The Trident Thief: Chapter Two by Emma

The Trident Thief: Chapter Two by Emma

This is Chapter Two of The Trident Thief by Emma!

The Big Three
Chapter Two

I came out into a clearing. I saw crowds of campers surrounding one person. Is that? Yes it is, the Athena campers they had the flag and Katherine was holding it with the campers cheering around her.

“Woo!! Go Katherine!!!” Someone yelled.

I waited until the crowd died down and walked up to Katherine to congratulate her.

“Good job Katherine!”

“Thanks, I couldn’t of done it without you fending off Taylor.” She said.

“Well you retrieved the flag, which means next week we will be against each other.”

“I guess, but I’m going to kick your butt then.” She said and jogged of towards her cabin. After she had disappeared into the Athena cabin I slowly walked back towards my cabin. As I was passing the infirmary, I heard a familiar groaning noise. I walked into the infirmary to see what was making the noise. When I entered the infirmary I saw Bianca, from the Demeter cabin, with a broken arm. Michael, from the Apollo cabin, with a huge gash in his leg. And at the very back of the infirmary, lying on a stretch bed, unconscious was Taylor. Percy was sitting by her side with his hand on her forehead.

“Is she ok?” I said sounding concerned. I was surprised that I was actually concerned about her.

“Chiron said she would be fine after a night of rest.” He whispered not taking his eyes off of his sister.

“Ok. I’m not actually concerned… I just… wanted to make sure I didn’t kill her.” I said quickly.

“You would have. If not for the water and Chiron’s amazing healing powers.”

“Oh. Um tell her I’m sorry.” I said quickly. I started to walk out.

“You know I was once friends with the other Thalia. I just thought, you know, you guys could become friends. You are not that different.” I kept walking but said, “I don’t know about that, but… I’ll try not to kill her.” I didn’t realize it then but I would break that promise very soon. I left the infirmary and started walking towards my cabin. I have to admit I have thought about becoming friends with Taylor, but I know how much that would dishonour my dad. And she just enrages me. With that thought I walked into my cabin. If you have been to camp Half-Blood you will have definitely seen the Zeus cabin. It is made of pure gold, and has bright lightning bolts over the doors, the handles of the doors are lightning bolts. The inside is more of a temple than a cabin, it has marble floors and a massive statue of Zeus, the only camp friendly, no the only furniture is the 2 sets of bunk beds, they are in the corner of the room with gold and white bed sheets that whenever you mess them up and leave them alone for more than 10 seconds they will be perfectly made. I share the cabin with Jason, I would also share it with the other Thalia when she comes to camp with the huntresses and Artemis. When I came in Jason was sitting on his bed with his computer.

“Hey,” I said as I walked up to his bed.

“Hey, just checking the news.” He said not taking his eyes off of the screen.

“Cool, uh why?” I was wondering why he would check the news if he never left camp. Why would it matter?

“Because, I miss the real world, with you know, no monsters and mainly because there is no gods.” He said looking up at me.

“Why no gods? What happened?” I asked a little confused.

“Well, I know gods don’t have much time, but would hurt to show up every 5 years?” he asked, his eyes full of concern.

“I mean you never even met dad, let alone miss him.” Jason said. This is one of the only times he is not smiling.

“I guess but, they are gods, Right?”

“Yeah but even for your 15th birthday he didn’t show up. I guess I am just sick and tiered of them being so mysterious, I mean Venus showed up for Grace today, right? So why cant Jupiter just come once? For you.” He sighed.

“You mean Aphrodite not Venus and Zeus not Jupiter.”

“Yeah, just my Roman side talking.” Since Jason’s dad is Jupiter and he grew up at camp Jupiter, he calls everything, and I mean everything by its roman name.

“I don’t mind.” I really did mind, but I put on a brave face for my brother.

“You don’t need to pretend.” He touched my face. “Well we better get to bed.” He said with a yawn.

“Yeah, ok.” I walked over to my bed and got in. Demigods, well we aren’t so lucky, with lots of things. One thing for sure with all demigods, we all have bad dreams. I new that, I couldn’t fall asleep afraid of what I would dream of, I lied there for a while, until I heard Jason snoring. Then my wariness got the best of me.

I Dreamt of long island sound beach. At the end of the beach were a horse and an eagle trying to kill each other.

“NO!!!” I tried to yell. I didn’t know why but I knew that I wouldn’t want them to fight.

“NO STOP!!!!!!” I tried to scream but no words came out, I tried to run but my feet wouldn’t move. The horse went up for a kick to the eagle’s head and I knew the eagle was a goner.

“NOOO!!!” I tried to scream while trying to run to them.

I woke to Jason shaking my shoulders.

“Thalia, you have to see this.” He turned and ran to the door. I got out of bed and sluggishly walked over to him. He was looking out the door and sure enough all of the campers were at their cabins doors and were all of the campers, staring out at the sky. I looked at the sky. There was a huge rain cloud hovering over camp. ‘No.’ I thought. ‘At camp it can’t rain, not with the magical borders.’

“The camp borders wouldn’t let the rain in would it?” I asked curiously. I had never seen it rain the whole 5 years I had been here, but I had to make sure.

