Update on “Logan Lerman Says ‘Percy Jackson 3’ Is Officially Dead”

Update on “Logan Lerman Says ‘Percy Jackson 3’ Is Officially Dead”

Yesterday the Percy Jackson fandom was set ablaze with the news from Logan Lerman stating Titan’s Curse is not happening in an interview with MTV (BREAKING: Logan Lerman Says ‘Percy Jackson 3’ Is Officially Dead!). It must be said that Fox has not officially announced that Titan’s Curse is dead, so, demigods, there is still hope! Lerman could just be speculating at this point since there has been no news.

Michael Barnathan who is the producer for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters said on Twitter that he hasn’t heard anything.

Michael Barnathan's Tweet regarding Titan's Curse

Word is spreading to do another round of #WeNeedTitansCurseMovie on Twitter by tweeting to @percymovies this Saturday, March 29th at 6:00pm Eastern time. I also suggest tweeting to Fox at @20thcenturyfox. That way they will see fans are interested in seeing Titan’s Curse coming to theaters!

My suggestion is for now is to wait (yes, more waiting!) and see until Fox makes the announcement.

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  1. Hannah - April 4, 2016

    I HATE THE MOVIES! Do the whole thing again. The director didn’t even read the books before filming. THEY ARE SO BAD! EVEN THE AUTHOR HATES IT HE KEEPS SAYING IT ON TWITTER! If you want to make a movie, then should redo the whole thing!

  2. blah - March 20, 2016

    i think you should do the entire series again from the lightning thief because how are they gonna do the great prophecy if there is a fifth movie? a half-blood of the eldest gods shall reach 16 against all odds? bruh he seventeen hell be fine

  3. Hannah - October 30, 2014

    I loved the actors and I liked the movie too. I read all the books, and I think that the movie itself is good, but the director should have paid more respect to the original books. It’s not fair to Rick Riordan, the original author of the series, if the director just takes the base background story and changes everything else! I think these movies should be remade. Because I did love the movies and everything. But they needed to add the major scenes in the book. For example, in the sea of monsters, there was a really important and funny part when Percy turned into a hamster and Annabeth heard the sirens. That was my favourite part and I was lookin forward to that in the movie. But… I guess I was disappointed. So what I’m trying to say, in the end, is: Good movie, excellent cast. But more respect towards the book. More attention.

    • percyjacksonlover123 - May 22, 2015

      I know but then again when has a movie and a book ever been completely the same? Most movies are actually do a lot better in Theatres if they do not completely 100% follow the books.if they followed the books completely they would make a 2-3 hour movie. So they kind of have to leave out a bunch of parts,plus there’s the fact that maybe they had trouble casting Circe&trying to figure out how to turn percy into a hamster for the movie&also the sirens would basically have percy Jackson getting compared to pirates of the carribbean(which also has sirens in it,Pirates of the Carribbean already used the Sirens idea). Plus 2-3 hour movies would take more time to make because there was a 3 year time span between the first 2 movies. And then there’s the fact that made they could not rewrite the hamster scene and siren scene the right way. It’s not that they skip
      The important parts some scenes could be extremely hard to rewrite in a script for a movie.and Iam pretty sure Rick Riordan gave the movie screenplay writers the okay to skip certain parts to make an hour long movie. I don’t think it would bother him if a lot of scenes get skipped,the percy Jackson is still getting told just in a different way it’s more of a retelling(kind of like how other movies get retellings of the original stories that are not exactly the same. Iam pretty sure the screenplay writers for percy Jackson 1&2 were give a certain time span they had to work with to make a movie for both books.

  4. Krish Shah - October 17, 2014

    don’t petition for titans curse petition to redo the pjo movies because without kronos (who somehow got destroyed in the sea of monsters) whats the point of continuing the movies

    • PJ - October 17, 2014

      Kronos was only half resurrected, not completely destroyed. Consider the final shot of the movie b4 the credits, Kronos can still come back this time fully formed. Consider as well how many times Voldemort was fought in the Hp movies AND books (and video games). Kronos himself was featured in many of the books, appearing in a different form in most of them behind the scenes. Him swallowing Luke only establishes a connection to them as he now knows through reading luke’s mind Luke’s plot.

