Sunshine & Secrets: A Tale of Jojo, Daughter of Apollo

Sunshine & Secrets: A Tale of Jojo, Daughter of Apollo

This is a continuation of Payback. If you haven’t read it, make sure to read it first. If you have Percy Jackson fan fiction you would like to share, let me know and I will post it. You did a great job, Jojo!

Sunshine & Secrets
A Tale of Jojo, Daughter of Apollo

Written by Jojo

Jojo loved Camp Half-Blood. It was the only place in the world where you can knock someone out without getting in trouble whatsoever.

Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement. It was the only place in the world where they are perfectly fine with you slashing someone with a sword, tying them up, and throwing them into a cage.

There. That’s better.

However, Jojo was now in serious trouble. A secret… yes. She couldn’t tell anyone. At least not yet.

She strolled around Camp Half-Blood, nowhere in particular, humming the catchy tune of ‘Call Me Maybe’. The sun was blazing, and the air was a hundred degrees. Just the way Jojo liked it; she loved hot weather and felt right at home. But, obviously, it was not helping Gavin, who paced around a shady area, cursing in Ancient Greek. It was not so unusual; but this time, it rhymed.

“YOU! GET SOME SHAMPOO!” Gavin roared at Jojo.

Jojo paused and stared innocently at Gavin. “Yes?” she asked sweetly. “What is it?” she smiled, flashing perfectly white teeth.

“Get me out of this curse, I’ll do anything to make it burst!” he pleaded fiercely.

“Well…I don’t know…” Jojo said and thought for a moment. “But hey, you started it. You sent a skeleton to my cabin, causing great panic. I got you back and wanted to teach you a lesson. Oh, child of Hades, give it a break! But nooooooo,” she said, stretching the ‘no’. “You HAD to go ahead and battle me. Like seriously!” she complained and threw up her hands. “The least I can do is put a rhyming curse on you, Gavin. You got your win. I’m usually not like this. I’ll usually do anything for victory. Anything for revenge. This still counts as revenge, dude. It’s enough to satisfy me.”

jojo and gavin

Gavin let the words sink in. His face flushed red and clenched his teeth. “Whatever you say, daughter of Apollo. But don’t worry, I’ll get you something else to swallow.”

Jojo laughed. “That’s going to wear off in what? One week? Two weeks? Don’t know.” She shrugged nonchalantly and kicked a pile of dust. The breeze carried it in Gavin’s face, and he coughed.

“Curse. You!” he said. “I-know. Kung-fu.” He coughed and clutched his stomach, doubling over and coughing.

When Gavin was finished, Jojo pursed her lips. “Sorry,” she muttered, but it sounded more like a question. Gavin breathed loudly and twisted Jojo’s Camp Half-Blood shirt.

“Listen to me,” he said in the best threatening voice he could manage. “I’ll hit you really hard in the knee. So hard you’ll scream like a banshee, and then I’ll kick you to the Yangtze!” he exclaimed, and Jojo couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh gods, why didn’t I do this on you earlier?” she chuckled. Gavin, however, had enough. He yelled, raged, and lunged at Jojo with his sword. Jojo ducked, then aimed an arrow with a blue boxing glove instead of an arrowhead at Gavin. It struck his left cheek, and as he cried out in agony, Jojo ran as fast as she could.

Tip: Never run from a child of Hades. Gavin simply turned into a shadow and traveled on the ground. Sure enough, the shadow zoomed in front of Jojo, and Gavin reappeared again.

Jojo halted to a stop, ready for battle. The sun bracelet on her left arm glowed, and grew into the sun shield. Gavin ran at her, and jumped on her shield, hoping it was enough to make her fall, but Jojo knew that trick. When he leaped from the ground, the shield shrunk back into a bracelet, and she simply pulled back her arm. Instead, Gavin landed on his side in the grass.

“Dang it, you’re just like an annoying zit!” he exclaimed and Jojo drew her dagger. Gavin aimed a River Styx ice arrow, but Jojo deflected it with her dagger blade. It embedded itself in the blade and…broke it.

