Thalia’s song in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Thalia’s song in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

*The information in this post comes from Théo of  I have made some minor grammar corrections and clarifying edits.  Credit goes to Théo for the information, as well as to IAMEVE’s facebook page.*

IAMEVE is an electro-pop singer, who was recently offered the opportunity to participate in the soundtrack for the upcoming motion picture Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.  Here is what the artist has to say about her song in the film:

“In the movie, I’m the musical voice of Thalia. The song I recorded called “To Feel Alive” is the music you hear in the end credits. It was co-written by Andrew Lockington and produced by Brian Liesgang, and mixed by Grammy Award winner Brad Haehnel.


“In the film, the image of Thalia turning into tree and falling into a deep sleep is both powerful and beautiful. Throughout the film, it keeps coming back around without seeing Thalia… at least until the very end, when she wakes up and returns due to strange circumstances.


“The images on the film present Thalia in a magical way with the recorded songs.  There is a perfect combination between darkness and beauty. I tried to represent the mood of Thalia, imagining what it would be like to wake up surrounded by friends after long years alone, hunted.  The magic of books allows us to imagine the scenery and characters as you want it, no matter how it tells the story. For some, Thalia could wake up angry, sad, or happy. But for me, Thalia feels like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This is why we have tried to capture this development as time spent in dark, the mesmerizing at birth, and the emergence of life.


“Working with Andrew, Brian, Cory, Thor, and Team Fox –which, with everything that happened, became possible– was an incredible experience. I think the time we found the most spectacular is when we saw the music come to life in the Fox studios, with an orchestra of 70 members led by the excellent Nicholas Dodd. It was insane!  This was the first time I was so involved with a movie of this size.”


Andrew Lockington, the movie’s soundtrack composer, said to IAMEVE, “We tried to create the theme of the film with other artists, but when we heard your voice superimposed on the images of the film and soundtrack, we knew that you were our Thalia.”

IAMEVE says that she had a lot of fun to co-write the original music for Thalia’s song, “To Feel Alive” with Lockington.


 Well, this explains what was going on in the post “Recording the voice of Thalia,” and Thor Freudenthal’s tweet of “Directors pointing, pt. 3.”

Your thoughts?


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