The Trident Thief by Emma

The Trident Thief by Emma

Here is another fun Percy Jackson fan fiction which was sent in by Emma. It is called The Trident Thief.

The Big Three
Chapter One

Today was just a regular day, until my least favourite goddess showed up.

It started with me riding over camp on a Pegasus. Don’t get me wrong; I love flying on my own, but with my Pegasus Starlight its so much better. I loved it, flying in my father’s domain, with the wind blowing in my hair. Right I should tell you, I am Thalia daughter of Zeus. If you’re thinking; “wow the Thalia that died, turned into a tree for 7 years, came back alive, saved the world and then became a huntress of Artemis.” You’re wrong, I am a Daughter of Zeus and my name is Thalia, but I am just named after my sister who did all of those great things and is still is a huntress. My dad thought I would do great things like her, but so far all I have done is been stuck at here at camp half-blood for 5 years. I was flying over camp and I saw my least favourite cabin, Poseidon, on the climbing wall, Aphrodite’s cabin checking their reflections in the lake, Hephaestus kids in the Forge, Apollo kids hunting some monsters in the woods and the Athenians training in the Armoury.  When I landed I made my way over to the climbing wall just in time to see Taylor get to the top.

“Wow that was so good Taylor.” I said as sarcastically I could.

“Oh shut up Thalia, I did it when the lava was on full power.”

“Ok seaweed brain.” I started to leave, jogging towards my cabin when Taylor yells.

“Cloud head!” I tried to ignore her and kept running when I heard yelling coming from the original Thalia’s tree. I turned and began going towards it instead. When I was coming up towards the tree I saw Stewart the satyr and a young girl running from a hellhound, trying to get past the magical borders. I ran to try and help, but when I got there I didn’t need to, because Festus the metal dragon, who guards the borders blew fire and vaporised the hellhound. They ran over to me and Stewart collapsed on the ground huffing and puffing.

“What was that?” the girl asked me.

“A Hellhound, who are you?”


“Oh welcome to Camp half-blood, Stewart can you give her a tour?”

“Yeah.” He huffed. But he didn’t get to. In a daze of beautiful smelling perfume and rose petals the most beautiful lady appeared.

“Hello.” She said. Her appearance kept changing from one beautiful face to another, I couldn’t tell her eye colour or her hair colour.

“Aphrodite.” I automatically knew her.

“Yes you are quite right, daughter of Zeus. I have came especially to claim my daughter, Grace.” The goddess said.

“You-you’re my mum?” Grace stammered.

“Yes darling. You are safe now, and this is Camp Half-Blood. I am Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty. I have granted you a special gift that you are yet to discover. You will train, discover, learn and some day you will earn a quest.”


“Remember I will always love you because love is forever.” And with that the goddess disappeared leaving the smell of perfume and rose petals.

“Well I guess that was your mum, so Stewart?” I looked at the satyr.

“Yes,” He whimpered. And so they left going towards the cabins. I decided I would go and tell Chiron about the goddess’s appearance.

“Hello Thalia. What’s Wrong?” Chiron asked.

“Aphrodite claimed another one.”

“Well 7th this week.”

“She definitely is the goddess of love.” I said sarcastically. “She claimed this one in person, and said she had some sort of special gift.” I told Chiron about what happened.

“Well she probably has charmspeak like Selena.” Chiron explained.

“I guess so.” Selena was my best friend until she got her new boyfriend Jack from the Poseidon cabin, I didn’t take that very well. I left and decided to go and see Stephaney. She always brightens up my day, no wonder, her dads Apollo god of the Sun. I found her coming out of the woods with her cabin mates.

“Hey what’s up?” Stephaney asked.

“We have to talk.”

“Aphrodite’s got a new one?”

“Yes and apparently she has a gift.” I told Stephaney everything that happened.

“Wow.” She said.

“Probably charmspeak,” I replied.

“Yeah, do you want to get a quick train session in before dinner?” Stephaney asked.

“Sure I will meet you there in 10 minutes.” And with that I jogged off towards the Athena cabin to see Katherine.

‘Knock Knock’ I knocked on the door.

“Hello?” Katherine poked her head out of the door.

“Hey, Katherine, I was wondering if you wanted to come and do some training with Stephaney and I?” I asked hoping she would say yes. I could do with some battle strategy from her, her mum is Athena goddess of wisdom and battle strategy.

“Sure,” and so we both jogged down towards the Armoury. When we got there I saw Taylor slicing up a dummy.

“Hey Seaweed brain killing that dummy boyfriend of yours huh?” I asked Taylor, my arch nemesis.

“Get out of here cloud head, we are going to kill you guys in Capture the Flag.” She yelled, still concentrating on slicing the dummy to dust.

“We will see.” I mentioned as Katherine and I made our way to the other side where Stephaney was waiting.

“Oh so you got wise girl, didn’t you.” Stephaney remarked.

