In Which We Stop Trying to Explain Things: A Comparison of Book vs. Movie Characters

In Which We Stop Trying to Explain Things: A Comparison of Book vs. Movie Characters

In Which We Stop Trying to Explain Things:
A Comparison of Book vs. Movie Characters.

The year is 1703.

The streets of London are filled with people…and squirrels.

No one attempts to explain this. Life goes on.

The year is now 2014.

Sherlock, Watson, and Irene sit on top of a hill in Greece.

No one tries to explain this either.

They are conversing with Percy Jackson.

Then, suddenly, another Percy Jackson appears coming up the hill.

He is slightly different, but still recognizable.

He’s flat. Only two dimensional.

Watson runs away screaming, because flat characters are horrifying.

Lightning strikes the hilltop…twice.

An angry swarm of bees scares Irene and Sherlock.

One of the bees appears vaguely human and speaks (sounding a bit like Kit):

“I’ve become one with the bee.”

The Percys stare at the strange events then notice each other.


“You’re me.”

“No, you’re me.”

The Percys click their pens and the fight begins. Which is the better Percy?


Percy Jackson, Book, The Lightning Thief, and Sea of Monsters, Logan Lerman

Kitkatgirl200: Which is the better Percy? That’s what we’re here to discuss. Well, more the differences, we know which one is the best. In other news, Louis is trying to kill me again.

LivelySparrow97: It’s a matter of perspective.

Kitkatgirl200: You threw me into the underworld. I think that classifies as murder.

LivelySparrow97: But I was provoked and then I was sad afterwards! Anyway…

Rebecca: *rolls my eyes* How many times has Louis killed you? Its getting to be a bad habit.

Kitkatgirl200: One day… I will get my revenge. What fluffy animal would you like to become? *Lightning cracks dramatically* Mwahahaha

Rebecca: Since my murderous and possibly insane colleagues have taken us off the track, let’s get back to (Book) Percy vs. (Movie) Percy.

Kitkatgirl200: Right! Well what are some of the obvious differences? And when do you guys think they were most alike? The most different? Are there any qualities one possesses but not the other?

Rebecca: I think the most obvious differences is Percy’s ability at controlling water. In the first two books, Percy can control water, but it is not nearly as strong as Movie Percy who is controlling large amounts of water at like a Level Ten Master Skill or something.

Kitkatgirl200: I think Movie Percy’s water powers are more akin to Book Percy’s powers when he’s kinda…Out of control? Like in the volcano and stuff, when he’s really worked up.

LivelySparrow97: And don’t forget his little spat with Thalia. I think that’s as close as it comes. But that was book 3, when he had more skill. So I still think Movie Percy was jumping the gun on the whole water power thing.

Rebecca: So maybe I’m wrong… I think when he’s angry he does have a whole lot more control over water.

Kitkatgirl200: I’d say he’s most powerful when he’s not in control. Also, can I just say the most bookish moment Movie Percy had, I think ever, was when he was taunting the bull with the red flag. That was very Book Percy.

LivelySparrow97: As far as personality goes, I think the two Percys are very similar. Loyalty to friends is also prevalent in both.

Rebecca: I fully agree with Louis. Logan Lerman really captured Percy well. I think that’s why I can never imagine another Movie Percy other than Logan.

Kitkatgirl200: Book Percy’s humor is more sarcastic, I think. Movie Percy Just has lots of cheesy one-liners.

LivelySparrow97: That’s true Kit. Book Percy was super sarcastic, but I never really got that from Movie Percy. Hmmm.

Rebecca: I do agree. I think what was difficult was a lot of Percy’s sarcasm came in the form of thoughts when things were happening and it would be difficult to bring that to the screen.

Faithfulness: 8.5 Out of 10


Annabeth Chase, Book, The Lightning Thief, and Sea of Monsters, Alexandra Daddario

LivelySparrow97: Really it should be Book Annabeth vs. LT Annabeth vs. SoM Annabeth. The Lightning Thief Annabeth…yeah that happened, but let’s not dwell on that one. As far as SoM Annabeth though, she was a thousand times better that her previous incarnation. Yet, there is still something (read: a lot) missing. She almost felt like “the exposition-giving character” and she came across as a little weak. I do like Alexandra in the role though.

