Wendy’s Final Fight

Wendy’s Final Fight

This is Wendy’s Final Fight for The Arena! To read all the Final Fights, head to the Arena page and they will be listed there. Thanks!

Wendy’s Final Fight

Written by Wendy

I was standing in front of the whole camp, trying to calm myself down. I was nervous and I knew that wouldn’t be in my favor. Mr. Jerk himself was telling the rules with Chiron on his side. Since the last fight, I just couldn’t stand him. I was still mad about that Minotaur he’d put in. Two days after that fight I got to him about how he could do that. He’d grinned at me and said that it made things more interesting. Since then I wondered a lot about how I could kick his godly butt.

‘Now heroes, it’s time for the final round, may the best win.’

Well, maybe it wasn’t that smart to lose my concentration while listening to the explanation. I looked at the other nine demigods. I lay my hand on the hilt of my sword and took a deep breath. In my mind I repeated everything I knew about my opponents. I only had to get these three flags. Nothing more, nothing less. Then, we were teleported to the arena.

TreesWhen I looked around, I saw nothing but trees. High trees, small trees, dead trees, trees who looked like they’ve been standing here since 10000000 BC, young trees, etc. It reminded me of my fight with Nicole. I walked toward one of the trees and started climbing into it.

As soon as I reached the top, minutes had already passed. I hoped that the others weren’t near the flag and were also trying to locate themselves. Otherwise I’d already be behind. I looked around, over the tree tops. A few meters in front of me, there was a river. It leaded on one side deeper into the forest. On the other side it got into the hills. Over there were less trees so I could easily see what happened. Two demigods were fighting. I couldn’t tell who they were, but I didn’t mind. I decided to go to that river, but when I started to climb out of the tree, I got hit by something and almost fell out of the tree. When I turned around, I saw Kit in one of the other tree tops with her bow.

‘Attacking someone from behind? Is that all you’ve got?’

Kit shrugs. The arrow on her bow was pointing at me, so I decided to raise my shield. The next moment she was gone. I looked around, but I saw nothing but trees, a clear blue sky and the river. I knew she could teleport, but why would she get away now? I looked downwards and saw her standing beneath me, but it was too late for me to get away. She grabbed my ankle and pulled me out of the tree.

As I was falling down, I felt like an idiot. I was such an easy target that Athena would’ve been ashamed of me. I tried to grab one of the branches and lost my shield because of that, but I wasn’t falling down anymore. I pulled myself on the branch and looked upwards, hoping Kit was still there, thinking I was on the ground. I grinned when I saw her there and grabbed one of my flour bombs. Then I threw one at her. I climbed down the tree to escape. I knew it was weak to flee, but I had to find that flag. I pulled the arrow out of my shoulder and picked up my shield. Then I run towards the river.

Before I reached the river, the environment changed. I was somewhere up in the mountains. A thin layer of snow lay underneath my feet and it was almost freezing. I wasn’t sure if this change meant that someone had captured the first flag or that Mr. D got bored or something else. Maybe next time I had to pay more attention when rules were explained. I decided to continue walking towards the river, although I wasn’t sure it would still be there.

Higher up in the mountains it was even colder, but I didn’t mind. I was the only one here and from here I could see the whole arena, including one of the flags. It wasn’t that far away from me, maybe a ten minutes’ walk. Maybe luck was at my side today, although I didn’t really believe in luck. Bad luck maybe, but I wasn’t known for being lucky. I started walking again to greater heights.

The layer of snow had become thicker and the ice-cold wind stronger. The flag was just a few steps away from me and still there was no one over here. I started wondering about where everyone was. Maybe they found the other flag? Or was this some kind of trap? I looked around and then again at the flag. The next moment I stood next to the flag and pulled it out of the ground. Nothing happened. I putted the flag into my pocket and got away from this place. I felt like someone, or something, was watching me, so I stared to walk a little faster.

