Sarianna’s Final Fight: Part One

Sarianna’s Final Fight: Part One

Drum roll! Sarianna divides hers into several parts so here is Part One of the Final Fight for the Arena!

Sarianna’s Final Fight
Part One

Written by Sarianna

So one more fight to go and it will be the hardest one I have to face yet. I will go up against all of the winners and try to get three flags. I strap my bow and arrows, my dagger, and sword, pull on my boots, put in my contacts. Then I stick my long blond hair in a bun with a net around it. Time to go. I start heading to where all the winners are gathered to begin the last part. We each have a chamber that we enter. The chamber acts like an elevator and takes us up to the Arena. The chamber is small but it works. I go in and sit down in the middle of the floor and prepare myself for the fight ahead. There are 9 fighters that I will go up against. Mentally I go over what I know about each of my competitors.

Connor, son of Hermes
Weapons/Magical Items: Celestial Bronze Katana, Winged Shoes, Handheld Crossbow
Abilities: Short distance teleports (only within eyesight), enhanced agility
Other: Hermes is the god of merchants, therefore I was able to barter with the with the Hephaestus cabin to make me some chameleon armour, although not as strong as normal armour it is able to change colour to the background, which combined with my high speed makes me a hard target.

Hannah, daughter of Athena
Weapons/Magical Items: Invisibility Cap, Bow & arrows, Knife

Rebecca King, daughter of Nike
Weapons/Magical Items: Celestial Bronze Club, 2 Celestial bronze throwing knives
Abilities: Can climb anything, athletic, fast
Other: Competitive

David Young, son of Apollo
Weapons/Magical Items: Invisible sword Half iron, half bronze shield, Throwing Knife
Abilities: special ability to heal during battle
Other: Armour is made of light iron so I can be a quick 15 year old boy!

Rachel, daughter of Hecate
Weapons/Magical Items: Staff
Abilities: Magic, control the mist

Kit, daughter of Hermes
Weapons/Magical Items: Simple dagger, A drum stick that turns into a long bow, Boots that makes your footsteps silent
Abilities: With lots of focus, short range teleportation

Jojo, daughter of Apollo
Weapons/Magical Items: Golden bow & arrows, Bracelet shield, Small, curved bronze dagger
Abilities: Athletic, musically talented, great eyesight, slightly manipulate light
Other: Can draw well

Wendy, daughter of Athena
Weapons/Magical Items: short sword, tiny shield, sack of small bombs which when it explodes turn into flour
Abilities: Quite good with a sword, fast reflexes, good with battle strategies & agile

Musicluvr, daughter of Athena
Weapons/Magical Items: Knife, laptop, my brains
Abilities: Super smart and clever like mom…good with plans.

Knowing what I am up against I grab a quick bite to eat, straighten my outfit, draw my sword and press the button to notify them I am ready. Once all of the fighters pressed their call button the elevators rose out of the Arena floor. Dionysus’s voice sounded through a speaker in each elevator to notify us what would happen.

“The person who finds the most flags wins. There are three hidden and finding a flag signifies the end of a round. Any players who are injured to the point of not being able to participate will be pulled out. Anyone who kills another player will be disqualified. With that, may the best win.”

Lush Green ForestSuddenly all the doors whooshed open and all of the fighters stepped out into a lush green forest.

I quickly decided that going up a tree would be good in terms of figuring out where to go. Although it would be hard to move around but on the ground I could be a sitting duck. Oh well I’ll just go with the ground for now.  I drew my bow, notched an arrow and advanced quickly darting between the trees. As I was running I suddenly hear a twig crack. I scamper up the nearest tree as quick as I can. Then look around and wait for my enemy to unveil itself. The bushes at the base of my tree start to rustle and out pops a little baby rabbit. I relax slowly and vote for the trees. Not going to risk it anymore.

I quickly swing from tree to tree or jump alternating to whichever is needed. Suddenly I notice a shape weaving through the shadows of the trees. It is Hannah, daughter of Athena. She was there then she was gone. I guess she must have put her cap on, darn. Maybe she saw me? I hope not. I would like to get this flag without a problem. Oh well I might as well just keep going and hope I do not get attacked by her cause that might make getting the flag a little hard. I’m not sure how much time passed (but it sure felt like a long time) when all of a sudden I saw it. I saw the flag. I WAS GOING TO WIN!!!

I start to jump up and down forgetting I was in a tree then it starts to pour and I fall out of my tree. Oops. I lay on the ground dazed for awhile then when my head has stopped pounding I cautiously sit up and notice the flag was like dissolving??? It is a projection image which means a child of Athena. I jump to my feet and look around for the culprit. I can’t see any sign of another person but I decide to keep searching for a clue. It is raining hard now making it hard to see but it will be easy to track someone in the rain. I start searching the ground for footprints as I was walking. My first mistake focusing so intently on the ground that I don’t notice the person sneaking up behind me. My second mistake I forgot to draw my sword as I was walking. I am quite vulnerable. I only remember this after my shoulder was impaled in a tree with an arrow and Hannah was standing in front of me twirling her knife.

“I wonder if all children of Apollo are as quick to jump to conclusions as you. Well done, falling for the same trick twice.”

“Ugh Hannah, How do you know that I wasn’t just baiting you for a trap of my own?”

“Well then if you have a Trap then I am waiting for you.”

I need to think. Come on, Sarianna, you can do this you just need to think of a good plan. Wait! Why is she concerned with me shouldn’t she be out looking for the flag? Ahah I have it the perfect plan.

“So Hannah is it true that you have the flag already?”

“What???” She was extremely shocked where did that come from?

“Well I just thought since you were focused on me and the illusion of the flag and all. I just thought that perhaps it was time for round 2?”

“Well you are smart I do have the flag.”

“Sweet can I see it please.”

“Ummm Well….. I… Wont.. show it to you..”

“Why do you not actually have it?”

” I do have it .” Hannah was starting to get slightly agitated.

“Well you can’t have it because I have it.”

” Well if you have it show it to me ok but you have to take the arrow out of my shoulder.”

“How do I know I can trust you.”

“Oh well I guess you don’t want to see it.” I try to shrug my shoulders and act like oh well I guess it doesn’t matter to you. Its your choice. But instead it came out looking weird and I yelped from the pain. Then Hannah walked over to me and pulled out the arrow. I was prepared. I raced off the minute the arrow left my shoulder.

“Wahoooo I’m free I thought you would be smarter than that.”

“Oh I am smart I knew you would do that,”  Hannah whispered to the air “All of you are the same. You are hot-headed.”

As I was running I notice something. It is the flag but this time I will be more cautious. Carefully I walk up to it and touch it. It is real it really is the flag. Suddenly Connor jumped out of a tree.

“Well hello there Saraianna are you lost?”

“NO I am not.”

With that I lunge at Connor with my sword in one hand and my dagger in the other. I start to slash ferociously. The pain in my shoulder increases greatly with every swipe and slash. Then I realize that if I grab the flag and run back to the clearing I can win. I raced over to the flag, tuck away my dagger and hoist the flag into the air then I begin to run like I was on fire. Quickly other Demigod fighters melt out of the trees and we start and all out battle everyone trying to get the flag away from me. I felt invincible no one could get close enough to grab the flag away from me.

PathAt that moment a small pathway opened up making it so I could get home free. I began to run slashing anyone who came close and dodging mini battles I was free. I race towards the clearing and come out breathless there a small spot where Dionysus was standing. The flag needs to get there. I charge. Once I was in front of the mound of dirt I hoist the flag high in the air and stab in into the ground. I had won round one. Now I need to find two more flags.

End of Part One

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