Kitkatgirl200: Yeah, It isn’t fair to put The Lightning Thief Annabeth and Sea of Monsters Annabeth together. LT Annabeth was like a mix between stereotypical damsel in distress, love struck teenager, Clarisse, and a little bit of Annabeth. And I agree with Louis, Alexandra did great with the role she was given, and the faults in the character have nothing to do with her, just poor characterization. SoM Annabeth was a lot better, but she didn’t really come across as smart, but more of a girl who just remembers everything she reads. Her determination came across a little…false? Forced? They seemed to force in a lot of character traits that didn’t fit together, and it didn’t always make sense. Most likely the result of trying to make her more like Book Annabeth, but still leaving the first movie slightly valid.

Rebecca: Once again, I agree with Louis! The LT Annabeth and SOM Annabeth are really different from each other from how they fought to their hair to their attitudes/personalities. They toned down the Clarisse-like LT Annabeth to make her into the SOM Annabeth, but I think they went too far of making her a damsel. Like when Grover is taken, she is easy pushed over. I think Book Annabeth falls somewhere in between LT and SOM Annabeth. Courage and the ability to fight, but not over the top like Clarisse. Furthermore, I agree with Kit that SOM Annabeth wasn’t smart like the book version. They did bring more emotion to Annabeth this round which we saw in the SOM book which I loved.

Faithfulness: 6 out of 10


Grover Underwood, Book, The Lightning Thief, and Sea of Monsters, Brandon T. Jackson

LivelySparrow97: It’s always been hard to picture Grover in my head when reading the book (I don’t have have an explanation, so don’t ask). I don’t mind any appearance changes, but his suave manner in the first movie was off-putting to me. In Sea of Monsters, he was much better and more book-like. He was frightened or nervous most of the time which is just how Book Grover is. Still I’d rather be watching Percy and Annabeth.

Rebecca: I found the book Grover to be funny in a cowardly way, but I just wanted to punch the Movie Grover in the face! I’m sorry, well actually I’m not, but I find Movie Grover to be annoying and was glad he was out of the SOM for a good amount of the movie. He was MUCH better in SOM. He seemed more like his book self (thanks to Thor) and was hilarious in the wedding dress, but overall he annoyed me.

Kitkatgirl200: Basically they reverted Grover to stereotypes in the first movie, and it was slightly better in SoM, but he still seemed to dimensional, with just a slight change in the stereotypes they were applying to him. Although I’m not gonna lie, I was never a giant fan of Grover period.

Rebecca: It was so strange how in the first movie he was a ladies-man (or is it ladies-goat?) because he is NOTHING like that in the book. And I agree, he was very stereotypical.

LivelySparrow97: Weak(er) characters are never my favorite.

Rebecca: Let’s all grab pitchforks!

*Rebecca and Louis chase Tyson, Nico, Frank, and Grover with pitchforks and angry expressions*

Kitkatgirl200: I had a feeling something was gonna go sour in this one. I was far too civil earlier. FRANK AND NICO ARE MY BABIES. I’m gonna be chasing someone with pitchforks in a minute.
Louis, your end is nigh.

Rebecca: Louis and I can rant later…

Faithfulness: 4.7 out of 10


Clarisse La Rue, Book and Sea of Monsters, Leven Rambin

LivelySparrow97: Well, this one I think I’m the happiest with. Leven Rambin was awesome and spot-on. Everything about her appearance and personality was pretty much how I imagined Clarisse. I really appreciated her after Sea of Monsters, something I didn’t feel in the books until she avenged the death of Silena. I would have liked to see her fight a bit more (Annabeth too), but I soaked up every second we got!

Rebecca: I never thought much on Clarisse in the books, but she easily became my favorite character in the movie. She was awesome in so many way. The fighting, her cunning remarks, like every moment she shined. I love the moment when Percy says, “We did it!” and she says, “I did it!” It was perfect and so true to her character.

Kitkatgirl200: I think the movie kinda humanized her in a way the books never did. She did get her moment in The Last Olympian, but I don’t think she got a lot of carefree moments to be an actual teenager. So I’m happy we get to see that side of her in SoM, but it still be true to who she is.

