THE SON OF POSEIDON IN CINEMA INTERVIEW: LOGAN LERMAN ON ‘PERCY JACKSON 2′ interviewed Logan Lerman about Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The original interview was in German, but I have translated it so not all words might be exact.

Logan Lerman with CinemaCINEMA: For all the the first part have not seen: How easy is it to get into the mythology of the film? LOGAN LERMAN : The second part stands alone. The first film tells the story behind that one does not necessarily need to understand the sequel. All you need to know is rolled up at the beginning again. Also, the story is independent of “The Lightning Thief”.

In “Percy Jackson: The Curse of the Cyclops” you have to fight with sea monsters – that is a lot of work with the green screen and special effects. How is it possible to make this type movies? If a lot of GCI and visual effects are involved, it is sometimes funny. For everything that you see are tracking markers and tennis balls. I try always on set to ask as many questions as possible so that I understand what the director wants to visually express -. Finally we realize his vision for the camera How to set the order? The visual designs give one an idea how the end result might look like and what the director envisions. My job then is to make several acting offers. Most of that is for me to go out and just have fun. I think then to films that I like and how the scene could be implemented and ready to go.

Percy seems often to be in trouble times. They are personally as adventurous as him? Thus to make a film, an adventure in itself. There are so many scenes with special challenges such as monsters, sword fighting and visual tricks – that alone requires a lot of stamina. On such a project depends on a lot of money and time, not to mention that most productions have a very tight schedule. So as an actor it helps quite a bit of responsibility. My kind of courage it is to come out of me, just so there is enough variety in the section to the point where I have to force myself already.

Besides all the action Percy tries to get the recognition of his father Poseidon, you can personally identify with it? Actually, not at all. I’ll be honest: My relationship with my parents is great, we are very close to us. But I can understand Percy’s problems and still think that this aspect appeals to many viewers. Percy is in an unusual situation, but he is struggling with the same things, how many kids his age. Uncertainty, for example. In the second part he is no longer the glorious hero that makes him so likeable.

Did you struggle with self-doubt? Yeah sure, in this regard, I am very similar to Percy.

Percy has to face his responsibilities, but he will need the help of his friends. Yeah, that’s the gist of the film. It’s about the importance of friendship and family. Percy is plagued by self-doubt all the time: Will he manage to save the world, or not? He could kill everyone and would be responsible for it. It makes him just nervous that so much load is on his shoulders. His friends and new family members make it easier for him to deal with it.

Did you have siblings? I have a brother and we are very close to us.

And a Magic Sea Horse? Yes, that (laughs). A girl shows him a good in their place. How do you deal with competition? I’m not very ambitious. Probably why I was never good at school. I see other actors not necessarily as a competitor. Of course I am upset when someone whose performance does not please me, snatches me a role. But when they deliver good work, and I am glad that I respect their success. What about competitions? It depends on the game. Something like at the beginning of the film would probably not be me, but no one does what in poker me before.

Percy lives with a prophecy. Are you spiritual? No, I do not think so. I am rather of the opinion that everyone is responsible for his own fate. What is happiness? Nothing other than preparation and opportunities that you have to use. Nothing is laid down before.

“Maybe better tomorrow” was such a great movie. What was it like to play Charlie? Charlie embodies very many facets of me. In school I did not really like him, but I can sympathize with him and did not understand what someone like he’s going through.

They were seen getting started in TV series, in the meantime you have starred in numerous films: How do you see yourself in Hollywood? Percy Jackson The first film has opened a lot of doors to me. Especially for small films like “Maybe better tomorrow.” A real pearl, which would otherwise probably went completely under my radar. This film then has opened many new opportunities for me again to work with great directors. That’s my big goal: to work with people whose work inspires me and to be able to live from my job. More claims I have not yet actually.

You mentioned earlier that you are struggling with self-doubt. How do you cope in the film industry? There is heavy. After a negative experience, I wanted to talk to plunk down everything. How so be it, if you get bad review. I have searched the blame on the other, the producers and managers. But then I pulled myself together and made ​​more simple. You always have to finally believe in yourself and your goals.

What are your plans for the future? I just shoot a war film called “Fury”. So something very different, very intense and somewhat scary. Ayer is the director. I’m really excited to see what he will do in the movie. … in which Brad Pitt plays along, too. Yeah, Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf ! David Ayer really doing a great job, he makes sure that every half a year previously prepared intensively for the movie – otherwise you can not be there. At the moment we are just about to get to know us better and to prepare all the shooting as well as possible. As we just do our homework!

How is Brad Pitt doing? We have not had a chance to talk privately. Surely we go again together in the pub or something like that. At our meetings we went to far more weapons and what we will do everything in the movie. But I can say that Brad has behaved quite normally on the set before – without ego Attitude, or something. He seems to be very humble and kind. For “Noah” They stood again with Russell Crowe and Emma Watson in front of the camera. What do you play in this film? In the biblical sense I represent an evil person.