My Riptide Sword

With the resent release of the two Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief posters, Riptide the personal sword of Percy Jackson has been released. Below is a analysis and discussion of the changes in the movie prop from the books.

Riptide (in Greek, Anaklusmos) is Percy Jackson’s demigod sword. Riptide is made out of celestial bronze, a material that is only effective on magical creatures such as the Minotaur. Mortals see riptide as a gun and riptide cannot harm mortals. Riptide’s most useful feature is the fact that it takes the form of a ballpoint pen (that reads “Anaklusmos” on the side) when not in use. Once the pen is uncapped, it transforms into sword form. Percy cannot ever lose Riptide for if he drops Riptide the sword returns into his pocket in pen form. Riptide is given to Percy by Chiron to defeat Mrs. Dodds at the beginning of Lightning Thief. Riptide was formerly owned and used by the Demigod Hercules.
Movie Poster Riptide Description

Riptide from Percy Jackson Movie Poster
Riptide from the movie poster

First looking at the Riptide from the Percy Jackson movie poster you see the classic Hoplite sword form. The blade of the hoplite sword are leaf-shaped blades called xiphos and are usually around to two feet long. The large pommel counterweights the added weight of the leaf-shaped blade making a more balanced and easier to use weapon. The crossguard is interesting on this sword as it retains the classic hoplite look but adds a upward design which looks like an upside down crest.


There are three changes that are evident from the the movie poster. According to page 13 of The Lightning Thief riptide is bronze (celestial bronze to be exact) as well as in the book cover art. This fits with the hoplite sword and the the sword is a golden color. It is unclear from the movie poster but the sword seems not to be golden in color. Not a big deal.

Secondly, the sword’s general shape is that of a hoplite sword and in the book cover art the sword is in the shape of well…a large dagger.

Lastly, the crosspiece in the book cover art is hard to put into words but looks protrudes at the ends. The movie riptide has a classic guard of a hoplite sword and just is shaped as a block. The only difference from a classic hoplite sword is the ornamental guard extension up the blade. It gives the sword a little more elegance but has no real use but to push your opponents sword up and over the guard, cutting off your arm, hand, or head. But it looks good!

Riptide from Lightning Thief Book Cover
Riptide from Lightning Thief Book Cover

Riptide from Battle of the Labrinyth Book Cover
Riptide from Battle of the Labrinyth Book Cover