The environment changed again. This time into.. Well, I couldn’t tell exactly what it was. I stood in front of some kind of forest, but not the kind of forest I was used to. The trees were dark with no leaves. The path leading into the forest was greyish. The sky was somewhere between black and purple with colorless clouds. The red moon was the only source of light. I had to go into that forest, even though I really didn’t want to. This setting got a 8 out of 10 on my creepy settings scale, but did I had a choice? I started walking towards the path. As I walked over the grass field, it sounded like I was walking through a swamp. I hoped that nobody would hear it, but unfortunately, I heard other footsteps. I looked in that direction, but saw nobody. It could be Hannah, with her invisibility cap, so I grabbed one of the flour bombs and threw it at her. At the same moment, an arrow flew towards me and I was just on time to dodge it. The bomb exploded and Hannah was completely covered in flour. Now I could see her, which made it a lot easier to fight her. I raised my shield to protect myself from the arrows and ran towards her as fast as I could. Hannah stepped aside, perfect. I ran along her and hit her with my shield. She fell backwards on the field and lost her bow. She tried to get up, but somehow the ground sucked her back. I stepped back, doubting about if I should help her. It was just a game, so this wouldn’t kill her. She yelled at me, still trying to get up.

‘I’m sorry, but I’ve got other things to do.’

Then I turned around and ran away, into the forest.

I almost couldn’t see a thing over here. I was walking down the path, as the trees got closer to each other and kept away almost all of the light. It was silent, except for my footsteps and the cracking sound of the branches. A few meters ago stood an old wooden sign which said “go back!” written in something that looked a lot like blood. Good job Rachel, you get an A on manipulating mist. I looked around, trying to decide where I should look for the flag. Then a scream broke the silence. A few birds flew up from the trees, but then it was silent again. I stopped walking. Maybe it was better to just go back to Hannah, if she was still there. I turned around and started walking back. But I couldn’t get any further because the trees barred the way. I frowned. Could these trees move? I sighted and turned around again, to go even deeper into this forest.

I think I’ve never been so happy to see someone else. This demigod came out of nowhere and ran across the path, with her golden bow.

‘JOJO, WAIT!’ I screamed in her direction, while I started to run.

She didn’t slow down, so maybe she didn’t hear me. When I was about to yell again, I saw she was being chased by someone else. It was Kit, again. She had her bow in her hand, ready to fire a bunch of arrows at Jojo. I was still running towards them, but I wouldn’t be fast enough to reach them before they disappear into the forest again. I took one of my flour bombs and tried to throw it at them while I continued running, but that wasn’t easy. The bomb hit dead target and I had to stop running, otherwise it was me who would be covered in flour. I tried to get around it and reach Jojo and Kit. As soon as I saw them again, they were fighting. Fortunately they were still on the path, so I could easily reach them. But then I saw that Jojo got hit by Kit her dagger. She fell on her knees, looking up at Kit, hoping she wouldn’t kill her. I drew my sword to stop Kit from killing Jojo, but it was too late, Kit slit Jojo’s throat. At the moment Kit putted het dagger back, I attacked. My sword easily made its way into her back. When I pulled it back, Kit fell on the ground, next to Jojo. Two more down. I hoped they weren’t really dead.

The environment was still the same. Maybe it really had to do with the flag. I walked along the path again, wondering about what was the next thing to happen. Three demigods had already “died”, so there were seven demigods alive, or maybe less, that could also be possible. I started to feel a little tired. I’ve been walking around for like two hours at least, but except for that I felt as fine as I could somewhere alone in a creepy forest knowing there were some demigods or maybe monsters around willing to kill you. Yea, I felt absolutely great.

When I’d walked for what felt like another hour, I was almost freaking out. I’d seen nothing but trees, this stupid path and the red shades of the trees on the stupid path. No sign of a flag, or another demigod. It made me mad, although it was actually my own fault, because I knew I was afraid of something which wasn’t even real. But I was also mad on everyone who created this arena-thing. They were just playing with us, like were some kind of cheap dolls. I was so busy with being mad at everyone and everything, that I didn’t notice the path had gone smaller, so I walked against one of the trees. That brought me back to the “normal” world. I looked around for a moment and got back to the path. Then I heard a voice from above.

