the front line quickly took advantage of the situation. Louis sent a few Spades slicing into Ladon’s necks. Ashe pressed a button on the shaft of her spear. Flames engulfed the dragon and at least half of the heads were roasted down to ashes. Jason got a running start then flew up and slashed down about six heads.

Louis pulled a shiny card from his sleeve. He read aloud from the back of the card, “Courtesy of the Lotus Casino.” He grinned and threw it. The card landed in one of Ladon’s thicker necks. The Lotus logo glowed a hot pink and golden light shimmered over the dragon’s body. An overhead tree branch snapped and landed directly on two heads.

“What was that?” Ashe yelled.

“A good luck card,” Louis replied, “Always a wild card.”

Mark John stepped forward and held a single grape in his palm. He grinned evilly (or perhaps drunkenly) as he crushed it. Sunlight was tinged purple as the feeling of pure insanity washed over the woods. The wave of madness converged on Ladon. Some of his heads began biting each other, while others intertwining with each other.

A torrent of water came splashing through the woods. Ladon roared in protest, but got a mouthful of water. Cate came running up and viciously lunged for the dragon. Poof! With the aid of water, another ten heads gone. Armita also joined the fray. Ladon just recovered from the water and head butted Louis and Ashe. They slammed into a tree and were knocked unconscious.

“Armita! Get ready!” Jason flew over to her and picked her up. They knew how to finish the monster. As the son of Hermes and daughter of Hades sailed into the sky, winged shoes fluttering and all, they made a 180 degree turn and came barreling for the dragon. Jason let go of Armita just as she pulled out Sword of Hades and plunged it into Ladon’s back. The dragon’s body went rigid and exploded into a cloud of yellow powder and scales.

Cate ran over to the limp bodies of Louis and Ashe and began feeding them ambrosia and nectar, the food of the gods.

A strong wind rushed through the forest, rustling the leaves and bending the branches. The Read Team watched as the yellow monster powder began to swirl around as if in a mini cyclone. The powder color began to turn a metallic gold as it swept into the shape of an apple. As soon as they started, the winds were gone.

Atom gasped, “One of Hera’s golden apples.” Jason crouched down, afraid to touch such a mighty spoil. The round fruit glimmered in the light.

Armita knelt down beside Jason and ran her hand along the apple’s smooth side. Jason noticed that she had suffered a bite on her leg. The daughter of Hades spoke in a hushed tone, “It’s solid gold, worth millions of drachma!” Jason gingerly scooped the apple up, but he held it away from his body as if it was nuclear armed.

The sound of hoofbeats snapped the mesmerized eyes of the Red Team away from the apple. Chiron, with Kitkatgirl200 (the judge) on his back rode.

Chiron spoke with a a glint of admiration in his eye, “Well done. Will that be added to the attic collection?” Kitkatgirl200 held a strong poker face in the brief exchange before riding off on Chiron. Whatever her feeling were, the Red Team didn’t know. They were just happy to survive.

Each of the Red Team turned to each other, bruised and bloodied, and smiled. The strategy and combined effort by all of the sons and daughters of Hades, Ares, Poseidon, Tyche, Hermes, and Dionysus led to the complete destruction of the hundred headed dragon, Ladon.


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  1. Jason - October 29, 2012

    yea who won ill buy anything u want

  2. Kitkatgirl200 - October 29, 2012

    I admit to cracking up and singing ‘Poker Face’ when I showed up.

  3. Hannah - October 29, 2012

    Nice job. (since I’m on my phone, this next bit should be under Jason’s comment)
    NEVER. Insult the children of Athena, Zeus, Apollo and Hephaestus. You will regret it. No! You WILL regret it. :|

  4. jason - October 28, 2012

    thats how you kick monster but blue team you taking notes!???!

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