    • percyjacksonlover123 - May 22, 2015

      In the movie I think he was just sent back to tartus. So in a way he wasn’t really destoryed 100% to the point where he couldnt be brought back to life. He’s a Titan so he can’t really completely die he can only really be sent to one place in a bunch of pieces. Techincally in a way the movies can continue i just think they are having trouble trying to figure out how to go about making a third movie,because bianca and nico would need to be casted for the third movie. I think the movie for the third movie not being made yet probably has to do more with finding the right screenplay writer. Because Kronos is a titan he’s immortal so he can’t completely die I don’t even think he can be completely destoryed by just a demigod because remember gods and denigods together need to destory the Titans.

  5. Mai Bech-Hansen - August 16, 2014

    I want a third movie so badly!!!!!

    • davidv1414davidv1414 - August 16, 2014

      I believe their will be a third movie; however, Logan Lerman who plays Percy Jackson lead actor will not play in the movie. I know Logan is hard to replace he just wants to move on to something else, but I believe someone who looks facial appearance to him can play Percy Jackson. If you know Hollywood, nothing is really dead it just take more time to get everything set up for the next movie.

      • Gisselle - September 24, 2014

        I don’t care if Logan isn’t in the movie. I never really liked.him.anyway. As long as they keep Alexandra Ill be fine.

      • Christopher - September 29, 2014

        He is the best Percy there is. No one can ever replace Logan. This is ridiculous. Logan should know that he has fans. And they want him to star as Percy in the Titan’s Curse! Just check the Alexandra page. So many people want another movie! This cannot be happening. Logan HAS to do another movie. 3 actually. They can’t start a series and then not finish it like that. It would be a total bust. I would be really bummed out if they didn’t make another movie with Logan Lerman in it.

      • percyjacksonlover123 - May 22, 2015

        Actually I read somewhere Logan signed on for the 3rd movie and that they were just waiting for the green light. He said Percy Jackson 3 could still happen. So at this point i think it’s more of a screen play writer problem,or casting problem since they would have to cast bianca and nico and other new characters for the third movie. The first two movies had a 3 year time span between them. Because percy Jackson one was made in 2010 and percy jackson 2 was made in 2013. So I think they are just troubles trying to figure out how to go about making a third movie for Percy Jackson. I do not think they would want replace percy with a different actor when they also have to cast other new characters for the movie as well.

      • billy joe - June 10, 2015

        your wrong they suck

    • billy joe - June 10, 2015

      the movies suck petition to stop the third movie

  6. Amanda - July 19, 2014

    There should be a third movie!!!! I’m tired of getting disappointed. No one finished Aragon, or john carter. Or somebody needs to recreate all three series from start to finish they way they should be.

  7. Ivy Lim (Ohime-sama) - May 3, 2014

    honestly, though they screwed up the movie, i think the movie is still okay. Not too bad though uncomparable to the books. However, I still want the movie to go. Please continue ><

  8. Kelly Philbin - April 2, 2014

    no don’t do another movie they already messed it up enough with thn’t mattere first movies. so i dose

  9. Eve Moonhave (Daghter of Athena and Pluto) - April 1, 2014

    I want a third movie but i don’t want them to ruin the rest of the books. I mean i look just like Annabeth and next year i will be 12. If they wanted to make a remake, I could so play Annabeth. I have read all of the books in all three series, and i am making a demigod book with my friend. I believe the first movie was a total wreak. The second movie wasn’t as bad but was still horrible. They should really make a remake of the series. Both movies the actors were not the appropriate age, and also in the first movie Annabeth has…. BROWN hair!!! She is supposed to have blond hair, they got that half right in the second movie, making Annabeth have dirty blond hair. And also in the first movie they left out the bathroom scene. I want to have the third movie only to see if they include Bianica. If they leave her out I am going to sue Fox entertainment. The movies are good but should be more based off the book. Us Percy Jackson fans -Us REAL one’s,- would like to see a third movie, only if it is based more to the book.

  10. Nathan Bain - March 31, 2014

    Lol, real demigods are rejoicing for the movie being cut lol. People who claim to be fan of Percy Jackson and have only watched the movies lol

    • Adam - March 31, 2014

      I’m a fan of the books and i love both equally. All of the fans who are b*tching need to realize that when a book gets made to a movie, things are going to be left out and changed because they are not going to put every single detail in because that would take time and money.

