The Trident Thief: Chapter Three by Emma

The Trident Thief: Chapter Three by Emma

Chapter Three is here of The Trident Thief by Emma! You’ll love what happens next!

The Big Three
Chapter Three

‘Swish, splosh,’ I woke to the sound of water. I opened my eyes to see Percy (my brother) standing in the corner. The Poseidon cabin was painted a green sea blue and was made with seashells; there were 4 bunk beds and a mini waterfall in the corner where he was standing. Percy looked like he was talking to someone.

“Yes, are you bringing him?” he said into the fountain.

“Yes, why so fast?” the fountain said in a male voice.

“If Zeus finds him after what happened, he will be…”

“Right, I’ll be there in 4 weeks max.”

“Good, if he is as unlucky as they say he is, well, bad tings will happen.” Percy slid his hand over the top of the fountain. Wait, I know what he was doing. Percy must have just been talking to someone over an iris message.

“Percy?” he hadn’t realized I was watching, that made me feel bad.

“Taylor,” Percy jumped as he turned to face me. “How much of that did you see?”

“Since you said ‘are you bringing him?’” I said looking down and feeling ashamed.

“Oh, uh well, I didn’t tell you because… well I thought you would tell Jack, and he would tell Selena, who would tell everyone.” He explained.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I asked a little confused.

“There is another one.”

“What? Another one of what?” I asked, suddenly so much, more confused.

“Another child of Poseidon. Grover found him.”

“Another?” I stopped in my tracks. There are not many of us Poseidon kids, but now there is another one. Poo, it’s another boy.

“Whoa.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t tell anyone,”

“Not even Jack?” I asked.

“Definitely not Jack.” He confirmed. “Anyways better get to breakfast, wake up Jack for me, don’t tell him.” He said and rushed out the door. Wow. I sat there, god struck thinking about having another brother. I got out of bed and walked over to Jack’s bed. Wow he could sleep through any thing.

“Wake up!” I said shaking Jacks shoulders.

“Uhh.” He complained. He rolled over.

“Selena is waiting for you by the creek.” I told him.

“What she is?!?!!” he jumped out of bed and set to work at getting ready. I ran out the door. I ran up to the Aphrodite cabin.

‘Knock knock’ I knocked on the door.

“Hello?” Selena opened the door.

“Jack told me to tell you that he wants to meet you by the creek.” I said, and ran off towards the Mess hall for breakfast, while Selena ran off towards the creek. I walked into the mess hall, ignored the snickers from the Ares cabin and went to my table.

“How did you get Jack up this time?” Percy asked

“I told him that Selena was waiting for him,” I explained.

“Classic,” he said.

“Porridge,” I said to my plate and it became a bowl filled with porridge. I began eating.

“Ready for your prophecy?” he asked me when I had finished.

“Sure,” so we walked out of the mess hall. As we were passing the creek I saw Selena and Jack in the middle of a kiss. Weird. We were approaching the big house.

“Hello, Taylor, what do you want?” Chiron asked when we walked into the big house.

“My prophecy.” I said trying to be bold, but feeling a bit scared.

“Rachel is around the corner on the porch.” We came out upon the porch, in the distance you could see Thalia’s tree. The tree is not named after the Thalia here at camp (my worst enemy). It is named after the other Thalia, the Thalia of Artemis. Sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, gazing out over the land was the frizzy red headed Rachel, the Oracle.

“Hey, are you here for your prophecy.” Rachel said.

“Yes,” I stepped forward trying not to feel awkward, with Percy and Rachel staring at me.

“Oh ka…” she didn’t get to finish because green mist poured out of her mouth and her eyes glowed green.

“Six demigods will answer the call

To storm or fire the world must fall

Two of the three

Accompanied by two doves and an owl

They will discover a friend

Who will become an enemy in the end.” When she finished the mist curled back up into her mouth and her eyes turned back to normal.

“Six Wow.” Percy broke the silence.

“Six demigods, you and who?” Rachel asked.

“Definitely Stephaney, she’s useful,” who else is what I didn’t know.

“ Well the prophecy said 2 doves and an owl, so that’s 2 from Aphrodite and 1 from Athena.” She explained.

“Selena and maybe the newbie Grace. And Katherine, she won capture the flag.” I said hastily.

“2 of the three, I wonder what that means.” Percy wondered out loud.

“I have heard it before, it means 2 people from the big 3.” Rachel explained.

“So that’s me and?” I asked.

“You and someone from another cabin, which can’t be Hades, so it will have to be Zeus.” She said.

“What?!?” I asked, no way was I going with anyone from the Zeus cabin, not after capture the flag. I hate children of Zeus.

“No way am I going on a quest with children of Zeus, not Jason, nor Thalia. Especially not Thalia.” I argued.

“That’s the Prophecy, don’t fight it because you can’t change it.” Rachel said.

“Fine, but this does not mean I suddenly like them.” I grumped.

“So that’s all six, you are about ready to go.” Rachel concluded.