“Gavin-,” Jojo started and pulled the arrow out. It left a hole in the blade. There goes the last of the dagger.

Jojo stared in disbelief at the dagger. Gavin grinned. “Maybe it will dampen. I knew that would happen!” he lied proudly.

Better make use of the dagger! Jojo threw the dagger harshly, but Gavin dodged. It tore open his jacket, and landed in the wall of the Hades cabin.

“BINGO!” Jojo yelled and pulled a Hydra arrow from the quiver behind her back. She painfully broke it in half. Wow; these really came in handy! Gavin slashed at her with his sword, but Jojo didn’t pay attention. She just kicked the flat of the blade. It was followed by a clink! As she did, she fashioned the string inside the Hydra arrow into a mini lasso and threw it towards the dagger in the Hades cabin.

You only get one shot when it comes to that. Unfortunately, it missed and Gavin pinned Jojo to the ground with his hand, sword in the other. He took her bow and her leather quiver filled with arrows.

“You ready to give up?” he asked. “Cause you’re pretty close the death cup.”

Jojo grinned. “Yeah. About right now!” she yelled and kicked up her legs. Gavin yelped, because her left foot struck Gavin’s skull. He crumpled to the ground. Jojo brushed grass bits off her leggings and stood up. She scrambled for her bow and arrow, then pulled her dagger out of the Hades cabin.

She snapped in half, and used the sharper point to carve something on his Stygian Iron blade.


Jojo nodded approvingly and threw the dagger point behind her. The blade now said: Jojo won.

Then she just left him lying there. There was nothing really left to do. The temperature felt as if it had gotten cooler, but the day had just started.

The Hephaestus Cabin was welcoming, with the whirring sounds of machines inside. Nyssa was sitting on a near table, carefully gluing two pieces of iron together with a hot glue gun.

“Hey, Nyssa!” she greeted. Nyssa looked up and smiled. “Would you mind fixing me a new dagger? Would that be any trouble?” Jojo asked hopefully.

Nyssa thought for a moment, and then shrugged. “Sure thing. It broke? Do ya want the same one?” she asked.

Jojo nodded. “Oh by the way, I need it by June Thirteenth.” She added and pursed her lips.

“Why?” Nyssa asked, furrowing her eyebrows. “That’s a month away! I don’t think that we can get it done.”

“Well that’s too bad…”Jojo said. “Cause I’m not staying here for the summer.”

Nyssa widened her eyes. “Is that even allowed? That’s pretty dangerous, Jojo!” she exclaimed and jumped out of her said. “Where are you going then?” she asked.

Jojo sighed. Her secret. “I’m spending those one and a half months…in China.”

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. JOJO - January 17, 2014


  2. Percy - May 17, 2013

    i wish i had a story like jason,jojo,and gavin.

  3. musicluvr (Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena) - May 16, 2013

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……cool Story!!!………..WOW…..China!?!?…..that’s sooooooo awesome…….Please visit the Great Wall of China for me Jojo!!!………it is one of my favorite pieces of arcitecture……….did u know that it is about 5,500 miles long??…….haha just a little Annabeth fact 4 ya……lol :P

  4. Underworld Visitor(Gavin, Son of Hades) - May 15, 2013

    OMGINA! (inside joke)
    WHAT THE MICHELLE?(another one)

  5. Underworld Visitor(Gavin, Son of Hades) - May 15, 2013

    First: Stygian Iron can’t break easily,
    Second: It has been one week and the curse is off,
    Third: Great story! And I’ll be busy writing them A LOT.

  6. Jojo - May 15, 2013

    hey, who is the girl on the cover photo?

  7. Jojo - May 15, 2013

    NO I’M SERIOUS. i’m really going to china. what monsters lie there? haha :)

  8. Hannah - May 15, 2013

    *Gasp* China!? (Flo ;) *inside joke*)

  9. Rebecca King - May 15, 2013

    Maybe we’ll get to read about Jojo’s epic adventure in China. :D

  10. Jason - May 15, 2013

    China? Wats in china?

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