        • Ares - June 5, 2014

          Leaving stuff out is one thing, completely rewriting the plot and story is another. In both books they left out huge scenes and locations that had the potential to astounding. The first movie was a wreck, no fight with Ares, the locations and monsters other than medusa were wrong as well. The second one they left the entire part out about Circe and didn’t even have the Cyclops on some beautiful island. C’mon books like Hunger Games Divergent could follow the script pretty well, what is so different with this franchise. I say you people who argue they are good and “it’s just too hard to include everything” are settling for second rate and this franchise could be a huge cash cow if done correctly, and then followed by Heroes of Olympus which could be blockbusters.

          • Patrick - June 6, 2014

            They actually DID film the Ares scene if you look closely in the trailer here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xko1Mx5w4tg) at 2:08. I have made a petition to release the many unreleased deleted scenes which COULD make it more loyal to the book, please sign and share on social networks if u want this to happen: http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/20th-century-fox-release-the-unreleased-percy-jackson-movie-deleted-scenes They also did film the Circe scene (I got to see a rough cut of the film through connections, it was different from the book but still good). Just because they left out those scenes does not mean that the movies were bad. I mean they left out the battle in HBP, A LOT OF GOOD PARTS OF THE BATTLE in DH2, etc. and i was quite frankly more disappointed in those movies than i was in the two Percy’s. At least the two percy’s gave us some SIMILAR scenes to them. The third film onwards can b very loyal to the book much like how New moon (ya i know but still) was much more loyal than that of the first twilight. Heck aside from the age they can pretty much follow the exact same plot as the books now that they fixed things in SoM. They could always put the Ares scene in TT like they did for the Hydra in LT and the Manticore in SoM.

          • percyjacksonlover123 - May 22, 2015

            Movies are only given a certain frame if they followed the books 100% the movies would be like 2-3 hours along or even split into two parts to get whole story across,they do have to take some parts out,heck Harry Potter was not the Same age at the movie as he was in the book!,harry potter left out scenes and yet Harry Potter was still a succesful movie series even if they left out parts,heck journey to the center of the earth is getting 2 more movies to its movie series because there are 2 journey to the center of the earth movies already made that were successful,the first two percy Jackson movies were successful even if they left out parts. Iam just betting percy Jackson 3 ran into a really huge problem like a production problem,screenplay writer problem…etc because the main actor who plays percy only has 2 up coming movies in 2016 so he has time he signed on for a third movie to percy Jackson so Iam betting they ran into a really huge problem one that all movies would eventually face at some point most likely a production problem maybe. The whole series is still possible to make, it took 3 years between the first 2 movies 2010 for percy Jackson 1 and 2013 for percy jackson 2. So it could take 3-4 years between the second and third movies. My guess is percy Jackson 3 actually probably ran into a production problem or something even harder to
            Overcome for movies. I would not call it completely impossible for the percy Jackson to get fully Made. Iam pretty sure in 2011 percy Jackson 2 ran into a problem that they overcame.percy Jackson 3 probably ran into the same problem or maybe an even harder problem to over come. It just might take longer to make the rest of the percy Jackson series. The third book to percy Jackson does have some different locations than the first 2 books. Then they would have to cast actors for the new characters,hire a screenplay writer (not in that order). But to me it seems like Percy Jackson 3 ran into a really huge problem that it has to overcome because most actors have done 3 or more movies at one time. So I do not think percy Jackson 3 is completely impossible to make. To me it seems like percy Jackson 3 just ran into a really hard,huge problem it needs to overcome to get made. There’s always that one movie in a series that always runs into a problem when it’s about to get made.heck Iam pretty sure one Harry Potter movie ran into a problem because there’s 7 books and 8 movies because the last movie is split into 2 parts the first Harry Potter movie was made in 2001,the second Harry Potter movie was made in 2002,the third Harry Potter movie was made in 2004,The 4th HP movie was made in 2005,the 5th HP movie was made in 2007,the 6th Hp Movie was made in 2009,the first part of the 7th HP Movie was made in 2010,and the second part of the 7th HP Movie was made in 2011. And yet all 8 movies got made for 7 books for Harry Potter somewhere in there one Harry Potter had to run into a problem since there is a two year jump inbetween 2002&2004 and a two year jump between 2007&2009. And yet the whole Harry Potter series got told in 8 movies and the books to Harry Potter are much bigger and longer than the Percy Jackson books which only has 5 books(if you don’t count the Heroes of Olympus series). It’s highly possible maybe percy Jackson 3 just ran into a really huge problem that it needs to over come,heck journey to the center of the earth movie series is getting a 3rd and 4th movie when the journey to the center of the earth book never had a sequel! The twilight series got told in 5 movies!, the mortal instruments story is getting told,The divergent series is getting told,the hunger games series is getting told in 4 movies,the hobbit story got told in 3 movies,the maze runner series is starting to
            Get told,Vampire academy series is starting to get told,heck the maze runner series has 2 more movies coming,if all these movies&series can get told so can the percy Jackson series it just means percy Jackson 3 ran into a problem that it needs to over come but the percy Jackson series will continue at some point. And yes Iam not kidding about any of this heck pirates of the Carribbean is getting a 5th&6th movie,Avatar is getting a second,third&fourth movie,Indiana jones is getting a 5th movie,starwars is getting a 7th movie,the lord of the rings movie story got told…etc… Percy Jackson 3 will happen especially if all the movies I just mentioned can get told so can the Percy Jackson series. Seriously it just means percy Jackson 3 ran into a problem