“No, but it rained once when Jupiter’s lightning bolt was stolen and he thought it was Percy.” He explained.

“Zeus not Jupiter.” I sighed, it was annoying enough I had learn all of this Greek god/monster stuff, but I had to learn the roman equivalent to get along with the roman demigods.

“Yeah any way, so he made it rain here.” He continued.

“Cool, we better get to breakfast.” I said and walked out the door, keeping my eyes on the sky. I walked in and took a seat, I told my plate,

“Choc Chip pancakes,” and they appeared. I started eating when Jason arrived,

“Eggs and bacon,” he told his plate. Shortly after I started eating Taylor arrive with her arm around Percy, she was hobbling, but other than that she looked fine. There were some snickers from the Ares/Mars cabin.

“So seaweed girl decided to wake up!” Clarisse shouted so loud it echoed throughout the mess hall.

“Leave her alone,” Jack stood up from the Poseidon table. After he spoke no one said any thing else. So he sat down just as Taylor and Percy sat down

Jack is tall, muscular, smart, real good at fighting, has greeny blue eyes and has blonde/brown hair. No one would argue with him. I could see why Selena liked him; no, I did not just think that. I definitely hate him. He is from Poseidon/Neptune cabin. Nothing much happened after that, so when I finished I went to my first class: Archery.

Either Chiron or Stephaney usually teaches archery lessons. Just to let you in on something, I am horrible and I mean horrible at archery. At least this lesson I didn’t shoot anyone. I just missed every time, unless you count shooting a tree. After I shot the tree a Nymph popped out and started yelling at me.

“Hey get your own tree to shoot at! That hurt!” she went on until Chiron pulled the arrow out and healed her tree.

Next lesson: Sword fighting. This is one I am real good at. Most sword fighting lessons are led by Percy, which is the bad part, but other than that I love Sword fighting. At the end of the lesson I had 25 dummies in dust.

“Good job! Have you thought about what I said last night?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I hadn’t really.


“Um sure a bit?”

“Ok whatever.” I walked off to my 3rd lesson: Climbing wall. I am usually ok at this. The lava was on medium power and I got to the top fine. But when the lava was on full I almost died. I was half way up but the lava was near me I almost fell off but I stayed on I had to beat Jason, and I had to make it because then Taylor would have beat me. I made it.

Next: Cabin inspection clean up. I ran back to my cabin, on the way I saw Demeter/Ceres cabin growing flowers on the roof of the cabin, Aphrodite/Venus standing outside the cabin already to go and Hermes/Mercury running around frantically shoving stuff under their beds. When I got in my cabin I saw Jason already there tiding his cabinets. I ran over and started tossing my clothes into my cabinets. When I finished I got my duster and Jason got a mop and we worked away at trying to tidy our cabin.

‘Knock knock,’ Selena knocked at our door. Selena is the inspector for the inspections. She used to let me off when we were friends but now she did it extra hard.

“Ok so dusty statue, wet floor.”

“We are in the middle of Mopping, and the statue is 6 meters tall.” Jason said looking at Selena the way he does with his girlfriend Piper. I know what he’s doing; he was trying to charm her so she wouldn’t score us so unfairly.

“I guess.” And with that she left looking dazzled.

“That was unfair. Charming? She supposed to charm not you.” I said.

“Well she was not being fair to you.” He looked at me sadly.

“Fine, just don’t do it again.” I still looked out for Selena even though she isn’t my friend any more.

A conch shell sounded. I hadn’t realized the day was already coming to a close.

“Ok I won’t but lets get to dinner.” We walked out the door to go to dinner hoping that we don’t get on dishwashing duty. When we entered the mess hall most people were already there, by then the cloud was still hovering over camp. We gave our offering to the gods and I silently prayed to Zeus

Why is the cloud still there?

If you are the god of the sky couldn’t you make it go away?

When I returned to my seat I started eating, thinking about what Percy said last night.

I was once friends with the other Thalia. I just thought, you know, you guys could become friends.

You are not that different. His voice echoed in my head.

“I have an announcement to make.” Selena stood at the head of the Aphrodite/Venus table.

“Hermes is on wash up duty.”

“Awww.” Hermes campers complained. Everyone else sighed with relief. When everyone finished their food we all gathered around the camp-fire.

“Attention.” Chiron said clopping his hooves for attention. Everyone became silent.

“I have an announcement. Poseidon’s Trident has been stolen.” He paused to let it sink in. “he has blamed Zeus an now Zeus is angry and denies. We must send a quest lead by one of Poseidon.”

That shocked me. That is why there is such bad weather. And my dad is the suspect for the missing weapon.

“Taylor? Do you accept?” Great, Taylors leading the quest. I thought I would be the first to have my own quest. But now I know Taylor got one before me.

“I accept.” She stepped forward and gave me a grin, like she could read my mind.

“Then that is what will happen. Tomorrow you will have your prophecy and will start your quest, to find Poseidon’s missing trident.” Chiron said hastily like he had been practicing. Wow, as easy as that Taylor had a quest and I was stuck at camp watching my dad get angry.

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