Faithfulness: 10 out of 10


Tyson, Book and Sea of Monsters, Douglas Smith

Rebecca: So, Tyson was on my character hate list for the books because I am not a fan of whinny characters, but I actually really enjoyed the movie Tyson. He was REALLY like the book version, but he was a better version. I really liked the morals he taught. He was a valuable character.

Kitkatgirl200: Does anyone here like Tyson? See, I understand this one. Oh I’m looking around and seeing not negative stuff and kind of agreeing? I actually completely forgot how precious movie Tyson was. I am blinded by my hate for book Tyson.

LivelySparrow97: Movie Tyson > Book Tyson. Book Tyson is NOT in any way a character I like. Movie Tyson was like a puppy, good-natured and well-meaning. Even though Book Tyson had the same characteristics, he was in no way likeable (so like a well-meaning platypus) and just radiated “annoying”. And I agree with Rebecca that Tyson brought some of the best stuff to the movie with his touching family moments.

Faithfulness: 8.3 out of 10


Luke Castellan, Book, The Lightning Thief, and Sea of Monsters, Jake Abel

Rebecca: This was the one area that I wanted to melt into the floor when watching SOM. Seriously? Black clothes, playing chess with himself, and listening to classical music? Please give the kid a break! The book Luke is full of hate, revenge, and hurt and they just did not project this into the character. As for the LT Luke, he was good (as far as I remember) of being unsuspecting until he showed up.

LivelySparrow97: Dear producers/directors….stereotype much? And as far as my opinion goes, I agree with Rebecca. That’s all I can say.

Kitkatgirl200: Words can’t describe how much I loved book Luke. He had everything a antagonist should. (Notice, I said antagonist, not necessarily the villain.) And they just completely stripped him of his character. In the book, there was this kind of build up to him going all turncoat. It made sense, you understood why he was doing what he was doing, and yeah it was wrong, but you can’t necessarily say he was a bad person. Just misguided, maybe not even that. But they decided to completely ignore this and make him a cardboard cut out of some stereotypical villain instead. I am very bitter about this subject.

Rebecca: Luke felt real in the book. You could sympathize with him for his hate against the gods and all that jazz. Because he wasn’t just a villain, as you say Kit, he was so much more than that. Well said, Kit, well said.

Faithfulness: -8 out of 10


Chiron, Book, The Lightning Thief, and Sea of Monsters, Pierce Brosnan and Anthony Head

LivelySparrow97: Since there are two movie Chirons, I suppose we’ll have to look at each individually. Pierce Brosnan was quite good as our beloved centaur. I didn’t have a problem with him, I actually enjoyed him in the role. But then BOOM Anthony Head comes in and I’m like…..That’s Chiron. But really, either works for me. Both, I found to be faithful to Book Chiron.

Kitkatgirl200: I don’t remember a lot about either, which I suppose says a lot about me or a lot about the movie. There wasn’t anything that bothered me about either of them, but I just don’t remember anything about Chiron at all. Only I did not pronounce his name right yeeesh.

Rebecca: I felt both Pierce Brosnan and Anthony Head nailed the part as someone wise. LT Chiron looked more like the book Chiron in all fairness which made him even more like book Chiron. But just a side note, I have no idea why and it wouldn’t be like the book, but I think it would be so cool if the reboot Chiron had a Spanish accent.

Kitkatgirl200: Spanish accent?

LivelySparrow97: Hmmm, I’m thinking British (as is the custom for wise people to have such accents).

Rebecca: But, Spanish is cool and wise!

Kitkatgirl200: The past two both had British accents, right? I suppose a change wouldn’t harm anything. Why are we talking about this again?

Rebecca: Shouldn’t he have a Greek accent? What does a Greek accent sound like as I can’t think of it?

LivelySparrow97: Why do I think it sounds like an Indian accent with a British accent? Je ne sais pas.

Faithfulness: 9.7 out of 10


Dionysus, Book and Sea of Monsters, Stanley Tucci

Kitkatgirl200: Rebecca left us all on our lonesome to go on a hike and now the productivity level just plummeted.

LivelySparrow97: How coincidental that “ the productivity level just plummeted.” We’re on Mr. D! How perfect!