      • Book Luver - April 27, 2015

        I think that if they are going to make a movie of the best series out there (not including HoO) then they should make it good. Or not make books into movies. I like Logan as Percy but the girl who plays Annabeth is not a good match. I like Grover too.

    • Miranda - July 28, 2014

      I am a real fan and I love both the books and the movies. =_= And you know what? If it wasn’t for the first Percy Jackson movie I never would have found out about the books =_=.

  11. EgoTerreo - March 30, 2014

    I hear almost everyone about that the characters should’ve been played by younger actors, but the problem with that is that kids aren’t aloud to work as long as adults, so if they do, it will only take longer to publish te movie. But I agree about that it would’ve been nicer. I hope Titan’s curse will still come because I’m curious about how they’ll get things interesting after sea of monsters with Kronos that was already some kind of “alive”. So I hope Logan Lerman only said this to get some attention for Titan’s curse..

  12. HalfBloodGirl - March 30, 2014

    I’m kind of glad that they won’t continue, even though I love Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, I’m kind of hoping that the movies would just die out, and later some director that actually have the interest to FOLLOW the book, picks the story up, hire young and good actors and the whole thing would be succesfull. The movies should be succesfull, if they followed the movie. I mean, Harry Potter managed to make a big sucsess without making 11 year old kids into 16 year old people.

  13. Kate - March 29, 2014

    I hope they don’t make any more movies. They are a disgrace to Rick and all of his fans.

  14. claire geisler - March 28, 2014

    really hope they are going to stop they suck… the actors aren’t bad the story is and it’s so different from the books , they should do a remake

  15. Styrac - March 27, 2014

    What we need is a remake of all of them, and because Fox only bought the CHARACTERS, there is a possibility for that, and maybe they can all be written by someone who read the books. Remember the petition for DreamWorks to animate it? Maybe someday we’ll get some good ones, or maybe just to the Heroes of Olympus

  16. wisegirl127 - March 26, 2014


    • Marie - June 29, 2014

      If they don’t. Some people prefer the movies. those who do won’t know any other character of H.O.O characters if they make them. Just saying:)

    • percyjacksonlover123 - May 22, 2015

      I still think Titans curse is highly possible heck journey to the center of the earth is getting 2 movies to its movie series so I think the rest of the percy Jackson is highly possible to make it took 3 years between the first 2 movies for theatre dates,so with percy Jackson 3 it make like 3-4 years for Theatre dates between the second and third movie. But I think a 3rd movie for percy Jackson is highly possible to make especially if journey to the center of the earth gets a 3rd and 4th movie to its movie series when the book journey to the center of the earth never had a sequel then percy Jackson 3 is highly possible to make along with the rest of the series the people of percy Jackson probably just ran into a screen play writer problem meaning they are trying to find the right person to hire to write the script for percy Jackson 3. And yes Iam not kidding about journey to the center of the earth getting 2 more movies to its movie’s series.

  17. nagiten - March 26, 2014

    i think they should redo it I mean look we have good young actors and actress now redo it all maybe have the current cast as teachers or something or have them as there parents

  18. Patirck J. mckenna - March 26, 2014

    A kickstarter campaign worked for veronica mars, maybe it might work here. Don’t forget to share my petition(s) and video too:


  19. wisegirl127 - March 26, 2014

    There is still hope!

