The Wedding of Gleeson Hedge to Mellie by Sarah

The Wedding of Gleeson Hedge to Mellie by Sarah

Check out this very sweet Percy Jackson fan fiction by Sarah of Coach Hedge and Mellie’s wedding!

The Wedding of Gleeson Hedge to Mellie by Sarah

The Wedding of Gleeson Hedge to Mellie by SarahIt was a gorgeous day at Camp Half-Blood perfect for a secret wedding. As the Campers at Camp Half-Blood were busy preparing for the Argo II to make sail for Camp Jupiter the following day. They didn’t know that their Coach Hedge was in a small clearing deep in the woods with a couple of blue birds preparing for a surprise and secret wedding. Coach Hedge knew he was going to be going on a dangerous quest and possibly never coming back, not very likely because he was Coach Hedge, but he really loved Mellie. Hedge started going over what was to happen: Aphrodite was going to marry him and Mellie, then they would eat some cake, dance the night away then leave in the morning for Camp Jupiter. He critically looked around the clearing making sure everything was ready. The clearing was decorated simply. A small archway was covered with pretty pale pink roses. The cake was actually a cupcake that Hedge and Mellie were going to share and the band was a CD player attached to a long extension cord. Hedge only hoped that no one would unplug the cord.

“Well everything is in order,” Hedge said to no one in particular.

“Yes everything is well almost everything.” Aphrodite materialized next to Hedge and continued, “I half expected there to be flowers on the arch rather that green stems.” Coach Hedge looked sheepishly at the ground and licked his pink stained lips.

“They, AHHHHHH!!”

Hedge had noticed that he was not dressed in his tux but was wearing his I Love Mellie boxers. He started to blush deeply. Aphrodite only laughed and snapped her fingers dressing him in the same outfit that he had on during the fight with the giant Encelaudus and replenishing the flowers on the Arch just as they felt a soft wind float towards them. Mellie had arrived. She was wearing the same dress she always wore but she had a flower garland on her head made up of pale pink roses. She gently flowed towards Aphrodite and Hedge under the arch. As sweet melodious music played.

“We are gathered here today in secret to marry this war crazed satyr Coach Gleeson Hedge to the sweet aura Mellie… You may kiss the bride.”

Coach Hedge stood on tiptoes, closed his eyes, and gently kissed Mellie on the lips. Aphrodite wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and took off in a puff of pink. Mellie and Gleeson walked over to the little table with the single cupcake on it. Hedge grabbed a knife and they cut it in half together then hand fed it to each other.

After he finished chewing Coach Hedge leaned towards Mellie kissed her again and whispered, “I think you are the most beautiful Nymph in the world.”

She smiled and let him lead her through their first dance as a couple. They ended up dancing the night away.

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  1. Brina - February 10, 2014

    Very cute Sarrianna

  2. athenagirl25 - February 4, 2014

    so sweet!

  3. wisegirl127 - January 31, 2014

    Great job!!!!

  4. Patches - January 29, 2014

    Wow! I love those this. Hedge + Mellie = Love!

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