Kitkatgirl200: Oh the Irony. Let’s see. I really like what they did with Mr. D. His biggest fault is that he isn’t in the first movie. Would have vastly improved it in my opinion.

LivelySparrow97: Stanley Tucci was a god in this movie. That’s all I’m saying.

Rebecca: This is why I can’t ever leave these two alone… What would Mr. D say? Such brats! Even though you hate Mr. D, you love to hate him! His snide comments, ingenious humor, it all fit together perfectly for Sea of Monsters. He IS the best character in Sea of Monsters as there was not one part that he let us down. All hail Stanley Tucci!

Faithfulness: 10 out of 10


Hermes, Sea of Monsters, Nathan Fillion

LivelySparrow97: I imagined Hermes younger…but Nathan Fillion was okay. Well more than okay. He’s a fantastic actor and the scenes with him made me laugh.

Kitkatgirl200: *Dramatically sighs* Yes, I think I’ll get my revenge soon. (Mwahahaha) I actually really loved how they did Hermes. The kind of persona they gave him was just hilarious, even though it was basicly Nathan Fillion pretending to be a god. Hilarity ensued. Also, Firefly reference. Nuff said. He is a bit different than how he is in the books, but I’m okay with it. I’m also really glad George and Martha made it into the film. They were the kind of characters that would have been cut if the people that did the first movie were still in charge.

LivelySparrow97: Oh yeah, George and Martha were top-notch!

Rebecca: He was pretty different than the book Hermes as when he meets up with Percy on the beach he’s pretty sad? disappointed? about Luke. He did show this at the end of his scene, but I think Nathan Fillion did a good job acting like an egotistical god. In my opinion he wasn’t the funniest, but he did a nice job. George and Martha fit in nicely and I so agree! The first movie people would have cut George and Martha out within a blink of an eye!

Faithfulness: 7.5 out of 10

Faint Ke$ha music begins to play in the distance (No one questions this).

Percy and Percy sit on top of the hill, having a picnic.

The screams of Sherlock, Watson, and Irene echo through the valley.

No one questions this either.

The End. is the best place to find the latest and greatest news on the Percy Jackson movies along with anything to do with the world of demigods and monsters.

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  1. Gamechang3r - May 17, 2016

    i love grover

  2. Nic727 - June 15, 2014

    For me :

    – Percy Jackson : I think in Sea of Monster he was better than in LT, but I think the fact that he never asked a question to Annabeth ruin the fact that he is sarcastic and doesn’t really understand what is happening.

    – Annabeth : I love to see Alexandra with blond hair in SoM. It was almost perfect, but she almost didn’t talk of the whole movie.

    – Grover : Grover from the movie is different from the book, but I like them all. He is really funny in both version.

    – Tyson : I prefer the movie version of Tyson, I think he is more mature and really want to help Percy. I like the ending with Percy at the table.

    Other characters : Clarisse was awesome in the movie. Luke act like an evil in the book, but in the movie he is acting like … I don’t really know. But I really appreciate Jake Abel for how he look.
    Chiron is awesome in all version, but I prefer SoM version when it come to choose between the two movies. I think in SoM he act more like a guide.
    Dyonisus is just a crazy dude!!! lol

  3. Hannah - June 15, 2014

    Yeah, I agree – I prefer the book characters overall, though

  4. Gabby - June 14, 2014

    I agree. Grover is hard to picture in my head. To me he’s just a voice. I don’t know I just never like his character. Him and Tyson. I liked Grover in both movies though. Luke was amazing though. He just…oh my gosh don’t get me started. I love him even more now. And Clarisse! She totally rock my world!

  5. Gianna - June 13, 2014

    Me too, just not about Grover. He never bothered me in either book OR movie, but he never quite seemed to fit in place in my mind I just know I NEVER though of him as looking like the cartoon version!… EVER
    Luke, oh, luke… THEY COMPLETELY RUINED HIM!!!!!!!
    And… What about Thalia, I know she was there for maybe 30 seconds… But what a brilliant 30 seconds they were! (The most book accurate in my oppinion)

  6. Kieran (Kyra) - June 13, 2014

    For the most part, I agree with your conclusions.

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