“And I thought you were a bundle of sunshine.” Katherine said sarcastically.

“Guys.” I butted in.

“We are just kidding right Katherine?”

“Yeah.” So with that Katherine brought out her bronze/Celestial bronze dagger, Stephaney turned her bracelet into a shield and got out her bow and arrows. And I got out my sword. We started by Katherine and I sneaking up on Stephaney, but Stephaney shot me in the arm, Ow. Katherine got up behind her and Stephaney had to defend with her shield. In the end Katherine had Stephaney pinned on the floor while I sat out eating some Ambrosia, food of the gods, trying to heal my arm.

“Good job Katherine, that’s why you’re on my team for Capture the flag!” I was on the Red team with Athena, Apollo, Demeter and Hephaestus. That left Blue as Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares, Dionysus.

A conch shell sounded. Time for dinner. Now if you have seen The Zeus table at dinner time than you know all about this, but the only people there is; Is Me of course, and Jason. My other sister is the other Thalia but she’s hunting monsters with Artemis.

The only way you can tell that Jason and I are related are our eyes. We both have blue eyes like the sky.

“Hey, Thalia I haven’t seen you since the Climbing wall.” Let me tell you a bit about Jason, He is tall and strong. We have the same dad, sort of. Mine is Zeus and his is Jupiter. Difference? Zeus is Greek while Jupiter is Roman. They are the same god just with different forms. A little more on Jason, he saved the world not just once but twice. He has a girlfriend that’s name is Piper and is from cabin Aphrodite. He has Blonde hair and is almost always smiling, and has a scar above his lip.

“I went and Rode Starlight and then did some training for capture the flag.” I replied.

“Cool.” He smiled.

“I was thinking that Athena could take attack, Apollo and Demeter defence, and Hephaestus can spread out.” I explained.

“What about us?” He asked.

“We lead and take down the Poseidon trio.” I said.

“Good one, we better go get our flag.” We left and went to get our flag from our cabin. After we got our flag we ran into the Mess hall.

“WOOOOO!!!” the red team cheered for Jason and I. We had the Red flag while Poseidon kids had the blue. Taylor, Jack and Percy ran in with the blue flag.

“WOOOOO!!!” the blue team cheered for them.

“No Maiming, no killing, I will serve as a medic on the battle field, the creek is the border, first flag across wins. All magical weapons allowed.” Chiron said after everyone settled down. “When the conch shell sounds that signals the start of the game and the end.”  Red team gathered around me and Jason and I told them. “Athena takes attack, Apollo and Demeter will go defence, and Hephaestus can spread out. Jason and I will cover ground and try to get the flag. Go, Go, Go!” we all spread out. I had an advantage because I had been there longer than everyone else, I new these woods really well. I crossed the creek. The conch shell sounded. I ran towards the blue side, killed the boar that Ares campers had set up for defence and continued to the flag. I heard battle to my right, but the flag was on my left. I couldn’t decide. I turned. Ran. The sound of battle became louder. The Apollo campers were shooting arrows, Demeter kids turning weapons into flowers. But they couldn’t hold off Ares campers lead by Jack. Jason and Percy were battling, while Taylor was going towards the flag. No, she is not going to win again. I ran towards her and hit her in the back with the flat of my sword.

“Owww!” Taylor screamed and fell backwards towards the stream. No, I knew this move she is daughter of Poseidon and she was going to try to get to the creek and summon some water to help her.

“Stephaney! Taylor!” I yelled at Stephaney. Stephaney shot an arrow at Taylor, but it was to late Taylor had summoned a wave and deflected it. She was now riding the wave towards the red flag.

“NOOOO!!!!” I screamed summoning a lightning bolt down on Taylors wave.

“Ahhh!!!” Taylor screamed in terror as the lightning bolt hit the wave and electrocuted her.

“NOOO!!!” Percy yelled summoning a wave to come to his sister’s aid. The wave crashed into her and pulled her back into the creek. She sank to the bottom but no one worried because she couldn’t drown. Percy dived into the water and went to the bottom to help Taylor. The Apollo kids went on shooting Ares campers, and Demeter kids found the strength to turn more weapons into flowers. Jason went head to head combat with Jack and I jogged off to get their flag. I turned Left this time and ran to the flag, but before I got there a conch shell sounded. Someone had won and it wasn’t me.

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. evil - January 29, 2016

    Hey I’m confused cause everyone keeps sayin people’s names that I don’t know $0……..

  2. Concernedpjofan - December 8, 2015

    Wait is Percy Percy j. Or another Percy

  3. Hades - September 4, 2014

    Hi That is awesome!!!!!!

  4. hazeljustice - September 3, 2014

    I based Thalia on me, Emma. I actually based all my characters on people, like Taylor, she is my friend/enemy in real life

  5. hazeljustice - September 3, 2014

    Hi, I am actually Emma, I just have a different name.

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