‘You seemed to be lost Wendy, or not?’

I looked up and saw Musicluvr with her laptop on the branch of the tree.

‘Well, I’m not the one searching on her laptop for a way to get out.’

She raised an eyebrow and closed the laptop.

‘If that is what you think I’m doing, fine, but there’s something I need to discuss with you which is more important.’

‘Go ahead,’ I said, while I lay my hand on the hilt of my sword, ready to attack if I needed to.

‘You’ve got something I want, don’t you?’

‘I don’t know where you’re talking about.’

Musicluvr laughed and jumped out of the tree.

‘Let’s make this easy. You give me the flag and I won’t kill you, deal?’

Now it was me who laughed.

‘Oh, you’re afraid of fighting me? I thought you were smarter than trying to get the flag, my flag, with having this kind of conversations.’

I drew my sword, ready to strike. Musicluvr took her knife.

‘Bring it on,’ she said, then she attacked me.

At that moment I stepped backwards. With my empty hand I grabbed a flour bomb out of my pocket and threw it at her. She stepped away from the bomb, which exploded and separated me from Musicluvr. Because I didn’t feel like killing her, I decided to get away. At the moment I turned around to get away, Musicluvr threw her knife at me. Because of the flour I didn’t notice, so before I knew it the knife stuck out of my arm. I yelped in pain, trying to pull it out of my arm. Musicluvr appeared out of the flour and tackled me. I fell on the ground, still trying to get rid of the knife. Musicluvr kneeled next to me and felt in my pocket for the flag. As soon as I got the knife, I tried to hit her arm with it, but she grabbed my wrist with her empty hand. I felt powerless, laying here on the ground while Musicluvr stole my flag. I tried to reach my flour bombs with my other hand, hoping she wouldn’t notice. Fortunately, she was so focused on searching the flag, that she forgot about the flour bombs. I grabbed one and threw it on the ground, next to her. When it exploded, I pulled my arm back and attacked her with her own knife. I couldn’t clearly see what I was doing, but the knife cut right through her skin. She kicked me away, but I tried to stab her again. She kicked me in my stomach, which gave me the change to stab her in her leg. She screamed and pulled her leg back, leaving a nasty wound. I stood up and drew grabbed my sword from the ground. Then, I flee.

I ran until I was completely out of breath. The wound on my arm didn’t look that good, but I was almost out of ambrosia, so there was nothing I could do about that. I pulled out my jacket and wrapped it around the wound. Then I walked further. The last flag couldn’t be that far anymore.

After a few meters of walking along the path, something quite unexpected happened. At first the ground started to shake, then it split so I almost walked into a cliff. The path disappeared and changed into a road made of stone. Behind me, the trees “walked” towards the road and blocked it, so the only way out was jumping over that cliff, but it was like three meters wide. I couldn’t just jump over it. I wished I had something like Connor’s winged shoes, or the ability to teleport, or something like that. I looked at the other side of the cliff. The road didn’t go any further than this. On the other side was just a large field, surrounded by those trees. I started to believe this road continued down there, whatever that there was. I looked down and sighted, it wasn’t one of my hobby’s, jumping down cliffs, but I had to. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then I jumped.

Maybe this wasn’t my best idea, because after a few seconds of falling, I started to believe this was actually suicide. Which idiot just jumps off a cliff because the path ends there? Well, too late to worry about that. I screamed until the moment I hit the ground. I was surprised by how soft the landing was. Beneath me lay a thick stack of leaves. I stood up and looked around. This place looked familiar. I was sure I’ve seen this on a picture in one of my books, but I didn’t know which one, so I still didn’t know where I was. The road continued here, so I decided to follow it.

The path stopped by an enormous castle made out of rock. I looked up at it, I knew the flag had to be here.

From inside, this building looked even larger. Also here, everything was made out of rock, but on the ground lay a red carpet, leading towards another chamber. I followed it through the large wooden doors and walked into the throne room. At the other side of the room, between the two thrones. Someone was sitting on the right one, grinning as she saw me walking into the room.

‘There you are.. I’ve been waiting for you.’