  20. Anastasia - March 26, 2014

    There must be a third Percy Jackson movie, I have to see who they will put to play Nico di Angelo!!!! But we also have to understand that the Percy Jackson stars are getting older, what I think they should do is to scrap down the entire movie series and start it over and use actors and actresses who are closer to the age of the actual Percy Jackson series like twelve, thirteen or fourteen so they could actually make the other Percy Jackson movies and might even finish the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. #havelotsofhope

    • claire geisler - March 28, 2014

      YESSSS !!

    • percyjacksonlover123 - May 22, 2015

      They spent a lot of time and money to make the first 2 movies plus Iam pretty sure the harry potter characters are not the same age as the actors and actresses who play them or even the same age as the characters in the book. They would loose a lot of money&time by redoing the first 2 movies and recasting every character. Plus if they recast characters there’s a chance the movies could do worse in Theatres because the first 2 movies have all ready been made.plus they probably casted older actors and actresses to make the characters seem a lot more mature and wiser than 12-14 years old. Demigods are known for being good at reading ancient greek. I highly doubt a 12-14 year old demigod could be good at doing that. Plus it took 3 years between the first 2 movies,percy Jackson 3 could still be possible to do,the whole series could be possible they probably just ran into a problem like either producing,or even finding the perfect screen play writer who could write the script for the third movie,then they would have to think of who to cast as the new characters. I think percy Jackson 3 is still possible to do I think the whole series is still possible to do without recasting old characters and redoing the first 2 movies and losing time and money. Percy Jackson 3 just might be harder to make for whatever problem they ran into with it,plus again they probably don’t want to take the time to recast old characters while casting new ones and redoing the first 2 movies.iam pretty sure they made the characters older than the books because the characters in the movie were probably born in a different year than the ones in the books,I still think the whole series is possible to make without having to recast characters and redo the first two movies. I just think they probably ran into a screen play writer problem because they would have to hire a screen play writer for the third movie. Heck they could even ran into a thought casting problem but Iam sure its a problem they will eventually over come and be able to successfully go through with continuing the series. The third movie just might be a tiny bit harder to make but then again maybe they want the third movie to be even better than the first 2 Percy Jacksons. Eventually there’s always a movie in a book series that eventually runs into a problem at some point. It could also be a filming location thought problem they ran into,the third movie does have a couple of new places than the first 2 movies. But I think Percy Jackson 3 is still possible to make along with the rest of the series.iam pretty sure there was a time when people thought percy Jackson 2 would never come out and yet percy Jackson 2 came out in 2013 so percy Jackson 3 is highly possible heck journey to the center of the earth is getting a 3rd and 4th movie! Percy Jackson 3 is highly possible if the journey to the center of the earth movie gets a 3rd&4th movie to continue that movie series Iam 100% sure Percy Jackson 3 will happen too.

  21. davidv1414davidv1414 - March 26, 2014

    Since there no word on the third movie, he is saying it dead because there no action taken now from producing a third movie, so he can move on to act in other movies.

    • percyjacksonlover123 - May 22, 2015

      You do realize dead could mean they probably can’t find a screen play writer do write a script for percy Jackson 3 of they could even be having a casting problem for the new characters that appear in the third book(as in trying to think of who would make the perfect nico,The perfect bianca…etc),he said there is still hope so they could of just run into a problem trying to produce the movie..,etc… It took 3 years between the first 2 movies. Percy Jackson 3 would be even harder to make because they would have to cast new characters to play the people that percy,annabeth&grover meet. Plus logan Lerman could just be saying the 3rd is dead to be secretive about the third movie,a third movie for Percy Jackson could very well happen it might just take longer to make. Percy Jackson 2 was made in 2013,and Percy Jackson 2 was made in 2010. Iam pretty sure fans in 2011&2012 thought percy Jackson 2 would never happen at all then in 2013 a percy Jackson 2 movie comes out,the same thing could happen for Percy Jackson 3. They just probably ran into a problem.

  22. LivelySparrow97 (Louis, Son of Tyche) - March 26, 2014

    Oh Lord, please give us another PJO movie!!

  23. Eck912 - March 26, 2014

    hey :D that’s my face and that’s my poster :D

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