Sarianna’s Final Fight: Part Three

Sarianna’s Final Fight: Part Three

Here is part three and the final part for Sarianna’s Final Fight for the Arena! Links to Part One and Part Two. Also a reminder that today is the last day, but you still have all day to submit!

Sarianna’s Final Fight
Part Three

Written by Sarianna

HelicopterI was in a helicopter flying over a series of 5 islands all in a row representing the 4 seasons a desert for summer, a meadow for spring, a forest for fall and a Canadian winter field for winter. The last island was a large volcano that was active that was where the flag was. This was going to be fun. There were only 3 of us left. Rebecca, Wendy and me. After receiving clearance to land my Satyr driver dropped me off on the landing platform on the winter island.

“Thanks,” I yelled.

“Good luck,” answered the Satyr. With that he took off and I was left in the cold.

“Oh look a penguin, my favourite animal. He is sooo cute.  Well I better get moving. That flag wont find itself.” I start to walk to the north towards Spring. After about an hour of walking I finally see the shore of spring.

“Wahooo no more cold.” I race towards spring. Jumping as I go. I know that sounds weird but it is extremely cold here.

I halt at the edge of a river dividing the two seasons. Hmm I need to cross this but I don’t want to go through it cause it might be cold. Oh look a bridge. Perfect. I race over to the bridge and carefully cross it once I’m across I am instantly warmer. Ahh sun heat. Looking around I notice a herd of horses and one beautiful horse walks over to me.

“Hello child of Apollo. I am one of the horses from Apollo’s chariot herd.”

“Hi. I am Sarianna. What are you called?”

“I am called Harp.”

“Sweet can you give me a ride to Summer please?”

“Sure. That is why I am here. Climb aboard.” I climb onboard the gorgeous golden stallion and gently press his sides. He starts to gallop away smoothly. I cry out in joy. The wind blows my hair all around. But it does not last forever. Too soon was the ride over. I dismount then hug Harp. I whisper in Harps ear.

“Thank-you.” Then Harp vanishes.

“Ahh the desert I think I will swim across the river this time. It will be good to be cool for this one.”

I jump into the river and swim slowly across to the other side and the dessert. I slowly clamber out of the river and notice that I can already see Fall.

“Good it is a small island.”

“Yes it is isn’t it.” I pull out my dagger and spin around coming face to face with Wendy.

“Well well look who it is. I see you are no longer at the bottom of a dog pile good.” I guess she was mad at me for leaving her at the mercy of the soldiers cause she attacked me. I had pulled out my sword thankfully and was able to deflect the attack. Instead of fighting I decide to  turn and run weaving back and forth until I was a ways away from her. I look back and see her looking at me in disbelief that I hadn’t fought back.

“What too scared to fight?” she called.

“Nope,” I muttered to myself “just waiting for the perfect spot to shoot you with an arrow.” With that I drew my bow, aimed ,and fired, down she went. I turned and ran towards fall.

A small stream separated the two seasons this time. Small enough and shallow enough to run across not getting too wet. I start to run through the beautiful forest dodging trees like a graceful deer. About halfway to the end of the island I plow through Rebecca and continue to run.

“Sorry.” I continue to run with Rebecca behind me a lot madder now and shouting. Oops.

“I’ll get you Sarianna, you’ll see, I will get you.” After I hear that I start to really push myself trying to stay away from her.

“Look the glorious river.” I plow through it onto the island with the flag. I can see the flag now it is at the top of the volcano Waving in the wind. There are steps going up the volcano to the flag. I start up the steps pausing only to see if Rebecca is behind me. She is and boy does she ever look mad I spin around and start to run up the steps. Rebecca is behind me and starting to catch up. Uh Oh. Halfway up the mountain I pause at a rest area and take a sip of nectar from the nectar fountain. Yummy tuti fruti jellybeans.

“There you are I will get you. ”

“Hi, Bye!” The I start up the volcano again fully refreshed. I start to slow down. “Ugh I am getting tired I must reach the top come on, Sarianna, you can do it. I know you can. You’ve come so far now you can’t give up now.” An hour later I made it to the top.

“YES I MADE IT!!!!!!!!”


“AHHH REBECCA! How did you get here so fast?” She reached down and pulled off Connor’s flying shoes.

‘How did you get those?”

“I borrowed them.”

She grinned from ear to ear and went to pull out her sword. Seeing the movement I pull mine out and deflect her strike. Then we start to battle along the edge of the volcano. She was pushing me hard and I was tired and sore. I was starting to slow when I notice a piece of metal machinery that isn’t melting so I go and jump on it to get away from her. She follows me jumping on a different one. We continue to fight like that for a long time switching floating metal pieces until she manages to get onto the same large floating metal dock thing as me. I start to fight hard and she does too because out goal is close by. I manage to jump off and grab the flag from the edge of the volcano. Rebecca follows me knowing that if she can get the flag from me she could win. Suddenly I stop, stick out my foot, and she trips falling down the side of the volcano. I race to the giant arrow and put the flag into it. When it goes into the hole a large gust of wind blows me to the center of the Arena where Dionysus is waiting with a laurel crown. Everyone is cheering especially my cabin mates. They are cheering loudly. Dionysus holds his hand up for silence and everyone is quiet.

“Congratulations Sarianna for winning. Here you are.” He places the crown on my head. “That was entertaining all those deaths. Sadly they weren’t real they are all still very alive.” Then he is gone and I am hoisted onto the shoulders of my siblings where I promptly fall asleep.

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Sarianna - April 27, 2014

    lol thanks i decided to go star wars for the ending.

  2. Rebecca King - April 26, 2014

    Excellent ending! I was so close to getting the flag, but you bested me. :P

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