“So my first guess for who stole the trident would have to be Athena. She is one of Poseidon’s main enemies.” Percy said.

“Sure, so we go west?” I said thinking back to the prophecy.

“Yes there is a Temple of Athena in Houston, Texas.” Percy continued.

“So we go to Texas to find the Goddess of wisdom and war?” I asked.

“Exactly, and you better tell; Grace, Selena, Katherine, Stephaney and whoever you pick from Zeus cabin. You guys can take the greyhound bus, to Texas, you better get packing,” Percy said.

“Uh yeah, good luck.” Rachel said.

“Yeah and remember, don’t be surprised if it isn’t Athena.” Percy reminded me. So with that thought I walked of to find some stupid Zeus kids. I walked up to the Zeus cabin door, still not sure whom to come with me on the Quest. Maybe Jason, because he isn’t my worst enemy, but he is a boy and everyone else on the quest are girls. Maybe Thalia, but she is my worst enemy.

‘Knock knock’ I knocked on the door.

“Hello,” Thalia opened the door, her blonde brown hair tied up in a ponytail, wearing her orange camp half-blood shirt and jeans. Her smile disappeared when she saw me.

“Would you come on the quest with me?” I said surprised that I actually said it.

“What? Why me?” Thalia asked.

“Because of the stupid dam prophecy.” I said angrily.

“What did this dam prophecy say?” she asked.

“Six demigods will answer the call

To storm or fire the world must fall

Two of the three

Accompanied by two doves and an owl

They will discover a friend

Who will become an enemy in the end.” I said the prophecy.

“Wow, 2 of the 3, so I guess that means us.” She said.

“Yep.” I replied.

“So who is the other four?”

“2 doves and an owl, plus Stephaney.” I said trying to confuse her.

“What?” Yes, she is confused.

“I’ll see you at the Big House in 2 hours.” And so I ran off to the Aphrodite cabin.

‘Knock knock’ I knocked on the door.

“Hello,” Selena opened the door, her blonde hair down around her shoulders; her brown eyes stared at me intensely. I knew her secret; she could charmspeak that is when you can make any one do what you want them to do. It mainly works on people attracted to her.

“Would you come on the quest with me?” I said.

“I was afraid you would ask me that.” She said.

“So is that a yes?” I asked.


“Ok tell Grace she is in too.” I said

“What?” Selena asked.

“I want her on my quest too. Meet me at the Big House in 2 hours.” I said and ran off to the Athena cabin to see the capture the flag winner.

Knock knock’ I knocked on the door.

“Hello,” Katherine opened the door, her dark hair in a nice fishtail braid.

‘Would you come on the quest with me?” I said.

“Uh…” Katherine said.

“Please,” I pleaded.

“Fine, just tell me when we are going.”

“2 hours, meet me at the Big House then.” And I jogged off towards the Apollo cabin. I got there just in time to catch Stephaney and her cabin mates leaving to go to training.

“Hey Stephaney, will you go on the quest with me?” I asked her.

“Why me?” she asked.

“Because you are really good with a bow.” I hadn’t realized why I wanted her with me, I just felt like I needed her.

“Sure,” she replied.

“In 2 hours meet me at the Big House.” I said and jogged off to my own cabin to pack.

“Hey quest girl, here to pack?” Jack was sitting on the bed when I came in.

“Yes, but why aren’t you training?” I wondered.

“Because I realized the trick you played on me to get me out of bed.” He raised his eyebrows.

“Uh, sorry?” I said.

“No need to say sorry, I stayed back to thank you.”

“Ok,” Wow. Jack has been different since he started going out with Selena. He seemed older.

“Thanks,” and with that he ran out of the door. Ok now to focus on packing. I grabbed my backpack, and shoved in a change of clothes: a tank top, jeans, and a pair of boots. I also put in an airtight bag of Ambrosia and a canteen full of Nectar (Food and drink of the gods). I changed into a shirt and shorts with some sandals. I put my magic hairpin that turns into my deadly sword: water blade in my hair. I also put on my watch that turns into my shield that my dad gave me. It is silver with a little compartment in the middle full of water and seashells, emergencies only. I slipped my bag over my shoulder and walked off to the Armoury to do some last minute practice. I ran into the Armoury and went up to a dummy. I turned my hairpin into my sword and went to work practicing battle strategies.

2 hours passed fast. I ran out of the Armoury and kept running. Past the arena, past the strawberry fields and into the Big House. I was late. Thalia, Grace, Selena, Stephaney and Katherine were already gathered there.

“Hey, who’s ready for a quest?” I asked all 5 of them.

“I thought only 3 people could go on a quest,” Katherine said.

“Before you ask more, this is the prophecy: Six demigods will answer the call

To storm or fire the world must fall

Two of the three

Accompanied by two doves and an owl

They will discover a friend

Who will become an enemy in the end.” They all fell silent.

“Ok, who is ready to get on a bus to Houston, Texas?!” I asked all of them. No one answered. The bus pulled up at the bottom of half-blood hill and we all went down and piled into the bus to go on our first quest.

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