‘Leave your silly speech for someone else Rebecca, I’m not interested.’

Rebecca stood up and walked towards me.

‘In a bad mood? Okay, I’ll keep it short. I want your flag.’

I rolled with my eyes.

‘Right, I’ve already had this conversation with Musicluvr, I’m not going to make a deal with you or something. If you want it, fight for it.’

Rebecca looked a bit surprised, but she still smiled.

‘Are you sure about that? I’ve already defeated that son of Apollo in the forest, got Hermes’ son begging for his life in the mountains and the Hecate-girl fighting for her life in that second forest. Do you still think it’s wise to fight me? Or were you that dumb one in your cabin?’

‘You’re taking this way to serious..’

‘Of course I’m taking this serious. I’m Rebecca, Victory’s daughter. Do you think losing this is on my schedule?’

‘No, not really, but maybe you had to put it there. It hurts less to loose when you expect it.’

Rebecca laughed.

‘You’re funny. Prepare for death, daughter of Athena. Any last words?’

‘Sure. Next time, leave your speech, it only gives your opponent lots of time to strike.’

With these words, I threw a flour bomb at my feet. The flour covered me completely and I stepped back, ready for the fight.

The torches on the walls lit up at the same time we drew our weapons. I walked around the flour and attacked, but Rebecca spotted me and dodged me. Then she swung her Celestial bronze club in my direction and I caught that with my shield. While I dodged another attack, I stepped towards her and swung my sword in the direction of her leg. She easily jumped over it and almost hit my head with the club. I dived underneath her and tried to bring her out of balance by hitting her feet with my shield. It had a little impact, but it was enough for me to get to my feet again. Again I swung my sword in the direction of her legs, but this time she stepped backwards. She took one of her knifes and threw it at me. I dodged that one and threw a bomb back to her. She stepped away from it, towards me. The bomb exploded behind her while she stepped back, right into it. I couldn’t see her anymore so I decided to get away from the flour.

When I was a few steps away from it, Rebecca ran out of it, towards me. I raised my shield and stepped aside, but she used my shield to jump on it so she was right above me. She took her club and swung it in my direction. I thought she tried to hit me right in my face, so I protected that, leaving my back completely unprotected. As soon as she saw that, she took her knife and threw it at my back when she landed on the ground. I got out of balance because of that and yelped in pain. Rebecca picked up her other knife. I turned towards her while I threw a flour bomb at my feet again. When I was completely covered, I tried to get that knife out of my back. Rebecca’s club swung through the flour and almost hit me. With my sword I tried to hit her while I was still “invisible” for her. I felt that my sword hit something and I pulled it back again while I stepped backwards. The knife was still stuck in my back but I just didn’t have the time to pull it out. I came closer to the walls and looked for a second at the torches. Then I dropped my sword and took one of them. Rebecca threw her knife towards my arm and pinned it against the wall. I accidently dropped the torch. Rebecca walked towards me with her club in her hands, ready to kill me with it. I dropped my shield and tried to pull the knife out of my arm. In the same time, the torch I dropped had put the carpet on fire. I pulled the knife out of my arm and looked at her.

‘Did I already say that you’re taking this too serious? Because you’re really taking this too serious.’

She didn’t answer. I ran forward, towards her, but changed direction when I almost reached her. She swung her club at me but I dodged that again. She turned towards me when I stood behind her and almost hit her with her own knife. She stepped backwards to dodge that, but noticed too late she stepped right into the fire. She looked down and yelled. At that moment I threw the knife at her and hit her right in her stomach. She looked at the knife, then at me.

‘This isn’t over yet Athena-girl, I’ll get my revenge..’

She sunk onto her knees while she tried to pull the knife out of her stomach while her clothes were set on fire. I turned away from her, not wanting to see this. She screamed in pain while I was walking towards the flag. As soon as I grabbed the flag, the environment changed back to the standard arena and I knew I had won.

Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a writer, an avid hiker, and rock climber. I love writing, from PJM posts to stories. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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  1. Rebecca King - April 28, 2014

    Great work! Can’t wait for the judging results!

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