Sarianna’s Final Fight: Part Two

Sarianna’s Final Fight: Part Two

Here is Part Two of Sarianna’s Final Fight! If you haven’t read Part One, here is the link. Also a reminder that today is the last day, but you still have all day to submit!

Sarianna’s Final Fight
Part Two

Written by Sarianna

After setting the flag in the mound of dirt, the scenery changed and I was in scuba gear?!!!!! UNDERWATER!!! How In the world am I supposed to fight under water?? Oh well I might as well as get a move on.

Then in my helmet I heard an automated voice say, “Round two only 9 fighters left. Jojo daughter of Apollo has had to stop fighting due to a severe injury to her head. She should be fine soon but she is now out. Good Luck and find that flag.”

I start to swim away towards a huge forest of seaweed when all of a sudden it starts to snow underwater. I know crazy right. I didn’t think that was possible. I start to think that it might be Christmas in the underwater land when I see a fat red fish swim by with a white beard. Then I noticed a coral tree with a starfish on the top of it and shells hanging off of it in places. I stare at the strange spectacle for a while then I start to swim again. Now where to find a flag underwater? Hmm…. If I was hiding a flag where would I put it? Maybe it isn’t actually underwater maybe it is on a boat or on an island somewhere. I should probably surface and start looking rather than swim underwater.

I surface slowly then look around far off into the middle of the ocean a huge boat was anchored there that was my target. Hmm it is snowing out here too weird. I go to dive back under when suddenly I notice something important. Fort Sumter. I was in Charleston. Now I have to decide AHHH the Hunley. I roll to the side quickly to avoid being impaled onto the front of it. When I turn around to look at it again I notice something quite strange about it. OMW Hannah, David and Rachel are stuck to the spear on the front of it.


That is going to be bad. I wonder if they will still be ok after I have gotten the other flag? Wait the ship I saw the Hunley is going to crash into it!! Oh well I really need to get to shore. I quickly surface and look towards the ship. I notice a figure standing on the highest peak wait now they are flying oh great it is Connor now I really need to hurry. I start to swim like crazy towards Fort Sumter. Then suddenly I stop wait maybe I can shoot him out of the sky. I surface and pullout my bow knock an arrow on it aim the fire. I hear him cry out then a splash. I had hit my target yes. Now 5 left.

I put my bow away and start to swim again still heading towards Fort Sumter. After awhile of swimming I notice someone walking on the ocean floor hmm maybe I should pay them a visit. Nah I’ll keep going. So I resume swimming again. Finally I have reached land. I quickly clamber awkwardly onto shore and strip the scuba suit off.

“Ahh much better. Now I can move again.”

“That’s goodm ” a voice behind me said then I felt the cold metal of a dagger at my throat.

“Great just Great,” I mumble under my breath “So who is it that would be so bold to stick a dagger at my throat?”

“That would be me.”

“Oh Hi Me. You know that is a really weird name but I wont judge I am sure you are just the nicest person in the whole world.”

Whoever had the dagger at my throat spun me around so I was facing them. Oh its Connor oops and is that my arrow sticking out of his shoulder?

“Hi Connor. Umm you have a little something sticking out of your shoulder,” I cautiously told him that while pointing at his shoulder looking a little sheepish.

“No way I totally didn’t notice that. Thank you so much Sarianna.”

When he said my name he spat as if it tasted gross in his mouth. I needed to get away from him and to the flag hmm.

“Hey Connor look over there the flag.” I pointed over at the big ship. He spun around and looked at it. Then I grabbed my dagger and stuck it in his back. He yelped and fell forward.

“Sorry,” I told him then I grabbed my dagger took one last look at the ship just as it blew up and ran right into Musicluvr. Of course I can just here people telling me don’t run with scissors or a lollipop in your mouth and I would think that goes the same with a knife oops. I had my knife out in front of me as I was running and I think I might of almost killed her oops. I will remember that for next time. I yell Sorry over my shoulder and keep running. Well you might say the universe decided to get back at me because I wasn’t looking where I was going and tripped over Rebecca’s foot and almost impaled myself on my knife. Yes I know I should have put it away.

“Well look at that you almost killed yourself.” Rebecca stood over me laughing like crazy. “How are you doing?”

“I am great just thanks.” I dripped sarcasm from every word a lot of sarcasm or at least I think it was sarcasm it could have easily been pain as well.

Rebecca pouted a little except she had a bit of a smirk on her face. “You don’t have to be so mean. I just wanted to know If you were ok, I mean that was a very nasty fall. You should be more careful when running with knives.”

That was it I had it. I got to my feet ignoring the pain and punched her in the face hard. I start to run really fast to the fort. I race through the middle of the fort looking for the flag. Then I see it up on the wall of look Kit is almost to it. I drew my bow, knocked an arrow, aimed and fire. Up on the wall near the flag Kit crumpled to the ground crying out then she passed out cold.

“Score!! That Flag is mine,” I shouted.

“WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON???????” shouted one of the captains.

“I don’t know sir this is not an invasion.”

“Well Get them out of here.”

“Yes Sir, Everyone target the foreigners.”

“Yes Sir.”

All the troops start to attack trying to figure out which were the ones that needed killing. Adding to the confusion it started to snow really hard. Man is this ever fun. I drew my sword and charged. I need to get to that flag. Whacking the troops in the head with the flat of my blade so as not to hurt them. When I came to my fellow demigod Wendy, I started to attack her when a group of soldiers grabbed her and tackled her to the ground.

She cried out, “You are not going to win.”

I look at her then say, “Yeah says the girl at the bottom of a dog pile. Bye”

Then I start to run away towards the flag I grabbed it and followed the lit path to the spot where I need to put it into a mound of dirt I had done it again. 2 points for Sarianna. With that I was whisked away to yet another fight.

End of Part Two

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