West Coast Runaway: Part 2 by Hania Templeton

West Coast Runaway: Part 2 by Hania Templeton

West Coast Runaway
Part 2
Hania Templeton

The next morning Aria woke up to the sound of birds singing. She was happy. But then she remembered that today she was going to her Aunt Marie’s and her mood darkened.
“Honey, are you packed? You will have take a bus at 9:00,” said Aria’s overprotecting father.
“Yes. I’ve packed Dad. Am I taking the bus alone?”
“Yes, I think your old enough.”
A bell rang in Aria’s  head. She could get off at the stop before!
“Dad, what’s the bus stop before mine?”
“Seattle woods, why?”
“No reason.”
Yes! Aria thought. She could get away!
End of part 2
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  1. Calypso and Blue Bottoms - February 15, 2016

    I know, I know it’s 2016 but that was awesome!!!!

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